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This is a list of characters from the 2007-2008 Super Sentai Series Juken Sentai Gekiranger. Each faction is a different school of the fictional martial arts known as Jūken (獣拳, "Beast Fist").


Geki Jūken Beast Arts[edit]

The core three Gekirangers: (from left to right) Geki Yellow, Geki Red, and Geki Blue.

Geki Jūken Beast Arts (激獣拳ビーストアーツ, Geki Jūken Bīsuto Ātsu, "Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts") is a fictional school of martial arts practiced by the protagonists of the Japanese Super Sentai show Juken Sentai Gekiranger. Those that practice Geki Jūken use a form of Qi[Note 1] within their bodies that manifests their passion for justice, called Geki (激気(げき), "Fierce Qi"), as their power source. The ultimate form of Geki is the Kageki (過激気(かげき), "Extreme Qi"), which can manifest if the user mastered different aspects of the triangle and selflessly has the intent to protect others at mind. The sporting goods company SCRTC (スクラッチ, Sukuratchi, pronounced like the English word scratch) serves as a front for the martial arts school, specifically its Gekirangers.


When transformed into the Gekirangers, the group says "Our blazing Geki is the proof of justice! Juken Sentai Gekiranger!" (燃え立つ激気は正義の証!獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー!, Moetatsu Gekiwa seigi no akashi! Jūken Sentai Gekirenjā!). When having transformed into the Super Gekirangers, the group says "Our boiling Kageki flows toward justice! Juken Sentai Gekiranger!" (たぎる過激気は正義の為に!獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー!, Tagiru Kageki wa seigi no tame ni! Jūken Sentai Gekirenjā!).

Jyan Kandou[edit]

Jyan Kandou/Geki Red (漢堂 ジャン/ゲキレッド, Kandō Jan/Geki Reddo) practices the Geki Jū Tiger-Ken (激獣タイガー拳, Geki Jū Taigāken) style, though still a beginner, his main focus is on power and Hu Quan moves. He is a Feral child who was raised by the tigers deep within the forest near the Beast Origin Village (獣源郷, Jūgenkyō). The son of Dan, Jyan was the sole surviving member of the nearby village that was destroyed by Long. Long had intended to kill Jyan in order to prevent Rio from fighting him, since Rio would undoubtably see Jyan as a potential rival since Dan is his father. But the pain of his mother's death before his eyes while holding on to dear life on the rapids blocked out his entire childhood memory prior to being raised in the wild. Because of his lineage, his senses have been sharply enhanced to feel qi like Xia Fu, who scouted Jyan as he personifies the "Body" (, Tai, also pronounced as Karada) of a Gekiranger: Resistance to most forms of pain. This selection is strengthened when Jyan emits Geki while giving off a "Tiger's Roar" when the Akugata began to attack. Although at first he doesn't understand certain concepts or training, he eventually picks up and learns about it at a fairly high pace. He does not know very many common words so he sometimes describes things with words such as "niki-niki", "zowa-zowa", "waki-waki", his own personal "Jyan-ish" language. As he was raised by animals, he does not know and has to learn about the "Heart". Jyan is eventually labeled as Rio's rival after witnessing the display of power used to stop his own attack. He becomes Sharkie Chan's first student of the Geki Jū Shark-Ken (激獣シャーク拳, Geki Jū Shākuken) sword-fighting style. Though Jan possesses the Kageki (過激気, Kageki), he is unable to fully use it in his first fight with Rio.

Jyan competes with Gorie Yen in a coin-stacking competition to improve his "Heart" to try to achieve the Kageki, but he fails because when he tells Gorie that he practices Geki Jūken to become stronger, Gorie says that Jyan is no better than Rio for following a similar ideology. Yet, once Jyan realizes that his reason is to fight in order to protect others, he is able to transform into Super Geki Red (スーパーゲキレッド, Sūpā Geki Reddo), using the Geki Jū Gorilla-Ken (激獣ゴリラ拳, Geki Jū Goriraken) style and is the "Extremely Unbreakable Body" (「過激にアンブレイカブル・ボディ」, Kageki ni Anbureikaburu Bodi).

After the Gekirangers, Rio and Mere are exposed to SaiDain's Beast Power Bloom, Jyan is the first among the Gekirangers to realize how much stronger they all have become, pushing back Maku by himself as well as utilizing the Kageki Hard Diamond technique by himself. At first, Jyan decides that he can't fight anymore after learning the truth behind his relation to Rio and Dan, but learning more about his family with Xia Fu's help enables Jyan to resume his role as a Gekiranger, making an enemy out of Long. He and Rio have their destined battle, with Jyan the victor until he realizes that he is not really fighting Rio, but something else entirely. When Jyan regains his memories, he vows to make Long pay for what he did to his friends and family, managing to beat sense into Rio and give him a path of his own as they both save Mere and join forces in fighting their mutual enemy. After Long's defeat, Jyan invites both Rio and Mere to SCRTC, despite protests from both Ran and Retu. When both Rio and Mere decide to undergo the Fist Judgment to cleanse themselves of their sins while in the Rin Jū Hall, Jyan tries to talk the both of them out of it in vain, learning later that Rio and Mere intended to die. In memory of Rio's final act, Jyan wears the Kenmas' Bracelet and vows to destroy Long once and for all.

During the final battle, after being infused with Maku's Rinki, Jyan is taken to an astral Rin Jū Hall along with Ran and Retu, where they are met by Rio and Mere. It is there that Jyan masters the Rin Jū Bear-Ken (臨獣ベアー拳, Rinjū Beāken) style, unifying both Geki Jū and Rin Jū Styles. With his and the others' newfound skills, he goes on to defeat Long, sealing him in a small ball, which Jyan keeps on his person to ensure that Long's power never falls into the wrong hands. He then leaves SCRTC to travel the world to find the next generation of Juken fighters, saying his final farewells to his comrades. While teaching the Beast Fist to kids in Hong Kong, he runs into a boy who looks similar to Rio and decides to take him under his wing. Returning to Japan, Jyan is ambushed by Nuchaku Banki before he, Ran, and Retu are trapped in the subspace before the Go-ongers come to their aid. After his new friends lost their Engines, and being tricked into giving away the sealed Long, Jyan helps Sōsuke train until he found his own Firece Ki before Long's is able to partially manifest. But with the revived Rio's aid, Long is defeated as Jyan reaffirms their vow on the day Rio died to get stronger before the next time they meet.

After transforming into Geki Red, Jyan says, "In my body flows infinite power. 'Unbreakable Body,' Geki Red!" (身体にみなぎる無限の力 「アンブレイカブル・ボディ」 ゲキレッド!, Karada ni minagiru mugen no chikara. "Anbureikaburu Bodi," Geki Reddo!). After transforming into Super Geki Red, Jyan says, "'Extremely Unbreakable Body,' Super Geki Red!" (「カゲキにアンブレイカブル・ボディ」 スーパーゲキレッド!, "Kageki ni Anbureikaburu Bodi," Sūpā Geki Reddo!).

Jyan is portrayed by Hiroki Suzuki (鈴木 裕樹, Suzuki Hiroki). As a child, he is portrayed by Arashi Fukasawa (深澤 嵐, Fukasawa Arashi).

Ran Uzaki[edit]

Ran Uzaki/Geki Yellow (宇崎 ラン/ゲキイエロー, Uzaki Ran/Geki Ierō) is an employee of SCRTC and a Geki Jū Cheetah-Ken (激獣チーター拳, Geki Jū Chītāken) artist, using a combination of Wing Chun speed and accuracy in her attacks. She is appointed by Xia Fu as the Captain of the Gekirangers. Ran comes from a high-class family that owns a gym, recruited by Xia Fu with her mother Reiko allowing Ran to join SCRTC until Ran was of age to undergo a marriage interview to ensure her future. At first, Ran wants to resign from learning the Beast Arts because she does not think she is good enough but Xia Fu tells her to think her actions through. She relies more in will than technique when fighting. Upright and cleanhanded, Ran will do things always the right way, being a fighter that gives "Heart" (, Shin, also pronounced as Kokoro) the highest place. She excels in speed, but her reluctance to care for the small details make her "Technique" very poor. From learning Master Elehung Kam-Bo's Geki Jū Elephant-Ken (激獣エレファント拳, Geki Jū Erefantoken) meteor hammer techniques, Ran became more loose and happy in the process.

Ran competes with Michelle Peng in a skateboarding competition (tying at 100 points each) to improve her "Technique" to obtain Kageki. This training allows her to become Super Geki Yellow (スーパーゲキイエロー, Sūpā Geki Ierō). As Super Geki Yellow she uses the Geki Jū Penguin-Ken (激獣ペンギン拳, Geki Jū Penginken) style and is the "Extremely Honest Heart" (「過激にオネスト・ハート」, Kageki ni Onesuto Hāto). Soon after, Ran is titled as team captain of the Gekirangers.

During the final battle, Ran is infused with Kata's Rinki, and is then brought to an astral Rin Jū Hall to master the Rin Jū Hawk-Ken (臨獣ホーク拳, Rinjū Hōkuken) style to seal Long. Three months after Long's defeat, she is seen alongside Retu teaching Juken to young kids at SCRTC.

After transforming into Geki Yellow, Ran says, "Diligence day by day, refining my heart. 'Honest Heart,' Geki Yellow!" (日々是精進、心を磨く 「オネスト・ハート」 ゲキイエロー!, Hibi kore shōjin, kokoro o migaku. "Onesuto Hāto," Geki Ierō!). After transforming into Super Geki Yellow, Ran says, "'Extremely Honest Heart,' Super Geki Yellow!" (「カゲキにオネスト・ハート」 スーパーゲキイエロー!, "Kageki ni Onesuto Hāto," Sūpā Geki Ierō!).

Ran is portrayed by Mina Fukui (福井 未菜, Fukui Mina).

Retsu Fukami[edit]

Retsu Fukami/Geki Blue (深見 レツ/ゲキブルー, Fukami Retsu/Geki Burū) is an employee of SCRTC and a Geki Jū Jaguar-Ken (激獣ジャガー拳, Geki Jū Jagāken) practitioner, using Piguaquan techniques. He was a child when his older brother Gou was believed to have been killed by Rio. This event traumatized Retsu severely, to the point where years later he still possessed an utter hatred for Rio. He originally had a promising career in painting, but took a break to learn the same fighting style as his older brother in order to find the same motivation that it gave Gou, rather than out of revenge. Retsu is very intelligent but also selfish, does not take interest in others, and gives an impression of extreme coldness, although this changes as the series progresses. He believes that winning should be like a painting, complete and something that moves you. He sometimes mixes English when speaking. He learns of moving sensation of a trance when he masters Bat Li's Geki Jū Bat-Ken (激獣バット拳, Geki Jū Battoken) style. He knows various "Techniques" (, Gi, also pronounced as Waza), putting them in first priority when training. His attention to beauty costs him stamina, making his "Body" his weakest point until he competes with Bion Biao in an endurance match (and emerges victorious) to obtain Kageki. This training allows him to become Super Geki Blue (スーパーゲキブルー, Sūpā Geki Burū). As Super Geki Blue, he uses the Geki Jū Gazelle-Ken (激獣ガゼル拳, Geki Jū Gazeruken) style and is the "Extremely Fantastic Technique" (「過激にファンタスティック・テクニック」, Kageki ni Fantasutikku Tekunikku).

During the final battle, Retsu is infused with Rageku's Rinki, and is then brought to an astral Rin Jū Hall to master the Rin Jū Jelly-Ken (臨獣ジェリー拳, Rinjū Jerīken), style to seal Long. Three months after Long's defeat, he is seen alongside Ran teaching the Beast Fist to young kids at SCRTC.

After transforming into Geki Blue, Retsu says, "The great blossom colored with technique. 'Fantastic Technique,' Geki Blue!" (技が彩る大輪の花 「ファンタスティック・テクニック」 ゲキブルー!, Waza ga irodoru tairin no hana. "Fantasutikku Tekunikku," Geki Burū!). After transforming into Super Geki Blue, Retsu says, "'Extremely Fantastic Technique,' Super Geki Blue!" (「カゲキにファンタスティック・テクニック」 スーパーゲキブルー!, "Kageki ni Fantasutikku Tekunikku," Sūpā Geki Burū!).

Retsu is portrayed by Manpei Takagi (高木 万平, Takagi Manpei). As a child and a baby, he is portrayed by Nao Fujisaki (藤崎 直, Fujisaki Nao) and Sora Kitajima (北島 空, Kitajima Sora).

Gou Fukami[edit]

Gou Fukami/Geki Violet (深見 ゴウ/ゲキバイオレット, Fukami Gō/Geki Baioretto, 22-49) is the fourth member and a Geki Jū Wolf-Ken (激獣ウルフ拳, Geki Jū Urufuken) user, a student alongside Rio and Miki. He is Retu's older brother, and very protective of his well-being since their parents died and they spent their childhood at a church. It was there that Gou forced Retu to promise never to take on the Juken before leaving to face Rio and never be seen again. It was originally believed that Gou had been killed by Rio, but he used an imperfect form of the forbidden Geki Waza in an attempt to defeat Rio as the Kensei had done to seal the Kenma long ago. But it failed and Gou has been wandering for fifteen years in his resulting werewolf form that he could not control or have any recollection of what he was doing around that time.

Once regaining his human form, Gou was shocked to find the changes that occurred. He was also a bit vexed to find Retu disobeyed him and took up Geki Jūken. Though he is of the Geki Jūken, Gou lacks a passion for justice and fights only for himself. This resulted in Gou mastering a personal and dangerous form of Geki that he developed himself, called Shigeki (紫激気(しげき), "Violet Fierce Qi") as well as reinvent the Wolf-Ken into his personal Fukami-Style (深見流, Fukamiryū), a form of the actual Wolf-Ken that uses Muay Thai fighting moves. However, Xia Fu believed that Gou actually does have a passion for justice deep down, and gave him the GongChanger he commissioned specially for Gou to use. After much soul searching and cajoling by the others, he agrees to become Geki Violet and eventually overcome the beast within him thanks to Bae.[1][2] However, Gou still desires to defeat Rio and prove himself as his rival, holding some animosity towards Jyan, whom Rio sees as a rival, due to being the son of his mentor, Dan. But once he fails a second time to defeat Rio after mastering the strongest Geki Waza, Gou accepts that he can't be Rio's rival and glad to see him joining up with them in the fight again Long.

During the final battle, Gou is amongst the other Geki Jūken warriors, including the Kensei, keeping Long at bay until Jyan, Ran, and Retu return. He watches as Retu, along with Jyan and Ran, defeat Long and seals his powers. After the battle is over, Gou sets off on his own journey with Bae at his side to uncover what he did were as a werewolf. Jyan meets him along the way and gives him a final farewell before the two go their separate ways.

Using his Shigeki to a degree, Gou can summon Geki Tiger and Geki Jaguar and control Geki Tohja Wolf on his own.

After transforming into Geki Violet, Gou says "Excitement, my style, to the limit of my will! 'Iron Will,' Geki Violet!" (刺激、俺流、わが意を尽くす 「アイアン・ウィル」 ゲキバイオレット!, Shigeki, ore ryū, waga i o tsukusu. "Aian Wiru," Geki Baioretto!).

Gou is portrayed by Riki Miura (三浦 力, Miura Riki).

