Ramapo Mountains

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Ramapo Torne in Harriman State Park, part of the Ramapo Mountains

The Ramapo Mountains are a forested chain of the Appalachian Mountains in northeastern New Jersey and southeastern New York, in the United States. They range in height from 900 to 1,200 feet in New Jersey, and 900 to 1,400 feet in New York (270–420 meters).

A number of parks and forest preserves encompass parts of the Ramapos (see Points of interest, below), and there are many hiking trails in the Ramapos, including sections of the Appalachian Trail, which is maintained and updated in the Ramapo Mountains by the New York–New Jersey Trail Conference.

The mountains are named after the Ramapo Fault, which trends northeast - southwest and separates the eastern Piedmont (United States) geologic province from the Highland province.

The ramapo rocks consist of gneiss, granite and marble, dating as old as 1.3 billion years (1.3 GA).

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Coordinates: 41°10′20″N 74°06′00″W / 41.1723°N 74.1001°W / 41.1723; -74.1001