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The Ramoshi (alternately Berad) is an Indian community found largely in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka, and are historically associated with great empires, important historical conflicts and agriculture. They are also described as the Bedar.


The Ramoshi were called ramoossy during the era of the British Raj. The title also denotes the leader of a group or head of a territory.[citation needed]

The Ramoshi in Maharashtra were earlier known as Boya, Bedar and Vedan.[1]

The community were once infantry fighting battles for the Maratha kings and leading the troops.[citation needed] They were then classified as a criminal tribe under the Criminal Tribes Acts of the Raj.[2]


They recognise the Hindu varna system and belong to the kshatriya class. They are Hindu and belong to the Lingayat sect while some are Vaishanavas [3]


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