Ken Hisatsu[edit]

Ken Hisatsu/Geki Chopper (久津 ケン/ゲキチョッパー, Hisatsu Ken/Geki Choppā, 27-49) is the fifth member of the Gekiranger team, colored white with orange accents in a suit that resembles a karate uniform. He is a prodigy who trained at the Beast Origin Village and mastered one of the oldest fighting styles in the Beast Arts: the Geki Jū Rhinoceros-Ken (激獣ライノセラス拳, Geki Jū Rainoserasuken) as a way to get over the pain of losing his mother at a young age. Ken was originally to aid Ran and Retu, but he left to travel abroad since his Geki Changer was busted. Furthermore, he sold the SoZyuTo that Xia Fu gave him for travelling money. He is a free spirit as well, not letting his own talents and family ties to the Geki Jūken be all he's known for. Ken can utilize the Geki Hard Diamond (激気研鑽, Geki Kensan), a genius karate technique in which he condenses his Geki into a diamond blade on his hand with which can cut through anything. He eventually manifested Kageki on Christmas Eve out of his passion for the holidays. He frequently uses the word "Ossu" (押忍), which is a term in karate meaning "patience with myself and others." He also uses "kenzan," an archaic Japanese word that means "Just arrived" and is also a pun on his name, Ken. Using the SoZyuTo, he can summon and control SaiDain/SaiDaiOh. Hisatsu ken can also translate as "hidden technique," which Ken has.

During the final battle, Ken, alongside the other Geki Jūken users, including the Kensei, keep Long at bay until Jyan, Ran, and Retu return. He witnesses the three Gekirangers defeating Long and sealing his powers. After the battle is over, Ken returns to work at SCRTC Meisters. Jyan meets up with Ken to say farewell one last time before setting off on his own journey.

After transforming into Geki Chopper, Ken says, "Refined ability, the future cut open by one's self. 'Amazing Ability,' Geki Chopper" (才を磨いて、己の未来を切り開く 「アメイジング・アビリティ」 ゲキチョッパー!, Sai o migaite, onore no mirai o kirihiraku. "Ameijingu Abiritī," Geki Choppā!).

Ken is portrayed by Sotaro (聡太郎, Sōtarō, Sotaro Yasuda).


Miki Masaki[edit]

Miki Masaki (真咲 美希, Masaki Miki) is a high executive of SCRTC and head of the special development department and is responsible for designing most of the Gekiranger's weapons. She is an assistant to Xia Fu and also a student of Geki Jūken Beast Arts, mastering the Geki Jū Leopard-Ken (激獣レオパード拳, Geki Jū Reopādoken) style. She dislikes Elehung, even though he is attracted to her. Before training in Geki Jūken, Miki was an infamous sukeban in her youth, former leader of the Kanto Sukeban Alliance. She also knows and meets SGS' Morio Makino and Hant Jō from the Dino House she usually eats at.

Miki is portrayed by Kazue Itoh (伊藤 かずえ, Itō Kazue).

The Seven Kensei[edit]

The Seven Kensei (七拳聖, Shichi Kensei, "Kensei" literally translates as "Fist Sage") are the legendary creators of the Geki Jūken style, originally under the wing of Brusa Ee. When their three fellow students split off and founded the Rin Jūken as Three Kenma, Brusa Ee died of foul play and the two groups battled each other in the Geki-Rin Rebellion, with the Kensei ending the horrific fight with a forbidden Geki Waza that sealed the Kenmas' bodies and forced the seven into their current animal forms along with them swearing a Juken Oath of Nonviolence soon after, fighting only in defense. Among them are the creators of the three Geki Jūken weapon art styles that utilize one's heart and the meteor hammer, one's technique and the war fan, and one's body with sabers. Three others make up the Master Triangle (マスタートライアングル, Masutā Toraianguru), three Kensei who had each fully mastered one of the three major aspects of the Geki Jūken Beast Arts: Heart, Technique, and Body. The seventh Kensei, Xia Fu mastered all three aspects of the Beast Arts and thus is the strongest of the Kensei. While it was Xia Fu who took the Gekirangers under his wing, the others have taught his students the weaponry techniques of their styles and the path to obtain Kageki. While the others refer to each of them as "Master", the Kensei are referred to by Jyan as the animal they resemble. Once every year, the Kensei would gather to have their annual Kensei Great Athletic Meet (拳聖大運動会, Kensei Daiundōkai), where their hone their skills while maintaining fair sportsmanship.

After the first Geki-Rin Rebellion, the Kensei created the Sevenfold Barrier of Seven Sages (七重七聖の関, Nanae Nanasei no Seki) that prevents those of the Rin Jūken school to enter the sacred grounds of Jūgenkyō. However, the barrier can be torn down by the SoZyuTo which fell into Rio's hands. The Kensei attempted to stop him, but it ended up with them facing the Kenma once more. However, as Jūgenkyō burns to the ground, The Kenma use their Dōkokugan Ringi to seal all seven Kensei into a boulder with Maku taking their power as his own. Once Maku and the other Kenma are finally destroyed, their Ringi faded and the Kensei returned to normal. Each of the Kensei, save Xia Fu, have been named after a prominent figure in martial arts movies, with their group name a pun on "sensei".

Master Xia Fu[edit]

Master Xia Fu (マスター・シャーフー, Masutā Shā Fū) is a grand master of the Geki Jū Felis-Ken (激獣フェリス拳, Geki Jū Ferisuken) style. He is the mentor of the Gekirangers and leader of the Kensei, mastering all three of its aspects and able to channel Geki. He seemed to have had a relationship with Rageku prior their transformations, with him spurring her love for him. He was originally a friend of Maku; however, Xia Fu turned down Brusa's offer to be his successor and suggested Maku. This act of kindness wounded Maku's pride and ended their friendship, which Xia Fu regretted ever since. Xia Fu appears to be an aged anthropomorphic caracal with his eyes normally closed, opening them when he gets serious and deep like sensing the Qi like those of the Akugata. He loves to be scratched on the neck, referred to by Jyan as "Cat" (, Neko), and always carries around a triangle with him. His motto is "There is training in one's livelihood" (暮らしの中に修行あり, Kurashi no naka ni shugyō ari), as his training has the Gekirangers learning from the various things life has to offer. While helping Jyan, Xia Fu found one of Long's scale in the ruins of Jyan's hometown, learning the truth behind Maku's betrayal among the revelations of Rio and Jyan's past encounters with Long.

When he fights Rio and Mere, he says, "There is training in one's livelihood. The Geki Jūken well achieved on a daily basis. Felis-Ken, Xia Fu!" (暮らしの中に修行あり。激獣拳とは日々よく生きることと見つけたり。フェリス拳 シャーフー!, Kurashi no naka ni shugyō ari. Geki Jūken to wa hibi yoku ikiru koto to mitsuketari. Ferisuken, Shā Fū!).

Xia Fu is voiced by Ichirō Nagai (永井 一郎, Nagai Ichirō).

Elehung Kam Po[edit]

Elehung Kam Po (エレハン・キンポー, Erehan Kinpō) is legendary Kensei who is plant manager of SCRTC Meisters and a grand master of the Geki Jū Elephant-Ken (激獣エレファント拳, Geki Jū Erefantoken) style that relies on a meteor hammer with playful antics. He is an anthropomorphic elephant and is somewhat perverted around women, earning him the nickname "Erohung" by Bae yet is very fearful of sukeban. Elehung was living on Shibe Mountain where he tested the Gekirangers in the guise of a mononoke, taking the package the Gekirangers were given to deliver to him, which they, with a great deal of difficulty, manage to take back from him. Elehung, due to his perverted nature, chooses Ran as his student of Elephant-Ken so she can master the Geki Hammer, though he gives her a hard time due to his teaching methods. Elehung also possessed a 20 billion yen gem called the Raspberry Diamond. His motto is "There is training while having fun" (遊びの中に修行あり, Asobi no naka ni shugyō ari). His name is based on Sammo Hung Kam Po (サモ・ハン・キンポー, Samo Han Kinpō).

When he fights Rio and Mere, he says, "There is training while having fun. The worldly-loving Elephant-Ken, Elehung Kam Po!" (遊びの中に修行あり。世界が恋するエレファント拳 エレハン・キンポー!, Asobi no naka ni shugyō ari. Sekai ga koi suru Erefantoken, Erehan Kinpō!).

Elehung is voiced by Yū Mizushima (水島 裕, Mizushima Yū).

Bat Li[edit]

Bat Li (バット・リー, Batto Rī) is a legendary Kensei who is a grand master of the Geki Jū Bat-Ken (激獣バット拳, Geki Jū Battoken) style that while appears to focus on graceful and elegant techniques combined with artistic beauty, actually relies on being in a trance of sorts. He appears as an anthropomorphic bat in Barong attire. Stubborn and eccentric, he considers hanging upside down as a great way to relieve stress. Though he refuses at first, Bat Li eventually decides to train Retu after witnessing his abilities first hand. It is later revealed that long ago he saved a young girl named Hanyon, whom he promised to be with forever. However, he left to master his Geki Jūken style with intent on keeping Hanyon from harm due to his presence. It is only by modern time that he revealed his reason to the elderly Hanyon so Ken can get the SoZyuTo back from her. His motto is "There is training while under a trance" (忘我の中に修行あり, Bōga no naka ni shugyō ari). His name is based on Jet Li (ジェット・リー, Jetto Rī).

When he fights Rio and Mere, he says, "There is training while in a trance. The performance mastering Bat-Ken, Bat Li!" (忘我の中に修行あり。美技を極めるバット拳 バット・リー!, Bōga no naka ni shugyō ari. Bigi o kiwameru Battoken, Batto Rī!).

Li is voiced by Shūichi Ikeda (池田 秀一, Ikeda Shūichi).

Sharkie Chan[edit]

Sharkie Chan (シャッキー・チェン, Shakkī Chen) is a legendary Kensei who is a grand master of the Geki Jū Shark-Ken (激獣シャーク拳, Geki Jū Shākuken) style that relies on a hard body and uses twin swords. He appears as an anthropomorphic Great White and tends to cry when emotional. Sharkie's catchphrase is "Sharkin" (シャッキン, Shakkin). Sharkie Chan lives on the isolated Aozame Island, becoming its first sumo champ, until the Gekirangers arrive with Sharkie amazed by Jyan's skills in the "canoe race" test he set up (which Jyan wins). Jyan soon becomes Sharkie's first pupil, with the two instantly getting along as Jyan calls his teacher "Shark" (, Same). However Dokariya's interference and Geki Shark's sudden attack leaves Sharkie to feel unfit to train others, furthered by Bat Li and Elehung's criticisms, forcing him to renounce Jyan as his student. However, after being framed by Dokariya of attempting to kill Xia Fu, Sharkie's spirits are lifted by Jyan defending Sharkie's honor as a Jūken Master and Xia Fu approving him as a true mentor. Sharkie is originally the holder of the Ikigimo until he lost it when a tsunami hit his island home and the item itself came into the possession of a young celebrity named Alice. His name is based on Jackie Chan (ジャッキー・チェン, Jakkī Chen).

When he fights Rio and Mere, he says, "There is Sharkin! while training. The doing your best Shark-Ken, Sharkie Chan!" (シャッキーン!の中に修行あり。とにかく頑張るシャーク拳 シャッキー・チェン!, Shakkīn! no naka ni shugyō ari. Tonikaku ganbaru Shākuken, Shakkī Chen!).

Sharkie is voiced by Hiroya Ishimaru (石丸 博也, Ishimaru Hiroya).

Gorie Yen[edit]

Gorie Yen (ゴリー・イェン, Gorī Yen) represents the Raging Heart (レイジング・ハート, Reijingu Hāto) of the Master Triangle, as well as being a grand master of the Geki Jū Gorilla-Ken (激獣ゴリラ拳, Geki Jū Goriraken) style which uses powerful punches and climbing skills. As such, he is an anthropomorphic gorilla with a taciturn/collected personality and love for bananas who was originally writing a novel called "The Raging Heart" in New York City until he was summoned to train the Gekirangers so they can save Xia Fu from Rio. Gorie is nicknamed the Wild Wiseman (荒ぶる賢人, Araburu Kenjin), due to his knowledge of the Dark Forest Path and running the Juken Consultation Office deep within the woods. He is also referred by Jyan as "Gorilla" (ゴリラ, Gorira), whom Gorie taught the meaning behind "Heart" in a coin-stacking match, only to win when he questions Jyan's reasons to get stronger, scolding him for his incorrect answer. He later is brutally attacked by Rio and forced to reveal the existence of Jūgenkyō. By the time his book gets published, Gorie plays a part in unlocking Jyan's lost memories. During the events of Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, it is revealed that Gorie had taught Jūken to Hiroto and Miu Suto. Gorie's name is based on Donnie Yen (ドニー・イェン, Donī Yen).

When he fights Rio and Mere, he says, "The Wild Wiseman. 'Raging Heart,' Gorie Yen!" (荒ぶる賢人 「レイジング・ハート」 ゴリー・イェン!, Araburu Kenjin. "Reijingu Hāto," Gorī Yen!).

Gorie is voiced by Ryūzaburō Ōtomo (大友 龍三郎, Ōtomo Ryūzaburō).

Michelle Peng[edit]

Michelle Peng (ミシェル・ペング, Misheru Pengu) represents the Supreme Technique (シュープリーム・テクニック, Shūpurīmu Tekunikku) of the Master Triangle, as well as being a grand mistress of the Geki Jū Penguin-Ken (激獣ペンギン拳, Geki Jū Penginken) style that utilizes boardsport skills in battle. As such, she is an anthropomorphic penguin who is director of SCRTC's Sweden branch, receiving the summons to train the Gekirangers so they can save Xia Fu from Rio. Though very sweet and bubbly in personality, Michelle is nicknamed the Splendid Fighting Goddess (華麗なる戦いの女神, Kareinaru Tatakai no Megami) due to her scary temper. She decides to teach Ran to perfect her "Technique", and the subsequent skateboarding competition ends in a tie at 100 points a piece. Michelle is also one of the few women not to mind Elehung's advances most of the time and works as Gorie's assistant at the Juken Consultation Office, also entrusted with her mentor's strongest Geki Waza which she taught to Gou. Her name is based on Michelle Kheng (Yeoh) (ミシェール・キング, Mishēru Kingu).

When she fights Rio and Mere, she says, "The Splendid Fighting Goddess. 'Supreme Technique,' Michelle Peng!" (華麗なる戦いの女神 「シュープリーム・テクニック」 ミシェル・ペング!, Kareinaru Tatakai no Megami. "Shūpurīmu Tekunikku," Misheru Pengu!).

Michelle is voiced by Atsuko Tanaka (田中 敦子, Tanaka Atsuko).

Bion Biao[edit]

Bion Biao (ピョン・ピョウ, Pyon Pyō) represents the Undying Body (アンダイイング・ボディ, Andaiingu Bodī) of the Master Triangle, as well as being a grand master of the Geki Jū Gazelle-Ken (激獣ガゼル拳, Geki Jū Gazeruken) style which uses many kicking type attacks. As such, he is an anthropomorphic gazelle who monitored a national park in Kenya until he was summoned to train the Gekirangers so they can save Xia Fu from Rio. He decides to teach Retu to hone his "Body" and is upset by him in the resulting endurance match. Biao is nicknamed the Savanna Shortstop (サバンナの遊撃手, Sabanna no Yūgekishu) and his name is based on Yuen Biao (ユン・ピョウ, Yun Pyō).

