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Origin Zeeland, Netherlands
Genres Hardstyle
Years active 2002-present
Labels Special Records, A2 Records, Roughstate Music
Associated acts Gunz For Hire
Website ran-d.com
Members Randy Wieland

Randy "Ran-D" Wieland (18 May 1981 in Zeeland) is a Dutch DJ and music producer.

Ran-D has been active in hardstyle music since 2002, when he released his first track “D-Pression” on Special Records. Since then, Ran-D has released his music on A2 Records, a sub-label of Scantraxx Recordz. In March 2015, alongside Frequencerz, Adaro and B-Front, Ran-D founded a new hardstyle record label, “Roughstate Music”.

In collaboration with Adaro, Ran-D is also a part of the live-act Gunz For Hire which was founded in 2011.[1]

Ran-D has collaborated with other artists in hardstyle including Alpha2, Zatox, Zany, B-Front. He performed at several hardstyle events, including Qlimax, Hard Bass, Defqon.1 Festival (in Australia, Netherlands and in the first time Chile), Daydream Mexico, Decibel Outdoor Festival, Reverze, Q-BASE and The Qontinent. Ran-D has performed in Australia, Mexico, the United States, Germany, Spain, Canada, Chile, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy and Poland.


Name Artist(s) Label Year
D-Pression Ran-D Special Records 2006
River of Sound Ran-D A2 Records 2008
Living For The Moment / Inner Child Ran-D A2 Records 2009
Say Yeah Ran-D vs Alpha2 A2 Records 2009
My Name Is Hardstyle Ran-D vs Adaro A2 Records 2009
Under Attack Ran-D & Adaro A2 Records 2010
Struggle for Existence Ran-D & Adaro A2 Records 2010
Son of Torture Ran-D & Zany Fusion Records 2011
Rebirth (Official Anthem 2011) Ran-D & B-Front A2 Records 2011
Kings of the Underground Gunz 4 Hire A2 Records 2012
Survivors Ran-D & Digital Punk A2 Records 2012
X Ran-D vs. Villain Scantraxx 2012
#MyWay Ran-D Scantraxx 2012
Bolivia Gunz 4 Hire A2 Records 2012
Dimensions (Reverze 2013 Anthem) Ran-D Zoo Records 2013
Never Scared Ran-D A2 Records 2013
Hectic Ran-D vs. Zatox Scantraxx 2013
No Cure Ran-D & Redixx A2 Records 2013
Inside Our Mind (Fantasy Island Anthem 2013) Ran-D & Crypsis A2 Records 2013
Sorrow Gunz 4 Hire Feat. Ellie A2 Records 2013
Gangsters Don't Dance (Noisecontrollers Remix) Gunz for Hire A2 Records 2013
I Need You Ran-D A2 Records 2013
The Massacre Gunz 4 Hire A2 Records 2013
Enter the Twilight Zone (Q-Base Anthem 2013) Ran-D Q-Dance Records 2013
Bolivia (Endymion Remix) Gunz for Hire A2 Records 2013
The Message Ran-D & B-Front A2 Records 2013
Immortal (Qlimax 2013 Anthem) Gunz for Hire A2 Records 2013
Antidote Ran-D & Endymion A2 Records 2014
Animals Ran-D & Hard Driver Scantraxx Recordz 2014
The Hunt (Intents Anthem 2014) Ran-D Scantraxx Recordz 2014
Swagger Gunz for Hire A2 Records 2014
No Guts, No Glory Ran-D ft. Skits Vicious Q-Dance Records 2015
This Is Los Angeles Gunz for Hire Roughstate 2015
I am Legion Ran-D Roughstate 2015
Wolfchild Ran-D Roughstate 2015
FCK EDM Ran-D Roughstate 2015
Firestarter Ran-D Roughstate 2015
Paranoid Ran-D & Phuture Noize Roughstate 2015
Crossroads (Clockartz & Chris One Remix) Ran-D A2 Records 2015
Plata O Plomo Gunz for Hire Roughstate 2016
Shut Up Ran-D & Frequencerz Roughstate 2016
I'm A Criminal Gunz for Hire Roughstate 2016
Executioner Style Gunz for Hire Roughstate 2016
United (Official Decibel Outdoor Festival Anthem 2016) Ran-D ft. LXCPR B2S Records 2016
Zombie Ran-D Roughstate 2017
Suicidal Superstar Ran-D & Phuture Noize Roughstate 2017
Hurricane Ran-D Roughstate 2018


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