Rambler Crest

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Rambler Crest on Tsing Yi Island.
Entrance of Rambler Plaza, a shopping centre part of Rambler Crest.
Rambler Crest swimming pool.

Rambler Crest (Chinese: 藍澄灣) is a housing development on Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong, which includes a private housing estate, shopping mall and 3 hotels, namely Mexan Harbour Hotel (盛逸酒店), Rambler Garden Hotel (華逸酒店) and Rambler Oasis Hotel (青逸酒店). It was developed by Cheung Kong Holdings. The name Rambler comes from the name of nearby channel, Rambler Channel.

The 200 m (656 ft) private swimming pool at Rambler Crest is the longest swimming pool in Hong Kong.[citation needed]


Rambler Crest was built on the former site of a Mobil oil depot, located on Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi, NT. To the east are Hutchison Telecom Building and Container Terminal No.9. To the west are Cheung Ching Estate and Mayfair Gardens.


The site was originally planned for hotel use only, rather than residential use because of its proximity to Container Terminal 9 already owned by Hutchison.

However, the development turned out to be a slab block of 3 hotels at the front and 5 additional 40-storey residential blocks at the back.[1] The residential complex consists of 800 units of 2 or 3 bedroom flats with Gross Floor Areas from approx. 680 - 950 square feet (63 - 88 square meter) (translating into net usable floor area of between 540 and 760 square feet (50 and 71 square meter)).

Hotel and shopping centre[edit]

The estate has a small shopping centre at the ground floor, and includes clubhouse facilities.

There are three hotels, namely:

Mexan Harbour Hotel (owned by Mexan Shanghai but managed by Harbour Plaza Hotel Group, a subsidiary of Hutchison)
Rambler Garden Hotel
Rambler Oasis Hotel (owned and managed by Harbour Plaza).


There are two Maxicab lines in the estate:

The nearest bus-stop is above the hill, at Tsing Yi Road, outside Cheung Ching Estate which is well served by a number of Kowloon Motor Bus service routes.


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