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Ramat Aviv Alef

Ramat Aviv Alef or Ramat Aviv HaYeruka, and originally plainly Ramat Aviv (Hebrew: רָמַת אָבִיב‬, lit. Spring Heights), is a neighborhood in northwest Tel Aviv, Israel.


Buildings from the 1950s

The neighborhood was founded in 1950s following the great influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe. Golda Meir lived in the neighborhood from 1959 to 1978.[1]

In January 2011 it was published that remains of a building, believed to be 7,800–8,400 years old, were discovered in an archaeological excavation carried out in 8 Fichman Street in Ramat Aviv, by the Israel Antiquities Authority.[2] The findings attest to permanent habitation on the northern bank of the Yarkon River.[3]

Streets, boundaries, and transit[edit]

Ramat Aviv is bordered by Einstein Street in the north, Chaim Levanon Street to the east and south, and Namir Road in the west. The main streets in the neighborhood are Brodetzki and Reading. These five arterials are served by several bus lines each.


In the neighborhood are the Alliance High School and Ramat Aviv Mall. Nearby landmarks are Tel Aviv University, the Eretz Israel Museum, the Palmach Museum, and Beth Hatefutsoth. In the northeast of the neighborhood, opposite university campus, are student dorms of Tel Aviv University.

Other neighborhoods of Tel Aviv with Ramat Aviv in the name[edit]


Coordinates: 32°06′51″N 34°47′49″E / 32.11417°N 34.79694°E / 32.11417; 34.79694