Rameswaram railway station

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இராமேஸ்வரம் இரயில் நிலையம்
Indian Railway Station
Rameswaram Railway Station.jpg
Location GP Road, Rameswaram, Ramanathapuram district, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates 9°16′55″N 79°18′32″E / 9.282°N 79.309°E / 9.282; 79.309Coordinates: 9°16′55″N 79°18′32″E / 9.282°N 79.309°E / 9.282; 79.309
Elevation 2 metre
Owned by Indian Railways
Operated by Southern Railway
Line(s) Rameswaram-Manamadurai
Platforms 4
Tracks 9
Connections Bus stand, Auto rickshaw stand
Structure type Standard (on ground station)
Parking Yes
Other information
Status Functioning
Station code RMM
Zone(s) Southern Railway
Division(s) Madurai
Electrified No

Rameswaram railway station (Tamil:இராமேஸ்வரம் இரயில் நிலையம் ) is a railway station serving the town of Rameswaram located on the Rameswaram Island in the Ramnad district of Tamil Nadu.

It is belongs to the Madurai railway division and is an important terminal of the Southern Railway Zone. Its official code is RMM.

The station links the pilgrim town as well as the rest of the island to the mainland via the highly acclaimed Pamban Rail Bridge.

Location and Layout[edit]

The train station is located on the GP Road which is a few seconds drive from the Ramanathasamy Temple and is easily accessible by bus, auto-rickshaws and taxis anywhere from the main town.

The station is one of the oldest in the country, and accommodated trains such as the Sethu Express and the Boatmail, which were two of the most significant and historic trains operated in the region prior to the gauge conversion.

There are 4 platforms and 7 railway tracks and 2 pitlines within the station. Currently, the Rameswaram railway station and the Pamban Junction railway station are the only two train stations in the island excluding the former rail terminus in Dhanushkodi that is no longer in use.The metre-gauge branch line from Pamban Junction to Dhanushkodi was abandoned after it was destroyed in a cyclone in 1964.


Rameswaram is a terminal railway station and below is a list of trains that originate from the station.

No. Train No. Train Name Origin Destination Time Frequency
[1] 56724/56723 Madurai Passenger Rameswaram Madurai 05:40 Daily
[2] 18495/18496 Bhubaneswar Express Rameswaram Bhubaneswar 08:00 Sun
[3] 56722/56721 Madurai Passenger Rameswaram Madurai 11:50 Daily
[4] 56830/56829 Tiruchirappalli Passenger Rameswaram Tiruchirappalli 14:10 Daily
[5] 16780/16779 Tirupati Express Rameswaram Tirupati 16:00 Mon,Thu,Sat
[6] 16102/16101 Boat Mail Express Rameswaram Chennai 17:00 Daily
[7] 56726/56725 Madurai Passenger Rameswaram Madurai 18:00 Daily
[8] 16617/16618 Coimbatore Express Rameswaram Coimbatore 19:00 Wed
[9] 16714/16713 Sethu Express Rameswaram Chennai 20:00 Daily
[10] 22621/22622 Kanniyakumari SF Express Rameswaram Kanniyakumari 20:45 Mon,Thu,Sat
[11] 16733/16734 Okha Express Rameswaram Okha 21:30 Fri
[12] 14259/14260 Varanasi Express Rameswaram Varanasi 23:00 Wed

Demand for New Express Trains[edit]

  • Rameswaram-Mysore Express Daily via Karaikudi-Trichy-Namakkal-Salem-Bangalore
  • Rameswaram-Kolkata Santragachi Express weekly via Tirupathi-Bhubaneswar
  • Rameswaram-Bikaner Express weekly via Madurai-Mangalore-Panvel-Ahmedabad-Jodhpur
  • Rameswaram-Mumbai Bi-Weekly Express via Karaikudi-Trichy-Salem-Krishnarajapuram-Solapur

Demand for Extension of Trains[edit]

  • 12687/12688 Madurai-Dehradun/Chandigarh(via Delhi Nizamuddin) express to Rameswaram

Demand for Increase in Frequency[edit]

  • 16617/16618 Rameswaram-Coimbatore Weekly express to Daily
  • 22621/22622 Rameswaram-Kanniyakumari Tri-Weekly SF express to Daily
  • 16779/16780 Rameswaram-Tirupathi Tri-Weekly express to Daily

Demand for Passenger trains[edit]

  • Rameswaram-Ernakulam Passenger via Madurai-Pollachi-Palakkad(After Gauge conversion)
  • Rameswaram-Coimbatore Passenger via Madurai-Pollachi-Potanur(After Gauge conversion)
  • Rameswaram-Sengottai Passenger via Manamadurai-Arupukottai-Virudhunagar

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