When he fights Rio and Mere, he says, "The Savanna Shortstop. 'Undying Body,' Bion Biao!" (サバンナの遊撃手 「アンダイイング・ボディ」 ピョン・ピョウ!, Sabanna no Yūgekishu. "Andaiingu Bodī," Pyon Pyō!).

Bion is voiced by Takeshi Kusao (草尾 毅, Kusao Takeshi).

Natsume Masaki[edit]

Natsume Masaki (真咲 なつめ, Masaki Natsume) is Miki's daughter, attending elementary school with her friends Shinichi and Seiji. She has helped out the Gekiranger team by practicing dancing along with them and teaching Jyan how to be patient with "Koto-Koto". She has also helped out Gou on his path to becoming a Gekiranger by showing him that even though he could have fled to save himself, he decided to protect her from Mere. She decides to learn the Beast Fist in the finale, becoming one of Retu's students. Jyan refers to her as Miki's child, a nickname she dislikes; when Gou referred to her as such she replied, "Don't call me by Jyan's weird nickname". Her favorite dessert is egg tart and she hates it when someone eats hers. In the movie Engine Sentai Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, she has somewhat mastered Geki jū Python-Ken.

Natsume is portrayed by Sakina Kuwae (桑江 咲菜, Kuwae Sakina).

Robo Tough[edit]

Robo Tough (ロボタフ, Robotafu) is a Juken Trainer Droid. It is a robot that assists the Gekirangers in their Juken Training. It was programmed with three level settings: Beginner, Expert, and the rarely used Cat Mode (in which, just as it sounds, it acts like a cat). By the finale, RoboTough was accidentally damaged by Mere.

Kentaro Hisatsu[edit]

Kentaro Hisatsu (久津 権太郎, Hisatsu Kentarō) is Ken's father and head of SCRTC's Special Items Development, also known as "SCRTC Meisters" (スクラッチ・マイスターズ, Sukuratchi Maisutāzu) which poses a backstreet-factory run by the Hisatsu Family.

Kentaro is portrayed by Taro Ishida (石田 太郎, Ishida Tarō).

Sachiko Hisatsu[edit]

Sachiko Hisatsu (久津 幸子, Hisatsu Sachiko) is Ken's younger sister. She is kidnapped by Mere on her birthday as a bargaining chip to obtain the SoZyuTo from Ken. Long poses as Sachiko to inform Ken of the kidnapping. Although she is Ken's younger sister, she will not hesitate to keep her brother in line when he starts arguing with somebody.

Sachiko is portrayed by Juri Ihata (井端 珠里, Ihata Juri).


Dan (ダン, Dan) is a user of the Geki Jū Tiger-Ken (激獣タイガー拳, Geki Jū Taigāken) style who was a star pupil under Xia Fu and a senior master of Rio, Gou, and Miki. Also referred as Byakko (ビャッコ, Byakko), Dan was able to access Geki with little effort, manifested as a "White Tiger" (白い虎, Shiroi Tora). Despite being the senior, Rio saw Dan as a rival and tried hard to surpass him. Although Dan tried to defeat Rio when he defected, he was killed, but the cause of defeat was because he got injured previously by Long in a sneak attack in order to further make Rio's desire for power insatiable. However, in his dying words, Dan told a frustrated Rio that their battle could be fulfilled through the son he had with his wife Nami, Jyan. Though Dan's Geki Soul was used in the creation of Suugu, Dan is unable to manifest until Jyan awakens his memory. After receiving a fatal wound meant for his son from Long, Dan/Suugu has Jyan land the deathblow, freeing Dan from his prison. Before leaving to the next life, he tells his son to walk his own path. Dan's alias is a reference to the Chinese mythological beast Byakko (白虎, Byakko, literally white tiger).

Dan is portrayed by Kenji Ohba (大葉 健二, Ōba Kenji).

Brusa Ee[edit]

Brusa Ee (ブルーサ・イー, Burūsa Ī) was the man who created the Juken style, a master of the Geki Jū Rhinoceros-Ken style who once battled Cosmic Kenpō Master Pachacamac in the 200-day battle, barely winning and gaining Pachacamac's respect in the form of two jewels that together could reveal the secret moves of Cosmic Kenpō. Later on, Brusa took under his wing ten students, who in time became the Kensei and the Kenma. While having the seven as his students, Brusa appreciate Xia Fu's abilities and hoped to someday pass his title as Juken master to him. However, Xia Fu turned down the offer and asked Brusa to name Maku as his heir. The fact that he picked Maku not on his skills but on another's behalf led to Brusa's murder at the hands of Maku and the other Kenmas, resulting in the Geki-Rin Rebellion that created the two opposing branches of the Juken style. Though dead, Brusa Ee's spirit, the Geki Soul, remained and later entered what Xia Fu later carved into SaiDain. His motto is "Don't think, feel it", which Xia Fu took to heart as well as Ken and Jyan. When SaiDain's Beast Power Bloom is activated it empowered the Gekirangers, Mere, and Rio showing that Brusa looks favorably on both forms of Juken. Brusa Ee's name is based on Bruce Lee (ブルース・リー, Burūsu Rī).

Brusa is voiced by Shoma Kai (甲斐 将馬, Kai Shōma).


  • Geki Changer (ゲキチェンジャー, Geki Chenjā): These are two-piece transformation devices worn over the forearms as gloved arm-guards. They were developed by SCRTC to maximize the wearer's Geki then harness that amplified Geki as a power source to catalyze the Gekiranger transformation. Aside from their primary function, Geki Changers have a store function which can store a number of tools, including weapons, inside a pocket dimension that can be accessed via the gloves' three buttons. The traditional routine for transformation among Gekiranger involves their trademark Wushu hand postures along with the proclamation of "Boil! Power of the beasts! Beast On!" (たぎれ!獣の力!ビースト・オン!, Tagire! Kemono no chikara! Bīsuto On!), though simply "Beast On!" suffices.
  • Geki Nunchaku (ゲキヌンチャク, Geki Nunchaku): Geki Red's signature nunchaku weapon; very effective at close-range. Jyan initially struggled to master them until Retu instructed him on how to handle them efficiently, albeit begrudgingly.
  • Geki Tonfa (ゲキトンファー, Geki Tonfā): The Gekiranger's standard-issue auxiliary weapon. A paired-set of high-tech tonfa accessed primarily by Geki Blue and Geki Yellow. These mechanized batons have two configuration modes: the standard "Geki Tonfa Baton" (ゲキトンファーバトン, Geki Tonfā Baton) dual-tonfa configuration, mainly used by Geki Blue, and the "Geki Tonfa Long Baton" (ゲキトンファーロングバトン, Geki Tonfā Rongu Baton) combined bo-staff configuration, mainly used by Geki Yellow. The Geki Tonfa have an internal electric battery, which generates electric currents down the weapon's shaft via centrifugal handling.
  • Geki Bazooka (ゲキバズーカ, Geki Bazūka): A cat-themed bazooka-type weapon, modeled after Xia Fu. At first it took up to two minutes before it can fire until the team trained to amass enough Geki to charge it in seconds. Originally, only three can use the Geki Bazooka. But eventually, they got strong to the point that one of them can use the Geki Bazooka and supply it with the adequate Geki .
  • Geki Hammer (ゲキハンマー, Geki Hanmā): An elephant-themed meteor hammer-type weapon that Ran acquires once she masters Master Elehung's Geki Jū Elephant-Ken (激獣エレファント拳, Geki Jū Erefantoken) style. The distance the Geki Hammer can reach is dependent upon the amount of Geki infused into it.
  • Geki Fan (ゲキファン, Geki Fan): A bat-themed war fan-type weapon awarded to Retu upon mastering the Geki Jū Bat-Ken (激獣バット拳, Geki Jū Battoken) form from Master Bat Li. An elegant combat tool with various offensive and defensive applications, either opened or closed, Retu can summon an additional fan for a Double Geki Fan style.
  • Geki Saber (ゲキセイバー, Geki Seibā): A pair of shark-themed Dao-type weapons awarded to Jyan after mastering Sharkie Chan's Geki Jū Shark-Ken (激獣シャーク拳, Geki Jū Shākuken) style. The Geki Saber has two modes: Twin Sword Mode (双剣モード, Sōken Mōdo) and Twin Sword Combination Mode (双剣合身モード, Sōken Gasshin Mōdo).
  • Super Geki Claw (スーパーゲキクロー, Sūpā Geki Kurō): A hand-held, high-tech claw weapon that is powered by Kageki. It's with this tool that the Gekiranger can access their Super Gekiranger forms. The pre-transformation routine involves slapping the side of the Super Geki Claw (to open the claws) along with the proclamation, "Super Beast On!" (スーパー・ビースト・オン!, Sūpā Bīsuto On!). When the Super Geki Claw is activated, the Gekirangers' suits become predominantly white with the animal markings replaced with vents that release their Kageki, enabling various feats of speed and aerial maneuverability.
  • GongChanger (ゴングチェンジャー, Jūken Henshin Buresu GonguChenjā): A wolf-themed transformation device developed by SCRTC for Gou as an alternative to the Geki Changer, which proved incompatible with his unique Shigeki. Following his proclamation, "Echo! Howl of the beasts! Beast On!" (響け!獣の叫び!ビースト・オン!, Hibike! Kemono no sakebi! Bīsuto On!), Gou transforms into Geki Violet, using the GongChanger's gong-inspired sub-theme as medium for his Geki Waza attacks.[3]
  • SaiBlade (サイブレード, SaiBurēdo): A transformation device used by Geki Chopper, stored in Ken's Geki Changers until Ken brings it out and uses proclamation "Sharpen! Blade of the beasts! Beast On!" (研ぎ澄ませ!獣の刃!ビースト・オン!, Togisumase! Kemono no yaiba! Bīsuto On!) to become Geki Chopper. The SaiBlade is a right-hand gaunlet with two modes: the hand-like SaiBlade Finger (サイブレードフィンガー, SaiBurēdo Fingā) that also acts as a gun-like weapon and the blade-like SaiBlade Cutter (サイブレードカッター, SaiBurēdo Kattā).[4]
  • Super SaiBlade (スーパーサイブレード, Sūpā SaiBurēdo): The combination of the SaiBlade and the Super Geki Claw. This weapon can be used by either Geki Chopper or Super Geki Red to execute a KaGeki /Geki Hard Diamond fused attack. Primarily uses Super Geki Red's Super Geki Claw, though on one occasion, Super Geki Blue used his Super Geki Claw when he wielded this weapon.
  • SoZyuTo (操獣刀, Sōjūtō, literally "Virtuous Beast Sword"): A legendary katana that can summon SaiDain, originally used by Brusa Ee and referred by his Kensei students as the ultimate weapon to end the battle with Rin Jū Fist. It's a treasure of the Jūken and it's said that Brusa Ee's power dwells within it, allowing the user to tear down the Sevenfold Barrier of Seven Sages and invoke SaiDain's power.

Geki Beasts[edit]

The animal-themed mecha of the Gekirangers are called the Geki Beasts (ゲキビースト, Geki Bīsuto). The personal Geki Beasts are aura projections of the Gekirangers' Geki, made physical through the "Twice-Twice Clone Fist" Geki Waza. But once one of them masters a certain fighting style, the Gekirangers could summon a Geki Beast modeled after their training with the "Come-Come Beast" Geki Waza. The Gekirangers can also use the Geki Waza: Juken Gattai (ゲキワザ 獣拳合体, Geki Waza Jūken Gattai) to combine their GekiBeasts into humanoid forms.

Geki Tohja[edit]

Jūken Giant Geki Tohja (獣拳巨人ゲキトージャ, Jūken Kyojin Geki Tōja)[Note 2] is the combination of the Gekirangers' primary GekiBeasts: Geki Red's Geki Tiger (ゲキタイガー, Geki Taigā), Geki Yellow's Geki Cheetah (ゲキチーター, Geki Chītā), and Geki Blue'sGeki Jaguar (ゲキジャガー, Geki Jagā). The primary attack of Geki Tohja are using the tails of the three Geki Beasts as a three section staff called Geki Setsukon (ゲキセツコン). Geki Tohja's finishing Geki Waza moves rely on its horizontal spinning.

  • Geki ElephanTohja (ゲキエレファントージャ, Geki Erefantōja), armed with a wrecking ball/flail-like weapon called the EleHammer (エレハンマー, Erehanmā).
  • Geki BatTohja (ゲキバットージャ, Geki Battōja), Geki Bat's wings become blades that can be uses for flight and slash-based attacks.
  • Geki SharkTohja (ゲキシャークトージャ, Geki Shākutōja), providing sleek armor and blade weapons and to perform in underwater environments with ease.
  • Geki Tohja Wolf (ゲキトージャウルフ, Geki Tōja Urufu): Gou can control the formation on his own or with Jyan and Retu, integrating his kicking style into the giant form.[5]
    • Geki BatTohja Wolf (ゲキバットージャウルフ, Geki Battōja Urufu)

Legendary GekiBeasts[edit]

The Legendary Geki Beasts (伝説のゲキビースト, Densetsu no Geki Bīsuto) are additional Geki Beasts, each unique to the Gekiranger as the result of their training. When the Juken Armament (獣拳武装, Jūken Busō) command is given, a Legendary Geki Beast becomes armor for Geki Tohja and Geki Fire.

  • Geki Elephant (ゲキエレファント, Geki Erefanto) is Geki Yellow's Legendary Geki Beast that she obtains from mastering the Elephant-Ken style. It can create an orb of Geki that it headbutts at an enemy.
  • Geki Bat (ゲキバット, Geki Batto) is Geki Blue's Legendary Geki Beast that he obtains from mastering the Bat-Ken Style.
  • Geki Shark (ゲキシャーク, Geki Shāku) is Geki Red's Legendary Geki Beast that he obtains from mastering the Shark-Ken Style.

Geki Fire[edit]

Herculean Giant Geki Fire (剛力巨人ゲキファイヤー, Gōriki Kyojin Geki Faiyā) is the form that the Super Gekirangers take from obtaining the "Kageki" power, the combination of the three Super Geki Beasts (スーパーゲキビースト, Sūpā Geki Bīsuto) Geki Gorilla (ゲキゴリラ, Geki Gorira), Geki Penguin (ゲキペンギン, Geki Pengin), and Geki Gazelle (ゲキガゼル, Geki Gazeru). Geki Fire's finishing Geki Waza moves rely on vertical spinning. Like Geki Tohja, Geki Fire can combine with the Legendary Geki Beasts.

  • Geki SharkFire (ゲキシャークファイヤー, Geki ShākuFaiyā)
  • Geki ElephantFire (ゲキエレファントファイヤー, Geki ErefantoFaiyā)
  • Geki BatFire (ゲキバットファイヤー, Geki BattōFaiyā)

Geki Wolf[edit]

Geki Wolf (ゲキウルフ, Geki Urufu) is Geki Violet's Geki Beast. Like the Legendary Geki Beasts, Geki Wolf can be used in the Geki Waza Juken Armament, replacing Geki Cheetah in the Geki Tohja formation or just combining with Geki Tiger and Geki Jaguar once to create Geki Tohja Wolf.


