Ramsgate Lifeboat Station

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Ramsgate Lifeboat Station
RNLI Lifeboat station
Ramsgate Lifeboat station 04 04 2010.JPG
Ramsgate Lifeboat Station.
Country England
County Kent
District Thanet
Town Ramsgate
Location Ramsgate Lifeboat Station, Western Crosswall, Ramsgate Royal Harbour, Ramsgate, Kent
 - coordinates 51°19′44″N 1°25′10″E / 51.32889°N 1.41944°E / 51.32889; 1.41944Coordinates: 51°19′44″N 1°25′10″E / 51.32889°N 1.41944°E / 51.32889; 1.41944
Material Fabricated steelwork clad
with timber, and concrete
Founded 1802 The first lifeboat, built by Henry Greathead, was provided by the Trustees of Ramsgate Harbour.
Date Current ILB boathouse and a pontoon mooring completed in 1998
Owner Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Ramsgate Lifeboat Station is located in Kent
Ramsgate Lifeboat Station

Ramsgate Lifeboat Station is an RNLI station located in the Port of Ramsgate in the English county of Kent. The station is one of the oldest to operate in the British Isles and has launched to many notable services. Over the years its crews have won over 50 awards for gallantry the most recent being in 2000.


A lifeboat station was first established at Ramsgate Harbour in 1802 by the trustees of the harbour,[1] pre dating the formation of any national lifeboat organisation by more than 20 years. After a lapse in service between 1824 and 1851 a station was re-established by the trustees.

In 1865, the lifeboat was taken over by the Board of Trade and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, and was taken over completely by the RNLI, who run the service to this day.[1] The current lifeboat station, on the harbour wall between the inner and outer pools of the main harbour opened in 1998 and services both an onshore lifeboat, the 'Bob Turnbull' and offshore lifeboat, the 'RNLB Esme Anderson'.[2][3][4]

Dunkirk evacuation[edit]

During the evacuation of Troops from Dunkirk in 1940, Lifeboat Prudential, of Ramsgate was the first little ship to the rescue. The Lifeboat left Ramsgate at 2.20 in the afternoon with Coxswain Howard Primrose Knight in command with her own crew of eight men. They had been issued with gas masks, steel helmets and the lifeboat was loaded with four coils of grass warp and cans of fresh water for the troops. She took in tow eight boats, most of them wherries, manned by eighteen naval men, and when she reached Dunkirk her part was to tow the wherries between the beaches and the waiting ships. In total she rescued 2800 troops from the beaches.


All Weather Boats[edit]

Dates in service Class ON Op. No. Name Comments
1851–1865 Self-Righter Northumberland
1866–1877 Self-Righter Bradford
1887–1893 Self-Righter ON 117 Bradford
1893–1905 42ft Self-Righter ON 350 Bradford
1905–1926 43ft Self-Righter ON 537 Charles and Susanna Stephens
1926–1953 Ramsgate-class ON 697 Prudential First motor lifeboat at station
1953–1976 46ft 9in Watson-class ON 901 Michael and Lily Davis
1976–1990 Waveney-class ON 1042 44-016 Ralph and Joy Swann
1990–1994 Tyne-class ON 1154 47-036 Kenneth Thelwall II
1994–present Trent-class ON 1197 14-02 Esme Anderson

All Weather Boat Gallery[edit]

Trent Class Relief Lifeboat Corinne Whiteley (ON-1253) at Ramsgate, 4 April 2010 
Trent Class Lifeboat Esme Anderson (ON-1197) at Ramsgate, 11 August 2009 

Inshore Lifeboats[edit]

Dates in service Class Op. No. Name
1969–1972 Hatch-class A-500 (previously 17-001)
1972–1975 Hatch-class A-502 (previously 17-003)
1975–1984 McLauchlan-class A-510 (previously 18-010)
1984–2000 Atlantic 21-class B-558 Ramsgate Enterprise
2000–2014 Atlantic 75-class B-765 Bob Turnbull
2014 – present Atlantic 85-class B-878 Claire & David Delves

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