Ramkot Fort

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Ramkot Fort
Ramkot Fort Mirpur.jpg
View of Ramkot Fort
General information
LocationAzad Kashmir, Pakistan
Construction started16th–17th century AD

Ramkot Fort is an ancient fort situated in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan currently beside the Mangla Dam. It is accessible through boat, 13 kilometers away from Dina and 79 kilometers by road from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir to Dadyal town. The fort is accessible from Sikah village from Dadyal side and Mangla through boats which take approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Three sides of the hilltop are surrounded by the Jhelum River, which falls into the huge reservoir of Mangla Dam. It was built by a Gakkhar named Toglu as recorded by traveler and geologist Frederick Drew in his book.[1]

Design and Architecture[edit]

Th structure of the fort is an excellent example of Muslim Military Architecture. The gateway to the fort is designed with firing sits at every angle and serves as the only entry/exit point to the area. There are also ramps from the ground floor to the parapet which would have served the purpose of transporting artillery easily. [2]

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Coordinates: 33°13′N 73°38′E / 33.217°N 73.633°E / 33.217; 73.633