Ramle Subdistrict, Mandatory Palestine

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Subdistricts grouped by districts in 1945. Ramle Subdistrict as part of Lydda District in blue.

The Ramle Subdistrict was one of the subdistricts of Mandatory Palestine. It was part of Lydda District of the British Mandate of Palestine. The sub-district's main city was Ramle. Its total population in 1944 was estimated at 123,490, of which 88,560 were Muslims; 29,420 were Jews; and 5,500 were Christians.[1] A number of Palestinian Arab villages in the subdistrict were depopulated during the 1948 Palestine War, both by Jewish forces prior to the Israeli declaration of independence and after by Israeli forces. Following the war the area that had made up Ramla Subdistrict became a part of Israel's Central District.

Depopulated towns and villages[edit]

Depopulated villages in the subdistrict.


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