Ramona Band of Cahuilla

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Ramona Band of Cahuilla
The Cahuilla Mountains in Anza, California
Regions with significant populations
United States United States (California California)
English, Cahuilla language[1]
traditional tribal religion,
Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
Related ethnic groups
Cahuilla tribes

The Ramona Band of Cahuilla is a federally recognized tribe of Cahuilla Indians, located in Riverside County, California.[2]


The Ramona Indian Reservation was founded in 1893. It is about 560 acres (2.3 km2) large, located in Anza, California at the foot of Thomas Mountain. The land was originally Sauppalpisa territory and was a traditional gathering place for Cahuilla ceremonies.[3]

Ramona Lubo, after whom the novel Ramona may have been named.


The tribe's headquarters is located in Anza, California. Their current tribal chairman is Joseph D. Hamilton.[4]

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