Jūken God SaiDain (獣拳神サイダイン, Jūkenshin SaiDain) is a giant rhinoceros construct created by Xia Fu using the SoZyuTo to carve into the large statue that holds the Geki Soul (激気魂, Geki Damashii) of Brusa Ee, thus having the ability of Beast Power Bloom (獣力開花, Jūriki Kaika), empowering any pure Jūken user in its presence with the exception of those who strayed from the true path like the Kensei and the Kenma. Formed differently from the other Geki Beasts as a medium rather than a manifestation of Geki, SaiDain was originally in a petrified state at the Beast Origin Village. However, the SoZyuTo can bring SaiDain to life through the ideal wielder of SouZyuTo. SaiDain can assume its true form, Jūken Giant God SaiDaiOh (獣拳巨神サイダイオー, Jūken Kyojin SaiDaiŌ)[Note 3], by saying the Jūken Giant God Advent (獣拳巨神降臨, Jūken Kyojin Kōrin) or Jūken Transformation (獣拳変形, Jūken Henkei) with the SoZyuTo. As SaiDaioh, it resembles a European knight. SaiDaiOh's head can be concealed in a faceplate to evoke its "Defense Mode" and it uses the Break Big Sword (砕大剣, Saidai Ken) from the horn and a shield formed from the rhinoceros' back.

  • SaiDain can combine with Geki Gorilla to form the centaurish SaiDaiGeki Fire (サイダイゲキファイヤー, SaiDaiGeki Faiyā), with Geki Wolf, Geki Gazelle and Geki Penguin riding on it. SaiDaiGeki Fire combines the energies of Kageki, Shigeki, and Geki Hard Diamond into its attacks.
  • Geki Tiger can also combine with SaiDain to form SaiDaiGeki Tohja (サイダイゲキトージャ, SaiDaiGeki Tōja), with Geki Cheetah, Geki Jaguar and Geki Wolf next to him.[6]

Geki Waza[edit]

The various martial arts techniques that utilize Geki are known as "Geki Waza" (ゲキワザ(激技), Geki Waza, literally "Fierce Techniques"). The Gekirangers use the various parts of their arsenal to channel the Geki into usable forms to perform Geki Waza.

These Geki Waza were described in promotional materials for the Geki Changer toy.

  • Geki Wave (激気振, Geki Shin): A standard Geki Waza.
  • Geki Strike (激気打, Geki Da): A common Geki Waza that uses physical moves.
  • Geki Bullet (激気弾, Geki Dan): A common Geki Waza that uses special moves.

Shared Geki Waza[edit]

  • Geki-Geki Cannon (激激砲, Geki Geki Hō): A team Geki Waza performed using the Geki Bazooka. Initially, it required two minutes to charge, but they soon overcame this limit. It requires all three Gekirangers to wield, transferring their collective Geki into the Geki Bazooka to fire. The first few times that the Gekirangers used it, Jyan would yell "Pork cube stew!" (豚の角煮, Buta no Kaku Ni), which is the name of the dish that Natsume was preparing for him when he learned how to be patient, but this irritated Ran and Retu, so he eventually stopped doing so. If there is insufficient Ki, the cat head will close back up automatically, as shown in a Jūken Academy demonstration.
    • Super Geki-Geki Cannon (スーパー激激砲, Sūpā Geki Geki Hō): This Geki Waza is identical to the Geki-Geki Cannon, but the Super Gekirangers wield the Geki Bazooka.
    • Special Geki-Geki Cannon (スペシャル激激砲, Supesharu Geki Geki Hō): This Geki Waza is identical to the Geki-Geki Cannon, but with Geki Violet and Geki Chopper replacing Geki Red and Geki Yellow when Geki Bazooka is in use.
    • Super-Super Special Geki Rin Cannon (超超スペシャル激臨砲, Chō Chō Supesharu Gekirin Hō): This Geki Waza is identical to the Geki-Geki Cannon, but with Geki Violet, Geki Chopper, Rio, and Mere adding their Ki in the mix.
  • Soul-Soul Bullet (魂魂弾, Kon Kon Dan): The three Gekirangers focus their Geki to over their entire bodies it enters a Geki Explosive State (激気爆発, Geki Bakuhatsu), charging at their opponents and exposing to them to their Ki at point-blank range.
  • Super Double Attack (スーパーダブル撃, Sūpā Daburu Geki): A Geki Waza where two Gekirangers attack simultaneously utilizing Kageki and the Super Geki Claws.
  • Super Triple Attack (スーパートリプル撃, Sūpā Toripuru Geki): A Geki Waza where three Gekirangers attack simultaneously utilizing Kageki and the Super Geki Claws.
  • Three Plan Slash (三算斬, San San Zan): A three-way attack with two Super Geki Claws and the SaiBlade.
  • Super Brother Attack (スーパーブラザー撃, Sūpā Burazā Geki): Super Geki Blue and Geki Violet's attack.
  • Kageki Adventure Heart Attack (過激気ボウケン根性撃, Kageki Bōken Konjō Geki): Super Geki Yellow, BoukenYellow, and BoukenPink's attack.
  • Red Zone Tiger Attack (レッドゾーンタイガー撃, Reddo Zōn Taigā Geki): Super Geki Red and BoukenRed's attack.
  • Geki Union (激気合一, Geki Gōitsu): A combination of the Super Fierce-Fierce Cannon and the Rigid-Rigid Fist, combining the energies of the two Geki Wazas into a powerful attack. The Geki Union is later augmented by Geki Chopper's Super Twist-Twist Bullet.
  • Five Combined art (五合業, Go Gō Gō): A Geki Waza where the five Gekirangers rush at an opponent while making Geki Yellow into a head and spouting each Ki.
  • Beast-Beast Full-Body Change (獣獣全身変, Jū Jū Zenshin Hen): A forbidden Geki Waza that transforms a user of the Geki Jūken into an anthropomorphic animal form relating to his/her fighting style, becoming much stronger. This Geki Waza was used long ago by the Kensei to defeat the Fist Demons, assuming their current forms as a result. Bae and Gou also used this move in their respective battles prior to the series. However, due to an imperfect aspect while performing the Geki Waza, the two each ended up in a flawed form, though only Gou has been able to regain his original human form.
  • Geki Infusion (激気注入, Geki Chūnyū): The user of this Geki Waza can temporarily transfer his or her Geki into a teammate so he/she can perform a much more powerful Geki Waza.
    • Kageki Infusion (過激気注入, Kageki Chūnyū): This Geki Waza is identical to the Geki Infusion, but with the Super Gekirangers performing it.
  • Sage-Sage Bind (聖聖縛, Sei Sei Baku): All seven Kensei tie up their opponent with cloth made of pure Geki, trapping them in place.
  • Air-Air Splitting Wave (空空裂波, Kū Kū Reppa): Geki Waza that makes the hole to a different dimension.
  • Ghost-Ghost Revival Fist (幽幽復活拳, Yū Yū Fukkatsu Ken): Secret Geki Waza of reviving a lost soul temporarily, the effect lasting until sunset.

Tiger-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

These Geki Waza focus on the "Body" of the user.

  • Gun-Gun Bullet (砲砲弾, Hō Hō Dan): Geki Red's Geki Waza that projects his Geki as Geki Tiger to fiercely attack the opponent with its strength.
  • Dust Cloth Wringing (雑巾絞り, Zōkin Shibori): "Cleaning-Power" style attack. Twisting Gyūya's horns like an actual dust cloth.
  • Tiger Dust Cloth Mopping (タイガー雑巾掛け, Taigā Zōkin Gake): "Cleaning-Power" style attack. Using the opponent as an actual dust cloth.
  • Whirl-Whirl Fist (グルグル拳, Guru Guru Ken): "Bathhouse" style attack. Uses a koinobori to spin the opponent around. Jyan invented this Geki Waza himself.
  • Super Tiger Strike (スーパータイガー撃, Sūpā Taigā Geki): A Geki Waza that utilizes Kageki and the Super Geki Claw.
  • Soul-Soul Palm (魂魂掌, Kon Kon Shō): After Geki Yellow and Geki Blue transfer Geki through Geki Infusion, Geki Red can throw a ball of Geki at the opponent.
  • Kageki Hard Diamond (過激気研鑽, Kageki Kensan): After SaiDain's Beast Power Blooming, Geki Red is able to use the Super SaiBlade on his own to form a powerful blade, which he used to cut down Maku.
  • Super Sharp-Sharp Kageki Slash (超鋭鋭過激気斬, Chō Ei Ei Kageki Zan): Geki Red shoots forward and delivers a powerful slash with the Super SaiBlade.

Cheetah-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

These Geki Waza focus on the "Heart" of the user.

  • Blink-Blink Bullet (瞬瞬弾, Shun Shun Dan): Geki Yellow's Geki Waza that project her Geki as Geki Cheetah to attack several opponents at high speed.
  • Pierce-Pierce Strike (貫貫打, Kan Kan Da): Another Geki Waza used by Geki Yellow.
  • Strike-Strike Bullet (打打弾, Da Da Dan): Geki Yellow's Geki Waza that allows her to punch her opponent in rapid succession.
  • Long Baton Extend-Extend Strike (ロングバトン伸伸打, Rongu Baton Shin Shin Da): Geki Yellow's Geki Waza that uses the extensibility of the Geki Tonfa Long Baton.
  • Mom-Mom Strike (母母打, Mō Mō Da): Geki Yellow's Geki Waza empowered by her mothering skills, landing several blows to the enemy's face. The attack results with the target's head exploding from the massive swelling caused by the attack.
  • Super Cheetah Strike (スーパーチーター撃, Sūpā Chītā Geki): A Geki Waza that utilizes Kageki and the Super Geki Claw.
  • Fierce-Extreme Judge-Strike (激烈断打, Gekiran Danda): Secret Geki Waza.

Jaguar-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

These Geki Waza focus on the "Technique" of the user. Two variations of this style are Jaguar Drunken-Ken (ジャガー酔拳, Jagā Suiken) and Jaguar Sleeping-Ken (ジャガー眠り拳, Jagā Nemuriken), which are influenced by the Zui Quan fighting style.

  • Spin-Spin Bullet (転転弾, Ten Ten Dan): Geki Blue's Geki Waza that projects his Geki as Geki Jaguar to somersault into opponents.
  • Dance-Dance Palm (舞舞掌, Mai Mai Shō): Geki Blue's Geki Waza that utilizes his Geki Tonfa abilities.
  • Dance-Dance Strike (舞舞打, Mai Mai Da): Geki Blue's Geki Waza that utilizes the Geki Tonfa.
  • Dance-Dance Jump (舞舞跳, Mai Mai Chō): Geki Blue's Geki Waza that allowed him to fight on a vertical surface against Moriya using high speed and amazing techniques. The beauty of this technique moved even Mere's cold heart.
  • Geki Tonfa Bloom-Bloom Bullet (ゲキトンファー華華弾, Geki Tonfā Hana Hana Dan): Geki Blue's personal Geki Waza that uses the Geki Tonfa in a spinning motion, creating a flower-like pattern in the afterimage.
  • Super Jaguar Strike (スーパージャガー撃, Sūpā Jagā Geki): A Geki Waza that utilizes Kageki and the Super Geki Claw.
    • Super Jaguar Strike Special (スーパージャガー撃スペシャル, Sūpā Jagā Geki Supesharu): Geki Waza with which the Super Jaguar Attack developed.
  • Fantastic Kageki Slash (ファンタスティック過激気斬, Fantasutikku Kageki Zan): While Jyan leaves the team, Geki Blue uses the Super SaiBlade, performing his own Kageki Hard Diamond attack.
  • Fierce-Extreme Judge-Palm (激烈断掌, Gekiretsu Danshō): Secret Geki Waza.

Wolf-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

These Geki Waza are enhanced by Gou's personal Muay Thai moves, titled his "Fukami-style", due to his Shigeki.

  • Savage-Savage Elbow (蛮蛮肘, Ban Ban Chū): Geki Violet's Geki Waza that elbows the opponent's forehead.
    • Super Savage-Savage Elbow (超蛮蛮肘, Chō Ban Ban Chū): Geki Violet elbows the opponent's forehead from a jump.
  • Wolf-Wolf Kick (狼狼蹴, Rō Rō Shū): Geki Violet's Geki Waza that kicks opponent upside the head.
  • Hard-Hard Attack (剛剛撃, Gō Gō Geki): Geki Violet makes a ring-like battlefield using the GongChanger, and attacks opponents.
  • Rigid-Rigid Fist (厳厳拳, Gon Gon Ken): Geki Violet channels Shigeki through the GongChanger and delivers a punch.
  • Rise-Rise Fist (昇昇拳, Shō Shō Ken): Geki Violet channels Shigeki through the GongChanger and delivers an uppercut.
  • Wheel-Wheel Fist (輪輪拳, Rin Rin Ken): Geki Violet performs a powerful uppercut charged with Shigeki.
  • Wolf-Wolf Bullet (狼狼弾, Rō Rō Dan): Geki Wolf jumps at the enemy in a spinning attack, slashing with its bladed tail.
  • Heaven and Earth Disaster Strike (天地転変打, Tenchi Tenben Da): The most powerful Geki Waza, mastered by Brusa Ee, it's very power defies the laws of nature. Through Michelle Peng, Gou mastered the Geki Waza with intent to use on Rio in vain.

Rhinoceros-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

An ancient Geki Waza of Brusa Ee that Ken mastered with his Geki Hard Diamond (であり、, Geki Kensan) technique.

  • Sharp-Sharp Blade (鋭鋭刀, Ei Ei Tō): Used with SaiBlade Cutter Mode, a powerful slash of the SaiBlade
    • Beast Origin Style Sharp-Sharp Blade (獣源流鋭鋭刀, Jūgenryū Ei Ei Tō): A stronger version of the attack.
    • Sharp-Sharp Kageki Slash (鋭鋭過激気斬, Ei Ei Kageki Zan): Using the power of muni-muni (teamwork), Super Geki Red and Geki Chopper combine the Super Geki Claw and SaiBlade into the Super SaiBlade. Super Geki Red then uses Kageki Infusion on Geki Chopper who is now able performs a powerful slash, creating the Kageki Hard Diamond (過激気研鑽, Kageki Kensan) power.
    • Sharp-Sharp Kageki Slash Christmas Special (鋭鋭過激気斬クリスマススペシャル, Ei Ei Kageki Zan Kurisumasu Supesharu):
  • Twist-Twist Bullet (捻捻弾, Nen Nen Dan): Geki Chopper uses the SaiBlade Finger mode to fire a rapid barrage.
    • Super Twist-Twist Bullet (超捻捻弾, Chō Nen Nen Dan): Geki Chopper fires a single powerful projectile from the SaiBlade Finger.
    • Twist-Twist Bullet: Inner-Unrest (捻捻弾・乱れ撃ち, Nen Nen Dan: Midareuchi): Geki Chopper uses the SaiBlade Finger mode to fire a multi-rapid barrage.
  • Many-Many Slash (千千斬, Sen Sen Zan): Geki Chopper uses his Geki Hard Diamond with the SaiBlade Cutter to perform multiple slashes on an opponent.

Leopard-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

  • Pierce-Pierce Palm (貫貫掌, Kan Kan Shō): Miki used this Geki Jū Leopard-Ken Geki Waza against the Rinsi in the first episode.

Elephant-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

These Geki Waza are performed through meteor hammer techniques.

  • Geki Hammer Bullet-Bullet Ball (ゲキハンマー弾弾丸, Geki Hanmā Dan Dan Gan): A Geki Waza that uses the Geki Hammer to hit the enemy hard from a long distance.
  • Geki Hammer Meteor Bullet (ゲキハンマー流星弾, Geki Hanmā Ryūsei Dan): A Geki Waza that uses the Geki Hammer.

