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Ramzor Logo.png
Ramzor logo
Genre Sitcom
Created by Adir Miller
Written by Adir Miller
Ran Sarig
Starring Adir Miller
Lior Halfon
Niro Levy
Yael Sharony
Liat Har-lev
Opening theme "Lo Rotze LeHitbager" (Don't Want to Grow Up) by Muki & Useless ID
Country of origin Israel
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 51 (list of episodes)
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Kuperman Productions
Original network Channel 2 (Keshet)
Original release March 24, 2008 – July 3, 2014
Related shows Traffic Light
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Ramzor (Hebrew: רַמְזוֹר‬; lit. Traffic Light) is an Israeli sitcom. The program was created by Adir Miller, who also co-authored the screenplay (along with Ran Sarig) and also appears in the program in the leading role.

The series ran for four seasons on Israeli Channel 2 (on Keshet) between 2008–2014. The fourth season was announced as the final one.

In early 2010, Fox purchased the rights for an American adaptation of the series, Traffic Light, which premiered on 8 February 2011.[1]

In 2010 the series won an Israeli TV Academy Award (פרס האקדמיה לטלוויזיה) in the Best comedy series category and also became the first Israeli TV series that won the International Emmy Award in the Best comedy series category.[2]


The show revolves around three friends in their mid-thirties living in Givatayim. Each of them with a distinct personal status, symbolized by the three colors of a traffic light.
Itzko is the "red light"; married with a 7-year-old daughter.
Amir is the "yellow light"; He lives with his girlfriend, Tali.
Hefer is the "green light"; He has no permanent partner.


  • Amir Rosner (Adir Miller) is a 32-year-old event director. He lives with his girlfriend Tali, a flight attendant, and her dog Yardena. Amir has a healthy relationship with Tali although he hates her dog.
  • Eyal (Itzko) Itzkovich (Lior Halfon) is married to Lilach and is the father of Danielle. He owns a magic store and is characterized as cheap. His relationship with his wife Lilach is rather poor.
  • Hefer Guri (Nir Levy) is a single "party animal" who often changes girlfriends. As a single man, with a lot of relationship-experience, he gives advice to his two friends, usually about relationship "problems".
  • Lilach Itzkovich-Yafa (Yael Sharoni) is Itzko's wife. She is a journalist with a very strict and serious personality.
  • Tali Rosner (née Dvir) (Liat Harlev) Amir's Girlfriend. Tali met Amir during his work as a director. Tali works as a flight attendant
  • Danielle Itzkovich (Yuval Vin) Itzko and Lilach's daughter. Danielle is 7 years old yet very mature, cynical and sophisticated for her age. She loves watching the news and bossing around her parents.

International response[edit]

After the success in Israel, the TV series was adapted into various versions in the United States and Russia. The Russian version - Svetofor (Светофор) became very successful and had finished the 9th season in STS Channel.

The American version was cancelled after one season of 13 episodes.


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