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Ramey Idriss (11 September 1911 – 5 February 1971) was an American songwriter, author, composer and musician, educated at Los Angeles Community College.

His birth name was Ramez Idriss but he was also known as Ramey.

Idriss was a musician in dance orchestras on radio and recordings and in films, and also wrote television scripts and special material for the Ritz Brothers, Eddie Cantor, Jimmy Durante and Marion Hutton. Joining ASCAP in 1947, his most popular song composition was the Oscar-nominated "The Woody Woodpecker Song", as featured in the film Wet Blanket Policy in 1948. Other compositions included "Worry Worry Worry", "The Old Chaperone", "Take a Letter Miss Smith", "I'll Wait", "Leave It to Joan" and "Something Old Something New."

George Tibbles who co-wrote the Woody Woodpecker Song with him remained friends for the next 23 years until Idriss' death. Tibbles was a Producer and eventual Head Writer of the classic television series My Three Sons in the 1960s and gave Idriss music composing and script writing assignments on the show.