Bat-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

These Geki Waza are performed through war fan techniques.

  • Geki Fan Rise-Rise Bullet (ゲキファン昇昇弾, Geki Fan Shō Shō Dan): A Geki Waza that uses the Geki Fan.
  • Geki Fan Rise-Rise Dance (ゲキファン昇昇舞, Geki Fan Shō Shō Mai): Uses the Double Geki Fan to perform a graceful movement in midair.
  • Geki Fan Air-Air Slash (ゲキファン宙宙斬, Geki Fan Chū Chū Zan): Charges the Double Geki Fan with Geki in midair to slash the opponents.
  • Seal-Seal Sense (封封念, Fū Fū Nen): Used by Bat Li to deflect a possessed Geki Shark.

Shark-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

These Geki Waza are performed through saber techniques.

  • Geki Saber Thin-Thin Slash (ゲキセイバー薄薄斬, Geki Seibā Haku Haku Zan): A Geki Waza that uses the flimsy nature of the Geki Sabers in their Twin Sword Mode to twist the opponent's head around.
  • Geki Saber Soar-Soar Slash (ゲキセイバー翔翔斬, Geki Seibā Shō Shō Zan): A Geki Waza that uses the Geki Sabers in their Twin Sword Mode.
  • Geki Saber Current Blade (ゲキセイバー水流刃, Geki Seibā Suiryū Ha): A Geki Waza that uses the Geki Sabers in Twin Sword Combined Mode to cover the battlefield in water.
  • Geki Saber Wave-Wave Slash (ゲキセイバー波波斬, Geki Seibā Nami Nami Zan): A Geki Waza that uses the Twin Sword Combined Mode and Geki to slash the opponent with the force of a tsunami. As Super Geki Red, this can be utilized as Geki Saber Super Wave-Wave Slash (ゲキセイバースーパー波波斬, Geki Seibā Sūpā Nami Nami Zan).

Gorilla-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

These Geki Waza focus on the "Heart" of the user, mostly with punches and are mainly performed through Geki Gorilla.

  • Gori-Gori Strike (ゴリゴリ打, Gori Gori Da): Geki Gorilla uses his brute strength and rotates his arms around to strike the opponent with its fists.
  • Gori-Gori Wave (ゴリゴリ波, Gori Gori Ha): Geki Gorilla pounds his chest and sends out shockwaves that form a pipe that Geki Penguin can ride on.
  • Sleep-Sleep Fist (眠眠拳, Min Min Ken): Gorie's Geki Waza that allows him to put people to sleep with a finger poke to the forehead, leaving the target in a hypnotic trance.

Penguin-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

These Geki Waza focus on the "Technique" of the user and are mainly performed through emulating boardsports and through Geki Penguin.

  • Penguin Bullet (ペンギン弾, Pengin Dan): Geki Penguin uses her Jetboard to fly directly at the opponent, assisted by both the Gazelle Kick and Gorilla Wave Geki Wazas.

Gazelle-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

These Geki Waza focus on the "Body" of the user and are mainly performed through Geki Gazelle.

  • Hoof-Hoof Leg (蹄蹄脚, Tei Tei Kyaku): Bion Biao used this kick in his competition with Retu. It uses lower body strength to send the opponent skyward with a kick.
  • Gazelle Leg (ガゼル脚, Gazeru Kyaku): Geki Gazelle rears up and kicks Geki Penguin to allow for the Penguin Bullet Geki Waza.

Fly-Ken Geki Waza[edit]

These Geki Waza are used by Bae and employ channeling Geki into his speaking and voice.

  • Speak-Speak Soul (言言霊, Koto Koto Dama): Bae uses his voice to force the target to perform a spiritual battle. Those who can also control Geki can see the projection of what the user sees.

Geki Beast Geki Waza[edit]

  • Double-Double Clone Fist (倍倍分身拳, Bai Bai Bunshin Ken): This Geki Waza allows its user, if he/she possess perfect Heart, Technique, and Body (心技体, Shin-Gi-Tai), to project his or her Geki in a gigantic form. In the Gekirangers' case, they use their collective attributes to evoke the Geki Waza, used as another Geki Waza Juken Gattai (獣拳合体, Jūken Gattai) to form Geki Tohja.
  • Come-Come Beast (来来獣, Rai Rai Jū): Another team Geki Waza that summons the Legendary Geki Beasts once Geki Tohja is formed, depending on which Gekiranger is the center of Gekiwhile performing the move. The Geki Waza can be performed while in Super form to summon the Super Geki Beasts, as well by Geki Violet to summon Geki Wolf and any other Geki Beast.
    • Great Brave-Brave Beasts (大豪豪獣, Dai Gō Gō Jū): A stronger version that allows the Super Gekirangers to summon all nine of their Geki Beasts at once.
  • Geki-Geki Beast Cannon (激激ビースト砲, Geki Geki Bīsuto Hō): The three Gekirangers' Geki Beasts, the Legendary Geki Beasts, and the Super Geki Beasts release powerful blasts of energy from their mouths at the opponent.
    • Geki-Geki All Beast Cannon (激激全ビースト砲, Geki Geki Zen Bīsuto Hō): All of the Geki Beasts, including SaiDain, release powerful blasts of energy from their mouths at the opponent.
Geki Tohja Geki Waza[edit]
  • Great Firm-Firm Fist (大頑頑拳, Dai Gan Gan Ken): Geki Tohja's upper body spins 360 degrees delivering numerous consecutive hits to the enemy.
  • Great Firm-Firm Leg (大頑頑脚, Dai Gan Gan Kyaku): Geki Tohja's lower body spins rapidly delivering a double corkscrew kick from above.
  • Great Spin-Spin Leg (大分分脚, Dai Bun Bun Kyaku): Geki Tohja's lower body spins around rapidly while one leg is extended as if it was figure skating.
  • Juken Armament Triangle Attack (獣拳武装トライアングル攻撃, Jūken Busō Toraianguru Kōgeki): Geki Tohja utilizes rapid changes among its Juken armaments and uses all three signature attacks in tandem.
Geki ElephanTohja
  • Great Firm-Firm Ball (大頑頑丸, Dai Gan Gan Gan): Geki ElephanTohja spins its upper body rapidly, striking the opponent with the EleHammer repeatedly. This Geki Waza, according to Bae, is said to be powerful enough to smash the Moon.
Geki BatTohja
  • Great Spin-Spin Fan (大分分扇, Dai Bun Bun Sen): Geki BatTohja spins its upper body rapidly, creating a whirlwind that immobilizes the oppoent before landing the death blow with two slashes from the war fan-like wings.
  • Fan-Fan Sever Slash (扇扇断斬, Sen Sen Dan Zan): Geki BatTohja slashes the opponent with its wing fans in mid-air.
Geki SharkTohja
  • Great Firm-Firm Slash (大頑頑斬, Dai Gan Gan Zan): Geki SharkTohja spins quickly while it glides towards the target, the spinning blades slashing through the enemy. Bae calls this a "Screw Attack" (スクリューアタック, Sukuryū Atakku).
Geki Tohja Wolf
  • Great Wolf-Wolf Leg (大狼狼脚, Dai Rō Rō Kyaku): Geki Tohja Wolf utilizes a kick attack, sending the boomerang blade on its foot at the enemy.
Geki BatTohja Wolf
  • Great Brother Legs (大兄弟脚, Dai Kyōdai Kyaku): A drill-spin kick attack with both legs.
Geki RinTohja
  • Geki-Geki Rin-Rin Slash (激激臨臨斬, Geki Geki Rin Rin Zan): Geki RinTohja uses a spin-slash attack with the Gekirin Sword (激臨剣, Geki Rin Ken).
  • Lion's Roar (獅子吼, Shishi Kō): A blast of Rinki from RinLion's mouth.
  • Tongue Spear Sudden Pierce (槍舌突針, Sō Zetsu Dosshin): An attack using RinChameleon's tongue.
Geki RinTohja Wolf
  • Gekirin Wolf-Wolf Slash (激臨狼狼斬, Gekirin Rō Rō Zan): Geki RinTohja Wolf uses Great Wolf-Wolf Leg (大狼狼脚, Dai Rō Rō Kyaku) and Fierce-Fierce Rin-Rin Slash (激激臨臨斬, Geki Geki Rin Rin Zan) in tandem.
SaiDaiGeki RinTohja
  • SaiDai-Geki-Rin Slash (砕大激臨斬, Saidai Geki Rin Zan): SaiDain lifts up the enemy skywards with its horn. Geki Cheetah, Geki Jaguar, and Geki Wolf follow afterwards and attack the enemy, and on the way down, Geki RinTohja executes its spin-slash attack with the Fierce-Rin Sword.
SaiDaiGeki Tohja
  • SaiDai Firm-Firm Attack (砕大頑頑撃, Sai Dai Gan Gan Geki): SaiDaiGeki Tohja's components create a whirlwind to send the enemy skywards. Then Geki Jaguar, Geki Cheetah and Geki Wolf attack the enemy, and SaiDain finishes it with its horn.
Geki Fire Geki Waza[edit]
  • Firm-Firm Knuckle Dropping (頑頑ナックル落とし, Gan Gan Nakkuru Otoshi): Geki Fire rotates its arms vertically, slamming the opponent with its fists.
Geki SharkFire
  • Slash-Slash Saber Cutting (斬斬セイバー斬り, Zan Zan Seibā Giri): Geki SharkFire rotates its arms veritcally, slashing the opponent with the Geki Shark armaments.
Geki ElephantFire
  • Bullet-Bullet Hammer Leveling (弾弾ハンマー崩し, Dan Dan Hanmā Kuzushi): Geki ElephantFire spins the EleHammer in front of itself to gather momentum, and then strikes the opponent with the meteor hammer.
Geki BatFire
  • Spin-Spin Fan Fist (分分ファン拳, Bun Bun Fan Kobushi): Geki BatFire flies at the opponent, and punches repeatedly in midair.
SaiDaiGeki Fire
  • Fire SaiDai Assault (ファイヤー砕大突撃, Faiyā Sai Dai Totsugeki): Geki Wolf, Geki Penguin, and Geki Gazelle ram themselves at the opponents before the SaiDain lifts the opponent up with its horn for Geki Gorilla to slam the opponent with its hammer-punches.
SaiDaiOh Geki Waza[edit]
  • SaiDai Burst Connect (砕大爆連, Saidai Bakuren): SaiDaiOh sticks his sword in the ground, leaving a trail of explosions.
  • Big Ice Floe Mountain (大氷塊山, Dai Hyōkai Zan): SaiDaiOh spins his sword very fast, creating a freezing storm.
  • Great-Great SaiDai Slash (大大砕大斬, Dai Dai Sai Dai Giri): The Break Big Sword's blade extends at the enemy, creating a "Great" (, Dai) mark on the opponent.

Rin Jūken Akugata[edit]

Rin Jūken Akugata users, Black Lion Rio, Mere, the Rinsis, and the Rinrinsi

Rin Jūken Akugata (臨獣拳アクガタ, Rin Jūken Akugata, "Opposing Beast-Fist Akugata")[Note 4] is a fictional school of martial arts practiced by the antagonists in the Japanese Super Sentai series Juken Sentai Gekiranger. This martial arts school focuses on the principles of natural selection, that only those strong enough can survive the harsh and inhuman training. Rin Jūken practitioners use a form of Qi called Rinki (臨気(りんき), "Opposing Qi"), which is powered by the darkness in one's heart and is used to perform fighting techniques called Ringi. The ultimate form of Rinki is the Dorinki (怒臨気(どりんき), "Anger Opposing Qi"), which manifests through infinite rage and a desire to destroy everything.

Rin Jū Hall[edit]

Rio (Araki; center) and Mere (Hirata; left) kneel before Rageku (right)

The Rin Jū Hall (臨獣殿, Rin Jū Den) is the primary location of the practitioners of Rin Jūken Akugata, a dojo on the isolated Rin Jū Mountain. Once under Maku's control, it came under the lead of Rio as he employs many Rinsi and Rinrinsi as soldiers. It later became the base of the Gen Jūken until Rio and Mere left it, burning their base to the ground to shred everything of the Rin Jū Fist from existence.


Rio (理央) is the leader of the Rinjūken style, the youngest to lead the Akugata, and a Rinjū Lion-Ken (臨獣ライオン拳, Rin Jū Raionken) expert. Rio is able to assume the fighting form called Black Lion Rio (黒獅子リオ, Kurojishi Rio), donning black and gold armor made of his own Rinki. His fighting style focuses on raw power. Rio's only interest is in gaining strength, due to a time in his past when a monster murdered his family the night Xia Fu found him and took him under his wing, with Rio making it his sole purpose in life to become stronger so he wouldn't suffer such pain again. While assessing his strength, Rio saw his senior Dan to be an ideal opponent to test his abilities on in vain. Eventually dissatisfied with his progress in the Beast Arts, Rio turned to the Rinjūken Akugata as the means to become strong enough to surpass Dan. Gou, whom Rio came to consider his closest friend, attempted to stop him, only for their friendship to end that day. Surviving Gou's attack, Rio mastered the Akugata and later battled Dan, only to learn that Dan was mortally wounded prior and thus was denied a true win in their battle. But Dan's dying words gives Rio a sense to hope await the coming of his "destined" rival: Jyan.

Setting up base in the Rinjū Hall, Rio brought the Akugata's ancient warriors back from the dead, using the Rinrinsi to cause despair and sadness in humanity for power after receiving the Kenmas' Bracelet. To speed up his goal, Rio took the True Poison fang from Braco to revive the Kenma Kata and Rageku. In the process, Rio learned from Kata to acquire Rinki from his own fear and hatred, as well augment it with his jealousy for Dan while under Rageku's guidance. However, Rio is soon told by the two Kenma that the existence of Gekijūken artists, as well as remnants of its training in himself, represent the limit of his power. Rio then, through a Rin Command Ceremony (臨命式, Rinmeishiki), swearing absolute loyalty to the Rinjūken and the destruction of the Gekijūken school, purging himself of all traces of the Beast Arts.

Though he easily defeats the Gekirangers in battle, he spared them after witnessing Jyan manifesting Kageki, the very same power possessed by Dan. He soon took Xia Fu as a hostage in turn for allowing the Gekirangers incentive to achieve the Kageki power, as Xia Fu claims it would be a much more fulfilling victory. But it was holding Xia Fu hostage, that Rio's fear of his past still haunts in spite of becoming stronger. Rio, refusing to accept the truth, attempted to kill Retu and Ran until Jyan defeats him as Super Geki Red. With their fight leaving him wounded in both body and pride, Rio realized Jyan's relation to Dan and refuses to accept this "humiliating defeat". As a result, and being in a state of rage, he resurrects Maku to learn from him. However, Maku overthrew Rio with no intent to teach him how to master Dorinki, forcing Rio to serve him until his rage of his growth slowing down in power manifests into his own Dorinki. However, Rio's Dorinki was only a spark compared to Maku's, leading him to attack Gorie to learn of Jūgenkyō and the power it holds. But after learning he needs the SoZyuTo to enter it, Rio battled Maku upon returning until Mere stopped it and Rio is imprisoned. However, Mere soon frees Rio and presents him the SoZyuTo so he can make his way to Jūgenkyō. Though Maku attempted to punish him, Rio is defiant by saying that he doesn't care about the Kenma or their desires as long as they stay out of his way.

