Rammstein (song)

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Song by Rammstein
Released September 29, 1995
Recorded Polar Studios, Stockholm, 1995
Genre Neue Deutsche Härte, industrial metal, doom metal
Length 4:25 (album version)
3:27 (edit)
Label Motor
Producer Jacob Hellner and Carl-Michael Herlöffson

"Rammstein" is a song by the German industrial metal band Rammstein. It is the eleventh and final track on their debut album, Herzeleid, and was the first song written by the band. It is about the Ramstein air show disaster.[1] According to an interview with rhythm guitarist Paul Landers, the sound of the main riff of the song is made by him and lead guitarist Richard Kruspe, each playing a similar riff at different octaves (Richard plays the middle and Paul plays the lower).[citation needed] The song was featured in the 1997 David Lynch film Lost Highway.

In the Live aus Berlin performance of the song, lead vocalist Till Lindemann ascends from underneath the stage via a trap door. He wears a burning coat, and special goggles from which a laser beam is projected from one of the lenses. When they performed the song in the 2004–05 Reise, Reise tour, Till no longer wore the flaming jacket, opting instead for dual arm mounted flame throwers.[citation needed]

Rammstein has been a part of every tour setlist since the song's inception, including the Pre-Herzeleid years. The only tour it has not been included in is the tour for Liebe ist für alle da and Made in Germany 1995–2011, although in the last Made in Germany tour/unofficial tour name of the Made in Germany tour Wir halten das Tempo tour, the introduction of the song has been used to tease the audience as they performed the intro with guitar flamethrowers cutting into Buck Dich, just before the vocals enter and after the Rammstein intro with guitar flamethrowers before Buck dich gets performed, the crowd say Rammstein.

Till Lindemann wearing dual arm-mounted flame-throwers during live performance.


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