Rampur Jetha

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Rampur Jetha
Rampur Jetha is located in Bihar
Rampur Jetha
Rampur Jetha
Rampur Jetha is located in India
Rampur Jetha
Rampur Jetha
Location in Bihar, India
Coordinates: 26°22′07″N 85°06′15″E / 26.368648°N 85.104046°E / 26.368648; 85.104046Coordinates: 26°22′07″N 85°06′15″E / 26.368648°N 85.104046°E / 26.368648; 85.104046
Country  India
State Bihar
District East Champaran
Elevation 51 m (167 ft)
 • Official Maithili, Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 845426
Telephone code +91-6257
ISO 3166 code IN-BR
Nearest city Muzaffarpur
Lok Sabha constituency Motihari
Vidhan Sabha constituency Pipra, Purvi Champaran (Vidhan Sabha constituency)
Avg. summer temperature 38 °C (100 °F)
Avg. winter temperature 12 °C (54 °F)

Rampurwa, Mehsi is a village situated in East Champaran District in the Indian state of Bihar. The village is commonly known as Rampurwa among the localities. It lies in the Mirjapur Panchayat region. It is situated at the bank of river Burhi Gandak River on whose bank the village has flourished. It is well connected by road and railways. The nearest highway is NH-28, which is 1 km from the village. The nearest railway station is Mehsi Railway Station, which is around 4 km from the village.

The village is located 1 km east of Mehsi police station. Mehsi is an entry point of East Champaran if travelling from Patna, Muzaffarpur to Raxaul, connected both by railway and roadway. This small community has a number of places of interest at the east side of railway station. These include Mirza Halim Shah mosque, dargah, a very old library 'Nagrik Pustakalaya', an old high school (Tirhut Vidyalaya) of the English period, orchards of lichi and mangoes and other places of interest. There are many button factories, a small scale industry, although most of the people depend upon agriculture and commerce. Mehsi was the birthplace of the writer and intellectual, Rajkamal Chaudhary. The last sentence about the birthplace of Rajkamal Chaudhary is not at Mehsi of District East Champaran, but it is at Saharsa district of Bihar.[1]


The village is located 1 km east of Mehsi Police-station. The nearest highway is NH-28 which is 1.5 km west of village.


The village is situated on the bank of a Himalayan foothills Someshwer Range originated, perennial river Budhi Gandak on which bank the village has grown up and flourished.


The basic lively-hood is agriculture and cottage industry. The village folks are mostly farmers. Major production of lichi comes from Mehsi. All over the India Muzaffarpur is known as the major producer of lichi where major contribution is from Mehsi. Rampur Jetha is one of major producer of lichi in Mehsi.

The very famous cottage industry is for making Buttons from shells, sometimes referred to as mother-of-pearl (shell- a hard outer case of many molluscs, oyster —bivalve mollusc, esp. an edible kind, sometimes producing a pearl). The shells are taken from rivers specially flom Gandaki river.The product,buttons and other ornamental pieces are sold in domestic and international market. There are many button factories, a small scale industry, although most of the people depend upon agriculture and commerce.


Rampurwa is one of the villages in Purba Champaran district. Rampurwa is present in block Mehsi. As of 2001 India census the total population of the village is 375. The literacy rate is 65.61%. The female literacy rate is 47.1%. The male literacy rate is 78.71%.[2]

Geography and weather[edit]

The summer, April–July is extremely hot and humid (28/40 deg C,90% Max.) and winter is pleasntly cold, around 06/20 deg C. The region of the village is filled with the orchards of lichi trees.The river and the orchards creates pleasant climate around village.[2]

Notable people[edit]

Notable persons hailing from this small village :

  • Late Jagat Narayan Singh [Landlord,Zamindar]
  • Bijuli Singh [dominant Mukhia, for 44 years [1952-2000] of Mirjapur Panchayat as a continued independent Mukhia].


Important Notes[edit]

  • The number of households in Rampurwa is 48. All the households are rural households.
  • Female to male ratio of Rampurwa is 91.33% compared to the Bihar's female to male ratio 91.93%. It is unsatisfactory and the people should drive some campaign to improve this.
  • The literacy rate of the village is 65.61% compared to the literacy rate of state 47%. The literacy rate of the village is better than state literacy rate. Anyhow, the rate of literacy is low and needs immediate attention of Union and State Government.
  • The female literacy rate is 47.1% compared to male literacy rate of 82.99%.
  • The total working population is 69.47% of the total population. 91.84% of the men are working population . 45.65% of the women are working population.
  • The main working population is 44.56% of the total population. 68.71% of the men are main working population . 18.84% of the women are main working population . While the marginal working population is 24.91% of the total population. 23.13% of the men are marginal working population. 26.81% of the women are marginal working population.
  • The total non-working population is 30.53% of the total population. 8.16% of the men are non-working population . 54.35% of the women are non-working population.[2]


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