After the awakening of his potential due to SaiDain's Beast Power Blooming, Rio realizes that now he and the others exposed to it are all now stronger than even Maku himself. Confirming it after challenging Geki Red to test his theory that the Gekirangers' potential is also unleashed, Rio tells Geki Red to defeat Maku and end to the war between their mentors so that their own war may commence. Upon Maku's defeat, Rio resumes his place as sole leader of the Rinjū Hall as Long finally reveals himself and offers Rio greater power under Gen Jūken's guidance. At first, Rio didn't believe Long's words that he is destined to become the Genjū King. However, after facing Suugu and revealing his ties to Jyan, Rio undergoes the Blood-Oath Ceremony, gaining a new fighting form, Genjū King Rio (幻獣王リオ, Genjūō Rio), that gives him mastery over the Genjū Gryphon-Ken (幻獣グリフォン拳, Gen Jū Gurifonken) style. Through the stronger one, Rio spares Jyan and the Gekirangers so the former may train for their final confrontation. Though Rio was later defeated in that battle, it actually allowed him to fully awaken as the Destroyer, his mind corroded into a more animalistic mentally bent on killing everything. In this state he turned into a giant and not even SaiDaioh could stop him, but his feelings for Mere restore him as she tells him that Long used them. After fully learning the truth and that everything he lived for was a lie, a devastated Rio is forced to watch Long abduct Mere, the reason he was able to return to his normal self. But thanks to Jyan's words, Rio gains a new purpose in life and joins the Gekirangers in rescuing Mere and fighting Long as an act of his own will, renouncing his position as the Genjū King in the process.

After Long's defeat, Rio is invited to SCRTC along with Mere. However, only Ran and Retu are reluctant to have them live with them, and so Rio decides to undergo the Fist Judgment with full knowledge that it may kill him in the process. After burning down the Rinjū Hall to symbolize the end of the Rinjūken branch, Rio takes on Retu in the Fist Judgment, with the intention to sacrifice himself. However, Sanyo and a revived Long interrupt the proceedings as Long assumes his true form. After Mere's selfless sacrifice, Rio takes a small remnant of her Ki into himself and decides to eliminate Long, despite Jyan's protests. As a final act, he gives the Gekirangers the last remaining Rinki that was given to him by the Kenma as penance for his deeds, and sacrifices himself in order to stop Long's rampage, promising Jyan a rematch in the future. Upon arriving in the afterlife, he is met by Mere and the two walk off, hand in hand. During the finale, both Rio and Mere guide the three Gekirangers into the Rin Jū Hall and reveal the Kenma before them, showing the path to unifying the two Jūken schools. Rio is later revived during the events of Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, helping in defeating Long Banki before returning to the afterlife a condemned soul soon after as the price of his revival.

His name is a play on leo, the Latin word for "lion".

When entering battle, Rio usually says, "As purely fierce as a lion, as powerful as a lion. The one destined to rule the world, my name is the Black Lion Rio." (丈きこと、獅子のごとく。強きこと、また獅子のごとく。世界を制する者、我が名は黒獅子リオ, Takeki koto, shishi no gotoku. Tsuyoki koto, mata shishi no gotoku. Sekai o seisuru mono, waga na wa Kurojishi Rio). While as the Genjū King, his mofit being the Huanglong that above the Four Sacred Beasts of Chinese myth, Rio says: "Pure fierceness, pure power, Leaving the world, one without equal." (強きこと、猛きこと、世界において、無双の者, Tsuyoki koto, takeki koto, sekai ni oite musō no mono.) Upon teaming with the Gekirangers to fight Long, Rio rewords his speech, "As purely fierce as a lion, as powerful as a lion. The one who will obliterate the Evil Dragon, my name is the Black Lion Rio." (丈きこと、獅子のごとく。強きこと、また獅子のごとく。邪龍を葬る者、我が名は黒獅子リオ, Takeki koto, shishi no gotoku. Tsuyoki koto, mata shishi no gotoku. Jaryū o hōmuru mono, waga na wa Kurojishi Rio). In Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, Rio uses a shortened version, "As purely fierce as a lion, as powerful as a lion. My name is the Black Lion Rio." (丈きこと、獅子のごとく。強きこと、また獅子のごとく。我が名は黒獅子リオ, Takeki koto, shishi no gotoku. Tsuyoki koto, mata shishi no gotoku. Waga na wa Kurojishi Rio).

Rio is portrayed by Hirofumi Araki (荒木 宏文, Araki Hirofumi). As a child, he is portrayed by Shogo Ehara (江原 省吾, Ehara Shōgo).


Mele (メレ) is a user of the Rinjū Chameleon-Ken (臨獣カメレオン拳, Rinjū Kamereonken) style, which focuses on stealth and accurate attacks. She lived during the GekiRin Rebellion and died. However, ten years before the series, Rio revived her as a Rinrinsi due to having the same need for strength as he does, infusing with enough of his Rinki to be completely human-like. Since then, Mele fell deeply in love with Rio, though the feeling's not mutual, hence she fights only to prove her love to him even if it kills her.

She is cruel and malevolent, and finds satisfaction in intimidating the weak. Mele is the one who carries out the plans and has many other kyonshi Rio brought back at her command, making a few exceptions to perfect herself while arrogantly stating her opponents' fortune of facing her. She possesses a more powerful Beast-Man Form, armed with two sais and able to use her tongue as a weapon. Unfortunately for her, Rio labels this technique as "lacking in both efficiency and force." However, Mele proves her loyalty to Rio when Braco offered her a second chance at life, only to kill him after snapping the three remaining True Poison off him, saying "being by Rio" is life. After this, it seems that Rio might respect her somewhat, as he places her in charge during his absence to revive Kata. Mele eventually began to distrust Kata and his methods, especially when seeing Rio in a madden state of mind, deciding to revive the other Kenma to save Rio. But in an unexpected turn, Mele is recognized by Rageku as being stronger than Rio, eventually becoming a student under Rageku after proving herself by fighting Xia Fu. After Rio's defeat, Mele attempts to restrain him from getting himself killed, realizing that Xia Fu's words about Rio have some truth.

Though saddened to see Rio reduced to serving Maku, she is assured by Long that Rio would be back on top, having her follow Hihi to understand the meaning behind it. When Mere lost face with Rio when she suggested an easy road to gaining Dorinki, Mele is convinced by Long to take out Gou to win back Rio. However, it resulted with her being the first to face and be defeated by Geki Violet, a humiliation that she managed to survive. She is told to obtain the SoZyuTo so Rio can enter Jūgenkyō, with Long forcing her to get the weapon by breaking her personal taboo about dishonesty, gaining her own Dorinki as a result. Once she frees Rio, she accompanies him to Jūgenkyō, where her potential is unlocked due to SaiDain's Beast Power Blooming, despite being undead. She joins Rio in learning how to harness the power Genjūken offers, undergoing the Blood-Oath Ceremony which resulted in her being reborn as a Genshou with mastery over the Genjū Phoenix-Ken (幻獣フェニックス拳, Genjū Fenikkusuken) style, which focuses on fire-based attacks.

Eventually, growing suspicious of Long's motives conflicting with Rio's, Mele investigates him to uncover his true agenda. Once learning the truth from interrogating Sanyo, Mele manages to save Rio from Long's scheme and carry him away. Despite her valiant efforts to protect Rio, though, Long manages to knock Mele unconscious, and she is taken hostage to be tortured by Long himself. However, she is rescued by both the Gekirangers and a motivated Rio, who finally reciprocates her feelings towards him. Seeing Rio purging the Genki from his body, she renounces her position as a Genshou as an act of love before joining the Gekirangers in fighting Long to return the favor for saving her. After Long was supposedly defeated, Mele was invited to live at SCRTC along with Rio.

However, both Ran and Retu still had reservations about the two of them being there because of their actions. To rectify this, she decides to undergo the Fist Judgment to cleanse herself of her sins, knowing full well that her life may be sacrificed in the process. After reminiscing about the time she spent in Rinjū Hall before it was burned to the ground by Rio, she takes on Ran in the Fist Judgment, intending to end her life. However, Long's interference changed the scenario as she pushes the Gekirangers out of the way to receive a fatal injury from Long's jaws. After some parting words to Rio, she dies in his arms; her body turning to dust as her soul awaited him at the other side. During the finale, Mele, alongside Rio, guides the three Gekirangers inside an astral Rinjū Hall, revealing the Kenma before them and showing the path to unifying the two Jūken schools. Mele is later revived during the events of Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, risking her immortal soul to fight by Rio's side once more.

Her name is taken from the English word chameleon (カメレオン, kamereon).

Before entering battle, Mele says, "For Lord Rio's love I live, for Lord Rio's love I fight as his love warrior. Rinjū Chameleon-Ken Mistress, Mele!" (理央様の愛のために生き、理央様の愛のために戦うラブウォリアー。臨獣カメレオン拳使いメレ!, Rio-sama no ai no tame ni iki, Rio-sama no ai no tame ni tatakau rabu woriā. Rinjū Kamereonken tsukai Mele!). While a Genshou, her mofit being the Vermilion Bird and the Rooster of the Earthly Branches, Mele opens her battle intro with "For Lord Rio's love, an even more powerful-clad love warrior. Gen Jū Phoenix-Ken Mistress, Mele!" (理央様の愛の為にさらなる強さを身に纏ったラブウォリアー。幻獣フェニックス拳 メレ!, Rio-sama no ai no tame ni saranaru tsuyosa o mi ni matotta rabu woriā. Gen Jū Fenikkusuken, Mele!)

Mele is portrayed by Yuka Hirata (平田 裕香, Hirata Yuka).


Bae (バエ) is actually a practitioner of the Gekijū Fly-Ken (激獣フライ拳, Gekijū Furaiken) style, which utilizes the user's words into Geki . He fought Mere while he was watching a giant battle during the time of the GekiRin Rebellion, and ending up being eaten by her after he assumed his anthropomorphic fly form upon performing an imperfect version of the forbidden Geki Waza in a vain attempt to take her down. However, the residual energy Rio used to bring Mere back to life had unintentionally resurrected Bae as well for only a limited amount of time. As a result, Bae's life is dependent on Mere and being away from her for too long can prove fatal. He usually stays within her stomach, but when a battle between the Geki Beasts and a giant Beast-Man begins, he gets out by impulse and acts as a commentator for the battle, rooting for Geki Tohja and Geki Fire, until it ends and Mere eats him again. He also acts as a sort of unwanted confidant for Mere, which aggravates her to no end, even though she keeps him around out of pride. As a Gekijūken user, he is a well of knowledge when it comes to the Beast Arts, knowing the Fist Saints well and vice versa. The Kensei, except for Sha Fu and Sharkie, accused him as a traitor until the truth is revealed when Bae helped Gou to overcome his werewolf side even though he died as a result. However, Mere revived Bae because Bae was resurrected by Rio, and therefore was part of her love for him. When Bae brought the Gekirangers to save her, Mere has a change of heart for Bae and treats him like an equal soon after. Furthermore, due to Mere's purging herself of Genki, what remained of it entered Bae, giving him a true life. After the final battle, Bae tags along with Gou as he sets off on his own journey. They both say their farewells to Jyan before heading off, with Bae ending up in India until he returns in the climax of Go-Onger Vs. Gekiranger to commentate on the giant battle against Long Banki. Xia Fu said that his motto is "There is training while speaking" (喋りの中に修行あり, Shaberi no naka ni shugyō ari). His name is a play on the Japanese word for "fly" (ハエ, hae).

Bae is voiced by Akira Ishida (石田 彰, Ishida Akira), who later voiced Tatsulot in Kamen Rider Kiva.


The Rinsis (リンシーズ, Rinshīzu, 1-36, 47 & 49) are the jiangshi warriors revived by Rio performing the Ringi technique "Rinzai". The Rinsi are in turn led by Mere, who is in charge of their development in some cases, being low-level users in the Akugata, they wear masks formed by a hat and a blindfold and use lances as their weapons. If a Rinsi can cross through the Chamber of Trials (試しの房, Tameshi no Bō), defeating the other Rinsi inside single-handed, he/she can remove the mask and the animal motif on the forehead materializes, with the Rinsi receiving new attire and promoted to the more powerful rank of Rinrinsi who can assume "Beast-Man" form for a tentative amount of time. When they die, their bodies petrify and explode in violent bluish flames. Maku send in the entire army to face the rangers. In the aftermath of Maku's defeat, only one Rinsi remained whom Mere assigned the task of finding her a gem. Finding the Raspberry Diamond, the Dropout Rinsi (おちこぼれリンシー, Ochikobore Rinshī) dons Butoka armor and obtains the item before Mere enables him to use his full power. But a frustrated Ken arrives in SaiDaiOh and easily destroys the last Rinsi. The Rinsi are later revived by Long as his personal army, using them to fight the Gekirangers. The Dropout Rinshi is voiced by Katsumi Shiono (塩野 勝美, Shiono Katsumi).

The Three Kenma[edit]

The Three Kenma (三拳魔, San Kenma, "Kenma" literally translates as "Fist Demon") are the opposing force to the Kensei, based at the Rinjū Mountain (臨獣山, Rin Jū Zan) which the Rinjū Hall is built on. The three who composed this group were all originally human under the teachings of Brusa Ee along with the future Kensei. But their opposing ideals of fear and rage as an ideal source of power, combined with Maku's grudge against their mentor, led to them mastering the Beast-Man Wicked Body Change that turned them into their current forms prior to murdering Brusa Ee and becoming founding masters of the Akugata itself, with a high need for mass amounts of Rinki as a result of their transformation and level of power. Losing the Geki-Rin Rebellion, the Kenma were killed by the Kensei using SouZyuTo after sacrificing their humanity in the process. Once their bodies were sealed away, the Kenma' souls were each sealed within a ring of the Kenma Bracelet (拳魔の腕輪, Kenma no Udewa) created by the Kensei, which serves as a medium for the three to communicate with others at certain times.

But every 5,000 years, the Bracelet's power could be sealed if the item is brought to sacred grounds of Jūgenkyō. Miki attempted this task but Makirika's interference allowed the item to fall into Rio's possession, using it to speak to the Kenma. After obtaining the three final True Poison fangs from Braco, Rio began to resurrect the Kenma, starting with Kata, to train him. Mere, fearing for Rio's sanity due to Kata's training, managed to revive Rageku for Rio to train from instead. Both Kata and Rageku have no intent to fight again and saw Rio and Mere as the ones to carry their legacy in their stead. Maku however, whose resurrection was much harder to perform as his heart was removed from his body, refused to retire and upon being revived, took over and declared a second Geki-Rin Rebellion with Rageku and Kata once more following Maku out of fear. In the end, all three are killed once again as Long had planned. However, as Jyan now possesses the Kenma' Bracelet, the three Kenma offer their aid, appearing to the Gekirangers in their original human forms, to master their fighting styles to end Long's evil once and far all.


