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Ramshej Fort
Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Ramshej Fort.jpg
Ramshej fort from base village
Ramshej Fort is located in India
Ramshej Fort
Ramshej Fort
Ramshej Fort
Ramshej Fort is located in Maharashtra
Ramshej Fort
Ramshej Fort
Ramshej Fort (Maharashtra)
Coordinates20°06′44″N 73°46′02″E / 20.112195°N 73.767354°E / 20.112195; 73.767354
Height3200 feet
Site information
OwnerGovt. of India
Controlled by Maratha Empire ( -1687)
Moghul Empire(1687-1752)
 Maratha Empire (1752-1818)
 United Kingdom  India (1947-)
Open to
the public
Site history
Garrison information
Suryaji Jadhav

Ramsej or Ramshej Fort(Marathi: रामशेज किल्ला) is a small fort located 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) north-west of Nashik, in the Indian state of Maharashtra.There is a story that Rord Rama stayed for a while on this fort while going to Sri Lanka. This fort can be visited in a day from Nashik. This fort is located on the busy Nashik-Vapi Route.


Ramsej fort saw the war against Mughal Empire for six and a half years.[1] The first killedar (leader) was Suryaji Jadhav, but after five and a half years he was transferred and a new killedar was appointed. In 1682 Aurangzeb sent Sahabuddin Khan to conquer the fort. He raised a wooden platform to storm the fort. but the retaliation from the Marathas was so strong that he left the responsibility to Bahadurkhan and went to Junnar. Bahadurkhan was also unable to siege the fort, finally, he burnt the wooden platform and left the battle. Aurangzeb sent Kasim Khan Kirmani to lead the battle [2] and it is said that the Mughals conquered Ramshej Fort by paying bribe to the new killedar.[1] Ramsej was one of the forts which surrendered to British Army in 1818 after the fall of Trymbakgad fort.[3] Captain Briggs describes that there were eight guns, 9 small cannons called jamburasand 21 jingals on the fort.

Places to see[edit]

The fort is located on a high tableland with escarpments on all the sides. There are good steps on the eastern side of the fort which lead to the entrance gate. There is a temple of Lord Ram at the entrance of the fort. There is a water cistern near the temple holding potable water. On the eastern side of the fort is the main gate of the fort which is chiseled from the parent rock. There are many rock-cut water cisterns on the fort. The hidden entrance gate on the eastern side of the fort leads the path to Bhorgad fort.


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