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Ramchandrasuri (c. 1897 – 1991) was a Jain monk and scholar.


He was born on 3 March 1896 (Falgun Vad 4, Vikram Samvat 1952) in Padara village (now in Gujarat). He was a disciple of Acharya Prem Suri and was initiated in monkhood by Mangalvijay at Gandhar (now in Gujarat) in 1912 (Pushya Vad 13, VS 1969). He died in 1991 (Ashadha Vad 15, VS 2047).[1][better source needed]


He continued Prem Suri Samuday, an order of Tapa Gaccha sub-sect of Svetambara Jainism.

Approximately 20% of all Jain monks and nuns belong to Ramchandra Suri Samuday. Gachhadhipati, head of the Samuday, Hembhushansuri died in 2008 at Delhi. On 29 March 2011, Punyapalsuri was appointed as a new Gachhadhipati. In 2012, Punyapalsuri along with other 21 Acharyas adopted a resolution of "on common consensus", which was endorsed by entire samuday.[clarification needed] With 1800 monks and nuns, it is the most largest order of Tapa Gaccha.[citation needed]


The centenary of his initiation in asceticism was celebrated in Palitana, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Gandhar in 2012.[2]


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