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Ramat Aviv Gimmel

Ramat Aviv (Hebrew: רָמַת אָבִיב, lit. Spring Heights) is a neighborhood in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ramat Aviv has expanded over the years and now consists of four quarters: Neve Avivim (Ramat Aviv Bet), Ramat Aviv Aleph, Ramat Aviv Gimmel, and Ramat Aviv HaHadasha.


Ramat Aviv was founded in the 1950s, following the great influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe into Israel. Over the years additional neighborhoods were built to the north and northwest. Landmarks in Ramat Aviv include Tel Aviv University, the Eretz Israel Museum, the Palmach Museum, Beth Hatefutsoth and the Ramat Aviv Mall.


Remains of a building believed to be 7,800–8,400 years old were discovered in an archaeological excavation carried out in Ramat Aviv by the Israel Antiquities Authority, attesting to permanent habitation on the northern bank of the Yarkon River.[1]

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Ramat Aviv Gimmel was a soap opera on Israeli TV. A luxury residential complex in Kiev (the capital of Ukraine) is modelled after Ramat Aviv Gimmel.[2]

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Coordinates: 32°06′51″N 34°47′49″E / 32.11417°N 34.79694°E / 32.11417; 34.79694