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Ramil Gallego (pronounced gal-ye-go) (b. September 21, 1966 in Bacolod City, Philippines) is a Filipino professional pool player, nicknamed "Bebeng".

As veteran player, Gallego has been competing in tournaments outside his homeland, mainly in Japan. The Philippine public started to know him very well when he competed in the Motolite International Tournament (won by Francisco Bustamante) and the Rising Stars Tournament (won by Edgar Acaba).

Among the Philippine players, Gallego is capable of speaking Japanese. Thus, he is occasionally being used as a translator when in Japan.

Ramil Gallego, 41, blasted Francisco Bustamante, 10-9, in the semis, and edged Carlo Biado, 11-7, in the finals to win on July 28, 2008, the first P 300,000 Manny Villar Cup Bulacan leg at the Event Center of SM City, Marilao.[1]

Gallego has won a number of tournaments, mostly in Asia. His most notable one is when he won the Bangkok Leg of the 2006 WPA Asian Nine-ball Tour against Au Chi-Wai of Hong Kong.

Rodolfo Luat, 50, won the $15,000 (P727,500) top prize of the Bacolod leg, of the First Senate President Manny Villar Cup, on November 16, 2008. At the Garden Royal Function Hall of Goldenfields Commercial Complex. Luat downed Ramil Gallego, 13-10 (who earned $5,000 or P242,500).[2][3]


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