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This article is about the musician. For the Pharaohs see Rameses (disambiguation).

Ramases was the creation and alter-ego of Kimberley Barrington Frost, born Late 1930's in Sheffield, UK.[1] Formerly an army PT instructor, whilst involved in a central heating business in Scotland, was inspired to assume the mantle of the Egyptian Pharaoh of whom he believed himself a reincarnation, and take up a musical career.[2][3] Early singles (recorded with his wife, Dorothy Frost aka Selket) failed to make any impact, Space Hymns was recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport with soon-to-be members of 10cc.[2][3][4] It has the most expansive artwork Roger Dean was ever allowed to produce with a 6-page fold out on printing card of a Cathredral Steeple lifting off into the cosmos. On the other side in infra red style colour Ramases and Sel stride forward holding aloft wheat in a Demeter like pose from the Eleusinian Mysteries. When illuminated from behind the coverart comes together as a divinised humanity mystically steps out and over an outmoded religious establishment into cosmic/life affirming destiny in this tour de force of album design. The lyrics deliver the same confident message.

Glass Top Coffin was recorded in London, following Ramases and Selket relocating to Felixstowe, and they never produced another album.[3][5][6] He died in 1976 but his death was not widely reported in musical circles until the early 1990s.[2][7][8]



  • "Crazy One"/"Mind's Eye" (As Ramases & Selket, published by CBS in 1968. The A-side is an earlier version of the song Quasar One.)
  • "Love You"/"Gold Is The Ring" (As Ramases & Seleka, published by Major Minor in 1970. Love You sometimes listed as, and in some territories may have been issued as, Screw You.)
  • "Balloon"/"Muddy Water" (Published by Philips in 1971. Sometimes listed as Ballroom.)
  • "Jesus Come Back"/"Hello Mister" (Philips, 1971)
  • "Niño Viviente (Life Child, or, more accurately translated, Living Child)"/"Hola Señor (Hello Mister)" (Vertigo, 1972, Chile)


  • Space Hymns (Vertigo 6360046, 1971)
  • Glass Top Coffin (Vertigo 6360115, 1975)


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