Ramo Verde Prison

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Ramo Verde Prison
Coordinates10°21′43″N 67°03′18″W / 10.36194°N 67.05500°W / 10.36194; -67.05500
Security classMaximum Security
Managed byGovernment of Venezuela
CityLos Teques
Country Venezuela

Ramo Verde Prison[1] (officially called National Center for Military Processed of Ramo Verde) is a military prison in the Los Teques municipality of Miranda, Venezuela. It is a prison known for its strict policies and security measures for prisoners, reserved specifically for military personnel and civilians whose characteristics represent an importance to the Venezuelan state, whether for reasons of safety or policies that may stay in place temporarily or to meet all of their penalties.


Security relies on the Third Division of the Army of Venezuela and the Operational Area Integral Defense (ZODI) of the capital. Gonzalo Himiob of the Venezuelan Penal stated that Ramo Verde "is the most secure prison in the country by a military character".[2]


Ramo Verde has been a point of controversy and criticism due to cases of known personalities held there. According to an NGO called Citizen Control for Security, Ramo Verde is a prison "where prisoners are sort of invisible for the Venezuelan Government and totally unaware of any control mechanism laid down in the Law."[3]

Among the people who have been held there include:


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