Ramiz Mehdiyev

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Ramiz Mehdiyev
Ramiz Mehdiyev
Академик Рамиз Мехтиев.jpg
Head of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Republic
Assumed office
February 7, 1995
President Heydar Aliyev, Ilham Aliyev
Personal details
Born (1938-04-17) April 17, 1938 (age 78)
Religion Atheism

Ramiz Mehdiyev Anvar oglu (Azerbaijani: Ramiz Mehdiyev Ənvər oğlu) (born April 17, 1938) is an academician and Azerbaijani politician who serves as the Head of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Republic.[1]

Early life[edit]

Mehdiyev was born on April 17, 1938 in Baku, Azerbaijan. He graduated from Azerbaijan State University and is a Doctor of Philosophy.

From May 7, 1957 until August 16, 1962 he worked at Xəzərdənizneft state company. From December 28, 1965 through January 26, 1968 he was a consultant at the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party, and then the second secretary of its Nakhchivan chapter until March 10, 1969. Mehdiyev then moved to Moscow and worked as a scientist and researcher at the Philosophy Studies Department of Moscow State University from November 28, 1970 through December 30, 1971. After returning to Baku, he worked as a teacher at the Scientific Communism Department of Azerbaijan State University.[1]

Political career[edit]

On May 21, 1974 Mehdiyev was hired as an analyst and assistant department director at the Science and Education, and Ideology and Propaganda departments of the Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party. On December 12, 1978 he was appointed the First Secretary of the 26 Baku Commissars Party Committee. On July 15, 1980 he became the director of the Party Organization Department at the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party, on December 8, 1983 he was appointed the Secretary of the Central Committee. From June 1, 1988 through February 4, 1994 he was a department director at the Social Political Research and Information Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.[1] In 1980-1990's, he was a deputy to the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR elected twice and in 1995 was elected to the National Assembly of Azerbaijan.[2] From February 4, 1994 until February 7, 1995 he was the Director of the General Issues Department of the Presidential Apparatus and from February 7, 1995 he serves as the Head of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Republic.[1]

Works and awards[edit]

Mehdiyev has authored over 100 scientific publications on national, socio-political issues of modern Azerbaijani state and society in general, as well as wrote the books Interethnic relations at the end of the 20th century, Realities of Azerbaijani genocide, Dialectics of development of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan: historical heritage and philosophy of independence, Philosophy textbook, Azerbaijan: Calls for globalization, Parliament elections of 2005: preliminary analysis, Ideas, opening the paths to civil society, On the path of national ideology, statehood and independence in two volumes, On the path to democracy, Determining the development strategy: modernization course.

Mehdiyev has been awarded with Order of the Red Banner of Labour and was elected a member of New York Academy of Sciences. He is married and has two children.[2]

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