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Ráth Mealtain
The bridge over River Lennon in Ramelton.
The bridge over River Lennon in Ramelton.
Ramelton is located in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 55°02′08″N 7°38′44″W / 55.03562°N 7.64555°W / 55.03562; -7.64555Coordinates: 55°02′08″N 7°38′44″W / 55.03562°N 7.64555°W / 55.03562; -7.64555
Country Ireland
Province Ulster
County County Donegal
Elevation 20 m (70 ft)
Population (2016)[1]
 • Urban 1,266
Time zone UTC+0 (WET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC-1 (IST (WEST))
Irish Grid Reference C228212

Ramelton (Irish: Ráth Mealtain) is a town in County Donegal, Ireland. As of 2016, its population was 1,266.[1]


Ramelton is situated at the mouth of the River Lennon, 11 km north of Letterkenny and 4 km east of Milford, on the western shores of Lough Swilly. The town is named from Ráth Mealtain, (Irish for "the fort of Mealtan"), an early Gaelic chieftain. The fort is said to lie under the ruins of a medieval castle of the O'Donnells, the ruling family of West Donegal before their exile to mainland Europe in 1607.

Ramelton was settled by English and Scots planters during the Ulster Plantation of the 17th century and is the site of the oldest Presbyterian church in Ireland.


Ramelton is serviced by many shops and services within the town. The Town Hall in Ramelton was built in the late 19th century and still has a vital role in the community today.

The town has many grocery stores including Kernan's Spar Supermarket, Whoriskey's Eurospar and McFadden's Supermarket.[2]

Ramelton also has a Church of Ireland Church of St.Paul, Parish of Tullyaughnish.

The town has its own website - www.ramelton.net which provided up-to-date information on the facilities in the town.

The town is served by Patrick Gallagher Travel Buses which provide Ramelton with a regular 6 day a week bus service Mondays to Saturdays to and from Letterkenny, the largest town in County Donegal. Three buses leave Ramelton for Letterkenny each day Monday to Saturday with two buses leaving Letterkenny for Ramelton. Full details are updated on Patrick Gallagher Travel website - www.patrickgallaghertravel.com[3]


The town was the setting for the 1995 television serial The Hanging Gale, which told of the potato Famine of the 19th century.

Ramelton is also a key setting for the A.E.W. Mason novel The Four Feathers.

The town hosts the Lennon Festival, a village fair, since 1970. Ramelton is a Fáilte Ireland designated Heritage Town. The town is also the setting for DjangoSurLennon gypsy jazz festival which has been held in the town in since 2015 and has featured many of the top gypsy jazz musicians from Europe and beyond .

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