Sky Kenma Kata (空の拳魔カタ, Sora no Kenma Kata, 1, 10-34 & 49) is a grand master of the Rin Jū Hawk-Ken (臨獣ホーク拳, Rin Jū Hōkuken), whose fighting style focuses on aerial martial arts and genjustsu attacks on the opponent's psyche with a halberd named the Gale Sword (疾風の剣, Shippū no Tsurugi) as his weapon. His source of power comes from hatred and malice. Kata is the first of the Kenma to reveal the location of his tomb, a large stone protected by a Geki barrier erected by Xia Fu on a wind-ridden summit of a mountain bombarded by lighting. Kata was impressed with Rio's ideals of power as absolute and success at reviving him. Upon his rebirth, Kata awards Rio by giving him training which would prove the right of the "lion cub" (若獅子, Wakajishi) to lead the Rin Jū Hall. However, Kata's motto is "There is training in a battle to the death" (死闘の中に修行あり, Shitō no naka ni shugyō ari). Though Kata is defeated by Rio breaking out of his illusions, his life is spared as he approved of the youth as his student, teaching him the means to acquire Rinki from his malice and hatred.

However, Kata's brutal training methods entices fear in Mere for Rio's well being. With Rageku resurrected, Kata gives her his blessing in training Rio before departing to Rinjū Mountain on stand by. Both he and Rageku intend to celebrate their student's victory over the Gekirangers' defeat by destroying the city, until they sense Rio's defeat by Super Geki Red. Kata vainly pleaded with the enraged Rio not to revive Maku, who beats him and Rageku up after his rebirth. During the burning of Jūgenkyō, Kata faces the Gekirangers as he presented the boulder that the Kensei are turned into and enrages the Super Gekirangers and Geki Violet into fighting him, withstanding their strongest attacks. But Jyan manages to overcome Kata's illusions, enraging the Kenma to enlarge and battle Geki Fire and Geki Tohja Wolf, who are no match for him. Kata is about to kill them when SaiDain charges in and Kata is the first to fall to SaiDaiOh's blade, exploding in a burst of golden energy. His Rinki is transferred to Ran in the finale by Rio, who utilizes it to merge her own style with his, unifying both Jūken styles. While named after a hawk (, taka), Kata's name plays on the Japanese word for "martial arts style" (, Kata)

Before entering battle, Kata says, "Hatred is power givingly born. Sky Kenma, Rin Jū Hawk-Ken's Kata!" (憎しみが力を生む。空の拳魔 臨獣ホーク拳のカタ!, Nikushimi ga chikara o umu. Sora no Kenma, Rin Jū Hōkuken no Kata!).

Kata is voiced by Rokurō Naya (納谷 六朗, Naya Rokurō).


Sea Kenma Rageku (海の拳魔ラゲク, Umi no Kenma Rageku, 1, 15-35 & 49) is a grand mistress of the Rin Jū Jelly-Ken (臨獣ジェリー拳, Rin Jū Jerīken), a style that allows its user to let opponents' physical attacks pass right through, neutralizing them. Her training is based on jealousy and envy, targeting Master Xia Fu, whom she refers to as "Darling" (ダーリン, Dārin) as he spurred her romantic feelings for him in the past. She addresses other people of lower status using the informal "-chan" (ちゃん) suffix, as opposed to "-san" (さん). Rageku is the second of the Kenma to be revived, with Mere's help, buried at the bottom of the deep-sea beyond light and sound. She instructs both Rio and Mere, teaching them to use their envy to become much more powerful. Both she and Kata intended to celebrate their student's victory over the Gekirangers' defeat by destroying the city, until they sensed Rio's defeat by Super Geki Red. Rageku vainly pleaded with the enraged Rio not to revive Maku, who beats her and Kata up after his rebirth.

During the Jūgenkyō incident, Rageku uses her power to send the Gekirangers, Rio, and Mere back into the Edo era before incinerating the area in an attempt to destroy SaiDain. She later battled Geki Chopper and was nearly killed by him after he managed to overcome her defenses. Though she evaded death at the hands of the Gekirangers, she is eventually murdered by Long as Maku battles the Gekirangers; turned into a puddle of her former self upon realizing Long's true nature as he takes her broken staff as proof of her demise. Her Rinki is transferred to Retu by Rio, who utilizes it to merge her style with his own, unifying the two schools.

Before entering battle, Rageku says, "Envy is power bestowed. Sea Kenma, Rin Jū Jelly-Ken's Rageku!" (嫉妬が力をくれる。海の拳魔 臨獣ジェリー拳のラゲク!, Shitto ga chikara o kureru. Umi no Kenma, Rin Jū Jerīken no Rageku!).

Rageku is voiced by Naoko Kouda (幸田 直子, Kōda Naoko), who later voiced as Shroud in Kamen Rider W.


Land Kenma Maku (大地の拳魔マク, Daichi no Kenma Maku, 1, 22-35 & 49) is a grand master of the Rin Jū Bear-Ken (臨獣ベアー拳, Rin Jū Beāken), a style that focus on brute force and attacks with a set of bear-like claws that he extends from his wrists. He draws power from his own burning rage to give himself tremendous Dorinki, allowing Maku to reign over the Rin Jū Hall as its leader and greatest warrior, transferring a bit of his power into selected servants. He is even acknowledged by the Kensei as the most powerful Jūken user. In the past, he and Xia Fu were friends until their master, Brusa, picked Xia Fu as his successor. But learning that Xia Fu refused the honor as asked him to become the successor instead, Maku was infuriated for not being chosen by his own talents but by another. Since then, Maku vowed to become the strongest being on Earth, resulting with Maku meeting Long and then founding the Akugata which values his ideals as well as being the one responsible for Brusa's death.

Though he was originally to become the Destroyer as Long planned, Maku's defeat in the Geki-Rin Rebellion ruined that as the Kenma's body was placed within the depths of Rinjū Hall behind a sealed door. But the door was unsealed when Rio attempted to resurrect him against Kata and Rageku's wishes. However, he learns that the final True Poison fang alone is not able to revive him as the Kensei removed Maku's heart, a ruby called the Ikigimo (イキギモ(生肝), Ikigimo, literally "Life Organ") to make sure his resurrection would be impossible. By accident, the item ended up in the possession of Alice Nanboku, labeled the "Ocean's Heart." Once Mere obtained the item, Rio places it back into Maku's body before resurrecting the Kenma successfully. But upon being revived, as the other Kenma feared, Maku expresses disgust with the changes that occurred while he was dead and overthrows the "brat" (小僧, kozō), Rio, resuming his role as leader and declaring a new Geki-Rin Rebellion.

But his arrogance at refusing to teach Rio eventually leads to Rio obtaining the Dorinki on his own and going to Jūgenkyō to perfect his power so he can destroy Maku. However, Maku is aware of Rio's treason and where he is going, only to be halted by Long. Maku arrives at Jūgenkyō to kill Rio, only to be further enraged by Rio's disrespect for him in spite of their current differences in power. Both that and the Kenseis' scolding for his betrayal and flawed ideals resulted with Maku enlarging himself to kill them before the Gekirangers attempt to fight him in vain with Geki Fire, gaining the Kenma's attention with their disrespect to him. But the Kensei intervened so the Gekirangers can stop Rio from getting to SaiDain, all ending up being defeated and sealed into a boulder so Maku can siphon most of their life energy in the form of water droplets, drinking it after Kata's death to become even more powerful. But Maku's obsession was his undoing when he goes after the Gekirangers to prove to Rio his superiorty once and for all after Rio proves able to match him blow for blow when from the power he gained from SaiDain's Beast Power Blossom. In the final battle, Maku fights SaiDaiOh to a standstill, only to be destroyed by SaiDaiGeki Fire while refusing to accept this defeat. His Rinki is transferred to Jyan by Rio in the finale, who utilizes it to merge both Gekiūken and Rinjūken styles together and unifying the two schools.

Before entering battle, Maku says, "Rage is the power to dominate. Land Kenma, Rin Jū Bear-Ken's Maku!" (怒りで力を司る。大地の拳魔 臨獣ベアー拳のマク!, Ikari de chikara o tsukasadoru. Daichi no Kenma, Rin Jū Beāken no Maku!).

Maku is voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata (柴田 秀勝, Shibata Hidekatsu).


When a fighter of the Akugata performs the Ringi Beast-Man Wicked Body Change, he/she turns into a Beast-Man (獣人, Jūjin), a fighting form that resembles the user's Rin Jūken style's animal and allows him/her to fully utilize that style's Ringi. They are each named putting the first kana of their beast's Japanese name at the end of it (Kamakiri (カマキリ) is Japanese for Praying mantis).


The Rinrinsi (リンリンシー, Rinrinshī) are high-ranking Rinsi who pass the Chamber of Trials (試しの房, Tameshi no Bō), allowed to remove the mask as the animal signature to his/her fighting style forms on the forehead and gain a new attire to signal the rank. Rinrinsi can obtain Beast-Man form, but only for a short among of time depending on the level of Rinki amassed inside. However, the Rinrinsi empowered by Maku's power can assume Beast-Man form for an indefinite amount of time. Like the Rinsi, the Rinrinsi die as their bodies petrify and explode in violent bluish flames.

