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Ramlösa is also the name of a district, a park, and a railway station in Helsingborg, Sweden.
Different varieties of Ramlösa mineral water sold in Sweden.
The Spa Pavilion at the Ramlösa mineral water spring in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Ramlösa is a brand of carbonated mineral water from a source in Ramlösa Brunnspark in the southern part of Helsingborg, Sweden. Ramlösa goes back to the year 1707 when a health spa around the source was founded by Johan Jacob Döbelius.

Ramlösa is very common in northern Europe and is considered a high-quality mineral water. Ramlösa is also popular outside of Scandinavia and the water is exported as far as the United States, Australia, Middle East and New Zealand and Asia.

Ramlösa is today a wholly owned subsidiary of the Danish brewery group Carlsberg.

Swedish commercials for Ramlösa previously had voice-overs by actor Stellan Skarsgård.

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