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OriginZeeland, Netherlands
Years active2002–present
LabelsSpecial Records, A2 Records, Roughstate Music
Associated actsGunz For Hire
MembersRandy Wieland

Randy "Ran-D" Wieland (18 May 1981 in Zeeland) is a Dutch DJ and music producer.

Ran-D has been active in hardstyle music since 2006, when he released his first track “D-Pression” on Special Records. After his debut release, Ran-D moved on to release his music on the large Hardstyle Record Label A2 Records, which is a sub-label of Scantraxx Recordz. After releasing on A2 Records for seven years, in March 2015 and alongside Frequencerz, Adaro and B-Front, Ran-D founded a new hardstyle record label, “Roughstate Music”. Roughstate is now regarded as a well-known record label within Hardstyle and now has a catalogue of over 100 releases.

Ran-D has released numerous popular songs, including official cover of "Zombie" by The Cranberries, "Living For The Moment," "Firestarter," "Nirvana," "Suicidal Superstar" with Phuture Noize, "Band Of Brothers," and "Hurricane," which was awarded 1st place[1] in the Q-dance Top 100 of 2018.

Aside from his solo career as Ran-D, in collaboration with Adaro, Randy is also a part of the well-known Hardstyle live-act Gunz For Hire which was founded in 2011.[2] Gunz For Hire are a successful live-act that have performed at many large-scale festivals and events and have released many hit songs, including "Bella Ciao," "Sorrow," "Bolivia," "Plata O Plomo," "No Mercy" and "Armed & Dangerous."

Ran-D has collaborated with other artists in hardstyle including Alpha2, Zatox, Zany, B-Front, Phuture Noize, Crypsis and Digital Punk. He performed at several hardstyle events, including Qlimax, Hard Bass, Defqon.1 Festival (in Australia, Netherlands and in Chile), Daydream Mexico, Decibel Outdoor Festival, Reverze, Q-BASE and The Qontinent. Furthermore, in January 2017, Ran-D was invited to host his own X-Qlusive Event[3] in collaboration with Q-Dance. X-Qlusive Ran-D was held in the AFAS Live in Amsterdam (formerly known as the Heineken Music Hall) and was successfully sold out.

Ran-D has also reached commercial recognition as a Hardstyle disk jockey and music producer in many countries where he has performed, such as China, Myanmar, Australia, Mexico, the United States, Germany, Thailand, England, Czech Republic, Spain, Canada, Chile, Belgium, France, Slovenia, Italy and Poland.


Name Artist(s) Label Year
D-Pression Ran-D Special Records 2006
River of Sound Ran-D A2 Records 2008
Living For The Moment / Inner Child Ran-D A2 Records 2009
Say Yeah Ran-D vs Alpha2 A2 Records 2009
My Name Is Hardstyle Ran-D vs Adaro A2 Records 2009
Under Attack Ran-D & Adaro A2 Records 2010
Struggle for Existence Ran-D & Adaro A2 Records 2010
Son of Torture Ran-D & Zany Fusion Records 2011
Rebirth (Official Anthem 2011) Ran-D & B-Front A2 Records 2011
Kings of the Underground Gunz 4 Hire A2 Records 2012
Survivors Ran-D & Digital Punk A2 Records 2012
X Ran-D vs. Villain Scantraxx 2012
#MyWay Ran-D Scantraxx 2012
Bolivia Gunz 4 Hire A2 Records 2012
Dimensions (Reverze 2013 Anthem) Ran-D Zoo Records 2013
Never Scared Ran-D A2 Records 2013
Hectic Ran-D vs. Zatox Scantraxx 2013
No Cure Ran-D & Redixx A2 Records 2013
Inside Our Mind (Fantasy Island Anthem 2013) Ran-D & Crypsis A2 Records 2013
Sorrow Gunz 4 Hire Feat. Ellie A2 Records 2013
Gangsters Don't Dance (Noisecontrollers Remix) Gunz for Hire A2 Records 2013
I Need You Ran-D A2 Records 2013
The Massacre Gunz 4 Hire A2 Records 2013
Enter the Twilight Zone (Q-Base Anthem 2013) Ran-D Q-Dance Records 2013
Bolivia (Endymion Remix) Gunz for Hire A2 Records 2013
The Message Ran-D & B-Front A2 Records 2013
Immortal (Qlimax 2013 Anthem) Gunz for Hire A2 Records 2013
Antidote Ran-D & Endymion A2 Records 2014
Animals Ran-D & Hard Driver Scantraxx Recordz 2014
The Hunt (Intents Anthem 2014) Ran-D Scantraxx Recordz 2014
Swagger Gunz for Hire A2 Records 2014
No Guts, No Glory Ran-D ft. Skits Vicious Q-Dance Records 2015
This Is Los Angeles Gunz for Hire Roughstate 2015
I am Legion Ran-D Roughstate 2015
Wolfchild Ran-D Roughstate 2015
FCK EDM Ran-D Roughstate 2015
Firestarter Ran-D Roughstate 2015
Paranoid Ran-D & Phuture Noize Roughstate 2015
Crossroads (Clockartz & Chris One Remix) Ran-D A2 Records 2015
Plata O Plomo Gunz for Hire Roughstate 2016
Shut Up Ran-D & Frequencerz Roughstate 2016
I'm A Criminal Gunz for Hire Roughstate 2016
Executioner Style Gunz for Hire Roughstate 2016
United (Official Decibel Outdoor Festival Anthem 2016) Ran-D ft. LXCPR B2S Records 2016
Drugs Ran-D & Act of Rage Roughstate 2017
Zombie Ran-D Roughstate 2017
Armed & Dangerous Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2017
Suicidal Superstar Ran-D & Phuture Noize Roughstate 2017
Welcome To Death Row Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2017
Band Of Brothers Ran-D Roughstate 2017
Inside My Head Gunz For Hire Self-released 2018
Real Warrior Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2018
Bella Ciao Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2018
Hurricane Ran-D Roughstate 2018
We Will Be Immortal Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2018
Nirvana Ran-D Roughstate 2018
Not an Addict[4] Ran-D and Psyko Punkz featuring K's Choice Armada Music 2019
Run From Reality[5] Ran-D and Endymion featuing LePrince Roughstate 2019
Battleborn[6] Ran-D & Frequencerz & Adaro Roughstate 2019

Ran-D at a Dutch festival 'De Boeskool is Lös'


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