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in hieroglyphs

Ramesses (/ˈræməsz/) — also commonly spelled Rameses or Ramses (/ˈræmsz/) — is the name conventionally given in English transliteration to 11 Egyptian pharaohs of the later New Kingdom period. The name Ramesses means "Ra [is] the one who gave birth [to] him".

Variants of the name include Ramose and Paramessu; these various spellings could be used to refer to the same person.[1]

19th Dynasty
20th Dynasty


  • Ramses, a former automobile and motor bike marque from the Egyptian Light Transport Manufacturing Company
  • Ramesses or Pi-Ramesses, the name palace of Ramesses II, at the former site of Avaris
  • Prince Ramesses (prince), second son of Ramesses II
  • The fictional "Ramses XIII," protagonist of the 1895 historical novel Pharaoh by Bolesław Prus
  • Ramesses, the eponymous protagonist's father in "Thamos, König in Ägypten" ("Thamos, King of Egypt", or "King Thamos", in English), a play by Tobias Philipp, for which Mozart wrote incidental music
  • Ramesses (band), an English sludge/doom metal band, formed by ex-Electric Wizard members Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening
  • Ramases, an early-1970s-era British musician
  • Ramses Emerson, a fictional character in the "Amelia Peabody" book series by U.S. author Elizabeth Peters
  • Ramses the Damned, an alternate title of the novel The Mummy by Anne Rice
  • Rameses (mascot), the mascot for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • King Ramses, a minor villain in the animated cartoon Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Ramses, a summon creature in the Game Boy Advance game Golden Sun
  • Ramses, a brand of condom manufactured by Durex
  • Ramses Shaffy (1933–2009), Dutch singer
  • Albert Marchinsky, an illusionist whose stage name was "The Great Rameses"
  • MV Ramses, a German blockade runner sunk by HMAS Adelaide in 1942


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