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Ramgarh Raj was a major Zamindari estate in the era of the British Raj, in the former Indian province of Bihar. The estate was ruled by Narain Dynasty. Territories which comprised the Ramgarh Raj presently constitute districts of Ramgarh, Hazaribagh, Koderma, and Bokaro with 3672 villages. The entire area is rich in minerals like coal and mica and falls under the Indian State of Jharkhand. The First King was Maharaja Baghdeo Singh and the last ruling king was Maharaja Kamakhya Narain Singh of this estate ,until the estate was merged to the Republic of India. The revenue of the estate was about 3600000.

  Narain Dynasty Family Names
  • Maharaj Kumar Mayurdhwaja Narain Singh Gaji Sarkar Sahib
  • Maharaj Saurab Narain Singh Bahadur
  • Rajkumar Udaybhan Narain Singh
  • Rajkumar Adhiraj Narain Singh
  • Rajkunwar Rudra Narain Singh
  Last Ruling Family
  • Maharajmata Shashank Manjeri Devi
  • Maharani Lalita Rajya Lakshmi


The areas that would later comprise the Ramgarh Raj (estate) had initially belonged to the Raja of Chhota Nagpur. Around the year 1368, the area witnessed unrest for reasons not now known. The Raja deputed two brothers by name Baghdeo and Singhdeo to restore order. After the job was done, the Raja did not render payment to them of the full promised amount. Baghdeo, who was anyway in control of the area after quelling rebellion, simply stayed on and declared himself Raja of that area, which is said to have been 24 parganas (districts) in extent.

Raja Bahadur Kamakshya Narain Singh (b. 1916, ruled 1919-47, d.1970) was the last ruling chief of the Ramgarh Raj. In 1945, he ceded control to the Indian government. His son, Raja Bahadur Indra Jitendra Narain Singh (1938-2008) had been the head of the family since 1970. Raja Bahadur Saurabh Narain Singh (b. 1970) assumed the position of head of the family in November 2008.[1]

List of rulers[edit]

  • Maharaja BAGHDEO 1368-1402
  • Maharaja KIRAT SINGH 1402-1459
  • Maharaja RAM SINGH I 1459-1537
  • Maharaja MADHO SINGH 1537-1554
  • Maharaja JAGAT SINGH 1554-1604
  • Maharaja HIMMAT SINGH 1604-1661
  • Maharaja RAM SINGH II 1661-1677
  • Maharaja DALEL SINGH 1677-1724
  • Maharaja BISHAN SINGH 1724-1763
  • Maharaja MAKAND SINGH 1763-1772
  • Maharaja TEJ SINGH Bahadur 1772-1774
  • Maharaja PARAS NATH SINGH Bahadur 1774-1784
  • Maharaja MANI NATH SINGH Bahadur 1784-1811
  • Maharaja SIDH NATH SINGH Bahadur 1811-1835
  • Maharaja LAKSHMI NATH SINGH Bahadur 1835-1841
  • Maharaja SHAMBHU NATH SINGH Bahadur 1841-?
  • Maharaja RAM NATH SINGH Bahadur ?-1866
  • Maharaja TRILOK NATH SINGH Bahadur 1866
  • Maharaja Raja NAM NARAIN SINGH Bahadur 1866-1899
  • Maharaja RAM NARAIN SINGH Bahadur 1899-1913
  • Maharaja LAKSHMI NARAIN SINGH Bahadur 1913-1919
  • Maharaja KAMAKHYA NARAIN SINGH Bahadur 1919-1953 (+1970)


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