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Ramon Tikaram
Ramon Tikaram
Years active1994 – present

Ramon Tikaram (b. 16 May 1967, Singapore) is a British stage and screen actor of Indian and Southeast Asian descent.[1][2]

Early life and Education[edit]

Tikaram's father is Indian and his mother is from Borneo. His younger sister is singer-songwriter Tanita Tikaram. The family moved frequently during Tikaram's youth, due to his father's military service with the British army. He attended military school in Dover before studying English at Kent University, where he discovered acting.[3][4]


Music & Musical Theater[edit]

In 1992, Tikaram had a recording contract and released two singles followed by the album Chill and Kiss, the latter with musicians including brothers Bill and Ian Nelson on guitar and sax respectively.[citation needed]

Tikaram starred as Judas in the West End production of Jesus Christ Superstar from 1997–1998.[5]

Tikaram performed the role of the King of Siam in a UK tour of the musical The King and I, ending in May 2012.[6]

Television & Film[edit]

In 1996, he played the recurring character of Ferdinand "Ferdy" Garcia in the BBC TV series This Life. In a 10th anniversay return of the show in 2006, his character was killed off and did not appear.[7]

In 1997, Tikaram was offered a role in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, but refused because it required that he cut his hair.[8]

In October 2009, it was announced that Tikaram would appear in the BBC One soap opera EastEnders. He played the part of Qadim Shah, father of the already established character Amira Shah.[9] He appeared on-screen in the role from 17 December 2009 to 29 April 2010 in two separate stints, then returned on 6 September 2011 and 6 January 2012 for short appearances.[citation needed]

He appeared as Prendahl in Game of Thrones in 2013.[10]

Voice Acting & Narration[edit]

Tikaram provided voice acting for the character of Gabe Weller in the 2009 video game Dead Space: Extraction.[citation needed]

In November 2012, he also provided the voice of World Eaters Captain Macer Varren for the Black Library audio drama, "Garro: Sword of Truth", part of the long-running Horus Heresy series.[citation needed]

He lent his voice for Dorian in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Gein in the cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun,[11] and Ravindra 'Rav' Chaudhry in Need for Speed Payback.[12]

Tikaram has also narrated a number of audiobooks.[13][14]



  • Johnny's Coming Home (1992) German release DSB (Deutsche Schallplatten GmbH Berlin)
  • Hey! (1992) German release DSB (Deutsche Schallplatten GmbH Berlin)


  • Chill and Kiss Bill Nelson guitar, Ian Nelson sax on some tracks (1992) German release DSB (Deutsche Schallplatten GmbH Berlin)

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