Rameswaram TV Tower

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Rameswaram TV Tower
Rameswaram tv tower.jpg
Rameswaram TV Tower
General information
TypeTV Broadcast
LocationRameswaram, Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates9°17′33.5″N 79°18′32.7″E / 9.292639°N 79.309083°E / 9.292639; 79.309083Coordinates: 9°17′33.5″N 79°18′32.7″E / 9.292639°N 79.309083°E / 9.292639; 79.309083
Antenna spire323 m (1,059.7 ft)

The Rameswaram TV Tower is a free-standing tower that was built in 1995. Standing at 323 metres (1,060 ft),[1] it is the tallest structure in India. The tower is used by Doordarshan for television broadcasting. The main structure is made of reinforced cement concrete and the mast is made of lattice steel.


The Rameswaram TV Tower is situated in the town of Rameswaram, which is a small municipality in the Ramanathapuram district, an administrative district in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.[1]


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