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Ramarajabhushanudu (mid 16th century CE) was a Telugu poet and a notable musician; he was one of the Astadiggajas (a collective title for Telugu poets in the court of Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire).


According to the archeological evidence(sasanamulu) available in the kasanuru village, he was a native of kasanuru village in simhadripuram mandal in kadapa district.He was adopted to the village. He was also believed to be an apprentice of the Allasani Peddana in his youth. He was later patronised by Krishnadevaraya and his successors. His real name was Bhattu Murti, though because he was the jewel (Bhushanam) of the royal court of Aliya Rama Raya, he later became known as Ramarajabhushanudu. He was also a distinguished musician and played the veena.

because of he and his father the name kasanur is set for that village(sri ranga patnam).


His popular works are Kavyalankarasangrahamu, Vasucaritramu, Hariscandra Nalopakhyanamu, and Narasabhupaleeyamu. He dedicated Vasucharita to Tirumala Deva Raya and Harischandra Nalopakhyanamu to Orugnati Narasaraya.


His work Vasucharitra is the most renowned for its use of Slesha, or double meaning. These poems were later imitated by many Telugu poets including Chemakura Venkata Kavi.

Similar to Pingali Surana, he also wrote a dvayarthi(double entendre) work called Harischandra Nalopakhanam. Each poem of story narrates to life of the kings Harischandra and Nala.

As he was also a musician, some of his poetic compositions had a musical flow and rhythm.

he was a member of the asthadiggajas in sri krishnadevaraya's court

Awards and Titles[edit]

  • He is credited as gem of Ramaraya's court, and hence his name is Ramarajabhushana.

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