  • Makirika (マキリカ, Makirika, 1 & 2): The first Rinrinsi the Gekirangers faced, master of the Rinjū Mantis-Ken (臨獣マンティス拳, Rinjū Mantisuken) style which allows him to cut through any material with his forearms. Due to his fighting style, Makirika tends to calls an enemy's death a "prayer". Makirika is sent to retrieve the "Kenma Bracelet" from Miki before she could make it to Jūgenkyō, with Jyan caught in the crossfire. He later attacked the city and was man-handled by Jyan before being easily defeated non-violently by Master Xia Fu, but, obtaining a second chance with Mere's help, unconcerned with the detrimental side effects of her Infinite-Violent Wave Ringi as he tore down the dam to flood the city and invoke fear on the masses. In the end, he is destroyed by Geki Tohja's Great Firm-Firm Fist. Voiced by Hiroshi Tsuchida (土田 大, Tsuchida Hiroshi).
  • Gyuuya (ギュウヤ, Gyūya, 3): A user of the Rinjū Buffalo-Ken (臨獣バッファロー拳, Rinjū Baffarōken) style who just got promoted to the rank of Rinrinsi after he passed the Chamber of Trials. His fighting style emulates the buffalo's raw power to deliver destructive charges to the opponent. With his powerful thighs and Rinki-charged horns, Gyuuya can easily break through solid walls. He overpowered Jyan in round one, but is forced to retreat as he was not used to being a Rinrinsi. After enough training, Gyuuya returned to resume the fight, only be beaten by the new attacks Jyan learned from passing the Cleaning Training Xia Fu put him through. Though he assumed to have defeated Geki Tohja, Gyuuya is destroyed once he unknowing helped Geki Tohja in using the Great Firm-Firm Leg. Voiced by Masaharu Satō (佐藤 正治, Satō Masaharu).
  • Five Venom-Ken (五毒拳, Godokuken, 3-9): The Elite Five of the Rinjū Hall, masters of the Rinjūken styles of venomous animals, designed after the Five Deadly Venoms. They each wear a sash as proof of their higher rank above novice Rinrinsi. They arrived in Lesson 3 at Rio's call to destroy the Gekirangers, which they saw as a "waste of their talents" after easily beating them. However, their defeat by the Gekirangers in the Poison Match enraged the Venom-Ken. But it turned out that Rio had a second, hidden motive in summoning the Venom-Ken: To kill the one who possess the Ringi technique True Poison, the "ultimate poison", and take it as his own.
    • Kademu (カデム, Kademu, 3-5 & 9): The user of the Rinjū Centipede-Ken (臨獣センチピード拳, Rinjū Senchipīdoken), a style that, inspired in the number of legs of this insect, allows its practicer to deliver a hundred light-speed hits in one second, hence Kademu's nickname "Multi-Handed King of Hell" (地獄の手数王, Jigoku no Tekazu Ō). His venom causes terrible pain. As a white-sash wearing warrior excelling in speed, Kademu has become hasty in everything he does, rushing the result of everything he is involved in. He is the first of the Venom-Ken to fight the Gekirangers on his own in Lesson 5, only to fight Geki Yellow in a Thousand-Ken Many Strikes (千拳万打, Senkenmanda) competition, but ultimately lost to her because of her accuracy and speed. Infuriated, he removed the bag-hood upon enlarging to show his full power only to be destroyed by Geki Tohja's Great Firm-Firm Fist. He is resurrected in Lesson 9 by Braco along with Moriya in an assassination attempt to Rio. However, Mere protected Rio and Rio fought back, killing Kademu with his Splitting Fist. Voiced by Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (下山 吉光, Shimoyama Yoshimitsu).
    • Moriya (モリヤ, Moriya, 3-6 & 9): The "Unconfrontable Delusion Disturber" (対応不能の惑乱者, Taiō Funō no Wakuransha), a talkative user of the Rinjū Gecko-Ken (臨獣ゲッコー拳, Rinjū Gekkōken) style which emphasizes on hit & run attacks with unexpected movement & reactions, along with the ability to walk freely on walls and ceilings, just like a gecko. Wearing a green sash, Moriya is capable of walking on any surface because of his Ringi which transfers most of his Rinki onto to his feet, allowing him to walk on walls as if there were multiple microscopic hairs on his soles. As he is constantly over others' heads, he thinks of the walls as "his world" and looks down to others. His venom induces paralysis, giving the infected five agonizing minutes to live if the antidote is not administered in time. He challenges the Gekirangers in Lesson 6. At first, he had the upper hand until Retu managed to beat Moriya at his own element before the Venom Fist member is destroyed by Geki Tohja's Great Firm-Firm Fist. He is resurrected in Lesson 9 by Braco along with Kademu in an assassination attempt to Rio. When Kademu is killed, Moriya ran away and started attacking the city, out of fear for Rio's retribution, to gather as much Rinki for himself as he can before Rio finds him. He is later defeated by the Gekirangers' Geki Bazooka. Voiced by Kōichi Sakaguchi (坂口 候一, Sakaguchi Kōichi).
    • Sorisa (ソリサ, Sorisa, 3-8): The "Dancer of Terror" (戦慄の踊り子, Senritsu no Odoriko), Sorisa is a red-sash wearing user of the Rinjū Scorpion-Ken (臨獣スコーピオン拳, Rinjū Sukōpionken) which is known for using a combination of dances and kicks that emulate the tail of a scorpion. Her venom induces fever. She attacks the Gekirangers in Lesson 7, to which the Gekirangers respond with a similar dance based technique but Maga interferes, finally convincing Sorisa that they must join forces to combine their strengths. However, as Sorisa had never worked with a partner, her sudden alliance/love relationship with Maga, who impressed her with his new attitude, made her change into a completely submissive woman until he is killed. She is destroyed by Geki Tohja's Great Spin-Spin Leg. Voiced by Shinobu Adachi (安達 忍, Adachi Shinobu).
    • Maga (マガ, Maga, 3-8): The "Steel-Wall Defender" (鋼鉄鉄壁の守護者, Kōtetsu Teppeki no Shugosha), a yellow-sash wearing user of the Rinjū Toad-Ken (臨獣トード拳, Rinjū Tōdoken) style who emphasizes on an iron body defense. The Toad Fist allows its practicer to neutralize the ability to feel pain, as well as develop a strong and hard body. Body and mind of lead, extremely dim-witted. His venom induces chills. In Lesson 7, it is revealed that he is in love with Sorisa, and that he would do anything for her love. He is also extremely protective of Sorisa, as he viciously attacked the Rangers after he mistook Sorisa throttling Geki Blue for a bout of hugging and kissing. After getting advice from Mere, Maga toughens up and convinces Sorisa to join him in creating a deadly combination of their abilities. Just as a tadpole transforms into a toad, Maga, after fulfilling his love, dramatically changed his personality into an arrogant strong louse. He is destroyed when his barrier is penetrated by a shot from the Geki Bazooka. Voiced by Takashi Nagasako (長嶝 高士, Nagasako Takashi).
    • Braco (ブラコ, Burako, 3-9): A Rinjū Snake-Ken (臨獣スネーク拳, Rinjū Sunēkuken) style warrior who is the leader of the group and wears a blue sash. His style, relying in the snake's strange movements and emulates its bite with highly accurate jabs and punches to weak spots, earning Braco the title "One-Hit-Kill Sniping Master" (一撃必殺の狙撃手, Ichigeki Hissatsu no Sogekishu). His venom induces nausea. His weapons are the Mysterious Snake Blades (妖蛇刀, Yōjatō), twin crescent blades. Just as a snake sometimes devours prey much bigger than itself, Braco sought the much bigger authority Rio had over them, especially after being assaulted by Rio, leading to his assassination attempt. In Lesson 9 he reveals his intentions of assassinating Rio to take over the Rin Jū Hall and restore it, but Mere killed him, only for Braco to use the True Poison on his right thumb to obtaining a real life. After disposing of Mere after she refused his bribe in joining his scheme, Braco revived Kademu and Moriya to aid him. But Mere's interference ruins the plan, and is now able to counter Braco's attack. Though he offered Mere a true life, she snapped the three last True Poison off his fingers and killed him using her tongue as a stake to stab through Braco, causing him to explode in crimson flames. He dies questioning Mere if simply being with Rio is enough to sacrifice a chance at life. Voiced by Kunihiko Yasui (安井 邦彦, Yasui Kunihiko).
  • Muzankose (ムザンコセ, Muzankose, 10 & 11): A user of the Rinjū Pangolin-Ken (臨獣パンゴリン拳, Rinjū Pangorinken) style with a Rinki-charged nigh-impenetrable scale armor, calling himself the "Rinki Boulder" (臨気宿せし巨岩, Rinki Yadoseshi Kyogan) and known to others as the "Rock-Hard Destroyer" (磐石たる破壊神, Banjaku taru Hakaishin). After developing such hard scales, Muzankose turned into a more squarish character, using very stilted speech. He is the first Rinrinsi to actually defeat Geki Tohja in battle before resuming his actual mission, to cause an earthquake to destroy the city in order to gather enough Ringi for Kata upon his resurrection. Muzankose is the first to fight Geki ElephanTohja, only to be defeated by the Great Firm-Firm Ball attack. Voiced by Yōsuke Akimoto (秋元 羊介, Akimoto Yōsuke).
  • Nagiu (ナギウ, Nagiu, 12): A user of the Rinjū Eel-Ken (臨獣イール拳, Rinjū Īruken), able to generate a Rinki-charged slime all over his body that can slip past any attack. He gave the Gekirangers a hard time until Jyan master a towel-style to remove the slime on the Beast-Man's body. Just as an eel weakens when the slime of its body is removed, Nagiu gets nervous and loses control when he has no Rinki to turn into slime. He is defeated by Geki ElephanTohja's Great Firm-Firm Ball. Voiced by Keiichi Nanba (難波 圭一, Nanba Kiichi).
  • Eruka (エルカ, Eruka, 19): A Rinjū Frog-Ken (臨獣トード拳, Rin Jūjōdoken) Eruka is able to use similar attacks to Maga. Eruka is the first to fight all three Juken Armaments of Geki Tohja and be destroyed by their Beast-Ken Armament Triangle Attack. Voiced by Ryuzou Ishino (石野 竜三, Ishino Ryūzō).
  • Tabū (タブー, Tabū, 22): A dim-witted user of the Rinjū Pig-Ken (臨獣ピッグ拳, Rinjū Pigguken) style, Mere recruits Tabū in finding the Ikigimo as his style relies on a sense of smell so refined that he can smell a single grain of rice within a 5 km range. Once possessing the item, Mere lets Tabū do what he wants with Alice, namely roasting her alive for his lunch. But Jyan saves her and the Gekirangers battle the Beast-Man. However, Tabū's fat acts as an insulating cushion that allows him to withstand Geki Fire's fists, leading to his defeat at Geki SharkFire's blades. Voiced by Taichirō Hirokawa (広川 太一郎, Hirokawa Taichirō).
  • Mārashiya (マーラシヤ, Mārashiya, 23): A Rinrinsi Rinjū Porcupine-Ken (臨獣ポーキュパイン拳, Rinjū Pōkyupainken) user who can use his Ringi to poison the minds of those who he strikes with his quills, as seen when Ran becomes a delinquent. Mārashiya is ultimately destroyed by Geki ElephantFire. Voiced by Takayuki Kondō (近藤 孝行, Kondō Takayuki).
  • Hihi (ヒヒ, Hihi, 24 & 25): A Rinjū Baboon-Ken (臨獣バブーン拳, Rinjū Babūnken) user and Maku's personal guard, sent to herald the start of the new Fierce-Confrontation Rebellion. Because Maku infused him with his Dorinki, Hihi can maintain his Beast-Man form as if he is a living Beast-Man. His fighting style involves quick jumps and biting attacks, using trees for leverage while laughing "Hehhihihi". Though defeated by Geki BatFire, an enraged Hihi assumes a stronger Dorinki-powered form as a result, wounding the Gekirangers. The Gekirangers are forced to later fight him in their regular forms, barely able to get him with the Geki Bazooka before using Geki Tohja. This leads to Hihi crippling Geki Tohja by focusing his rage on the right leg, injuring Ran to the point of losing concentration as Geki Wolf arrives to the team's aid, forming Geki Tohja Wolf to destroy Hihi. Voiced by Bin Shimada (島田 敏, Shimada Bin), who voiced Satorakura in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.
  • Pouōte (ポウオーテ, Pōōte, 27): A Rinjū Archerfish-Ken (臨獣アーチャーフィッシュ拳, Rinjū Āchāfisshuken) user subservient to Rageku and received Maku's Dorinki. Geki Fire and Geki Tohja Wolf were fighting him until Long uses his power to turn Gou on the others, allowing Pouōte to resume his mission. Geki Blue and Geki Yellow fought him on their own while Jyan is keeping the werewolfed Gou hurting people. Soon after, a restored Geki Violet arrives and defeats Pouōte, who enlarges and dies fighting Geki Tohja Wolf, with Geki Fire as its backup. Voiced by Dai Matsumoto (松本 大, Matsumoto Dai).
  • Niwa (ニワ, Niwa, 28): A Rinjū Crocodile-Ken (臨獣クロコダイル拳, Rinjū Kurokodairuken) user, his fighting style emulates the reckless brute force of a crocodile. One of Rio's top five Rinrinsi, Niwa is confident of being able to defeat the Gekirangers singlehandly without Maku's power. Niwa overpowered Geki Blue, Geki Yellow, and Geki Violet until Jyan arrived, with Ken's interference halting the fight for now. In the second round, he fought the three Gekirangers again until Super Geki Red arrived with Ken transforming into Geki Chopper for the first time, whose blade attacks penetrated Niwa's armored body and destroyed him. Voiced by Keikō Sakai (酒井 敬幸, Sakai Keikō).
  • Chouda (チョウダ, Chōda, 29 & 30): A Rinjū Ostrich-Ken (臨獣オーストリッチ拳, Rinjū Ōsutoritchiken) user subservient to Kata. His fighting style emulates the ostrich's fast speeds, using his abilities to cause massive property damage. Chouda battles Geki Red, Geki Yellow, and Geki Violet by himself, faking his true abilities until the gang realized too late after he knocked Mere away for her interference, until he is defeated by a team attack between Geki Violet, Super Geki Red, and Super Geki Yellow in an attempt to quickly take him out. He then enlarges and battles Geki Tohja Wolf, overpowering it until Geki Gazelle arrives. The gang form Geki BatFire and with Geki Tohja Wolf destroys Chouda. However, seconds before he dies, Chouda creates an egg that burrows underground and eventually hatches into a new Chouda, having a more serious persona and greater power. Furthermore, because of the attacks his predecessor took, the new Chouda is immune to the attacks of Geki Red, Geki Yellow, Geki Blue, and Geki Violet. However, Geki Chopper is the exception, able to defeat the Beast-Man with the Super Gekirangers and Geki Violet. But Chouda enlarges and battles Geki Fire, who destroys him for good. Voiced by Yasuaki Takumi (内匠 靖明, Takumi Yasuaki).
  • Tsuneki (ツネキ, Tsuneki, 31): A Rinjū Fox-Ken (臨獣フォックス拳, Rinjū Fokkusuken) user whose style involves archery skill. Maku sends him to gather Rinki until Shinichi and the Gekirangers interfere, but not before Tsuneki evokes his Fox Dimension Big Bomb barrier to execute his actual attack with Jyan, Ken, and Shinichi among those trapped in it. Geki Red and Geki Chopper attempt to fight Tsuneki, only to be easily defeated due to the Ringi's effect on its user. However, Shinichi's plan for Geki Chopper to use the Super SaiBlade and take Geki Red's Kageki into his body allowed them to win and negating the barrier before it exploded. Tsuneki enlarged, only to be destroyed by Geki ElephantFire. Voiced by Yasuhiro Takato (高戸 靖広, Takato Yasuhiro).

Living Beast-Men[edit]

Unlike their undead counterparts, the living Beast-Men have no Rinrinsi form. They are usually the strongest/oldest students of the Akugata or the personal guard of their Kenma masters. They explode in crimson flames upon death.

  • Flying-Ken (飛翔拳, Hishōken, 13-15): Kata's two bodyguards, masters of aerial martial arts and bladed weapons. They appeared before their master upon learning of his resurrection and aid him by acquiring a huge amount of Rinki, turning people's fear into lighting to be used to destroy the city and gather more despair. They were the first to fight Geki BatTohja, with Rūtsu the only surviving member of the duo until his second bout with Geki BatTohja.
    • Rasuka (ラスカ, Rasuka, 13 & 14): A Rinjū Crow-Ken (臨獣クロー拳, Rinjū Kurōken) user, part of Kata's personal guard. Rasuka's style, emulating the crow, specializes in aggressive Rinki-impulsed airborne moves and attacks to the head. On land, he uses shuriken attacks. Rasuka, laughing with "caws", uses his crow-like intelligence and locates his enemies weak points to focus his attacks. He wields the Corrosion Barbarian Sword (腐食蛮刀, Fushoku Bantō). He is destroyed by Geki BatTohja's Great Spin-Spin Fan. Voiced by Kunihiro Kawamoto (河本 邦弘, Kawamoto Kunihiro).
    • Rūtsu (ルーツ, Rūtsu, 13-15): A Rinjū Crane-Ken (臨獣クレーン拳, Rinjū Kurēnken) user, able to perform graceful air maneuvers to deliver attacks to the head of his opponents. Rūtsu is effeminine in personality and had feelings for Rasuka. His weapons are the Crane Leg Sharp Swords (鶴脚尖剣, Kakukyaku Senken), twin swords. Much like the cranes, who have a single companion in all their life, Rūtsu, after losing his partner Rasuka, is driven insane by his hatred and desire of revenge, which turned into Rinki and empowered him. From then on, he used Rasuka's Corrosion Barbarian Sword, speaking to it as "Rasuka". He attempts to use his Pulse Reversal so he could kill the Gekirangers in the most hateful way possible. But in the end, his plan fails and he is finally destroyed by Geki BatTohja. Voiced by Taiki Matsuno (松野 太紀, Matsuno Taiki).
  • Dokariya (ドカリヤ, Dokariya, 17 & 18): A Rinjū Hermit Crab-Ken (臨獣ハーミットクラブ拳, Rinjū Hāmittokurabuken) user who appeared before his mistress Rageku upon learning of her revival. To prove his love for her, Dokariya traveled to Aozame Island to fulfill her wish of making a certain man suffer. He first possesses Bae in order to possess Sharkie and attack the Gekirangers with Sharkie's body. Then, after pretending to be defeated, possesses Geki Shark and attacks Geki Tohja. After being defeated by Geki ElephanTohja, Dokariya possesses Miki and uses her to frame Sharkie, sending the others off so can attack Xia Fu, the person Rageku wants to suffer. He is discovered and defeated by Jyan, he enlarges and battles Geki SharkTohja underwater, killed by its Great Firm-Firm Slash during a duel of ultimate "drill-spin-attacks". Voiced by Yukitoshi Hori (堀 之紀, Hori Yukitoshi).
  • Mukoua (ムコウア, Mukōa, 33): A Rinjū Anglerfish-Ken (臨獣アングラーフィッシュ拳, Rinjū Angurāfisshuken) user sent to the Edo era by Rageku to retrieve the SoZyuTo and ensure the Gekirangers, Rio, & Mere can not return, possessing the body of Kira Yoshinaka to remain in the time period. Intent on taking him out before the Akehoushi raid can start, the Gekirangers fight their way throughout Kira's manor to find Mukoua, having a hard time until Rio and Mere arrive and aid in fighting Mukoua. Though defeated by Jyan and Rio, Mukoua swallows the SoZyuTo before enlarging. He is destroyed by Geki RinTohja, with the SoZyuTo released in the explosion. Voiced by Masaru Ōbayashi (大林 勝, Ōbayashi Masaru).

Rinki Soldiers[edit]

The Rinki Soldiers (臨機兵, Rinkihei, Confrontation Machine Soldiers, 19-21) are the Akugata's personal beetle-based Terracotta Army hidden within Rinjū Mountain. Two such statues were originally located at the altar in the Rinjū Hall Dojo, eventually brought to life by Rageku and Kata's Rinki to assist Rio in his search for the other Geki Jūken users, assuring no interference in his fights. They are the Super Gekirangers' first opponents. Maku would later pick out another set, bringing them to life with Dorinki and transformed into red-armored versions called the Dorinki Soldiers (怒臨機兵, Dorinkihei, 26). In episode 36, a Rinsi dons a Butoka as a suit of armor to obtain the Raspberry Diamond, and was later killed by SaiDaiOh.

  • Butoka (ブトカ, Butoka): A Kabutomushi Rinki Soldier that came to life thanks to Kata's Rinki and assist Rio in his search for the other Geki Jūken users. The Rinjū Beetle-Ken (臨獣ビートル拳, Rinjū Bītoruken) style that relies on an armored body and a horn-shaped long spear has been input into it. Though destroyed by Super Geki Yellow, Butoka is recreated as a giant and is the first to do battle with Geki Fire, smashed to bits. A Dorinki Soldier version is created by Maku to wreak havoc on the city until it is destroyed by Geki Tohja Wolf.
  • Wagataku (ワガタク, Wagataku): A Kuwagatamushi Rinki Soldier that came to life thanks to Rageku's Rinki and assist Rio in his search for the other Geki Jūken users. The Rinjū Stag-Ken (臨獣スタッグ拳, Rinjū Sutagguken) style which relies on an armored body and a pincer-shaped spear has been input into it. Though destroyed by Super Geki Blue, Wagataku is recreated a giant, only to be obliterated by the combined attacks of all nine Geki Beasts, with Butoka absorbing the residual Rinki. A Dorinki Soldier version is created by Maku to wreak havoc on the city until it is destroyed by Geki Fire.


  • Burazemia (ブラゼミア, Burazemia): A Rinjū Locust-Ken (臨獣ロウカスト拳, Rinjū Rōkasutoken) user who appeared in the special drama sessions of the first Juken Sentai Gekiranger original soundtrack. He is destroyed by Geki Tohja.
  • Bākā (バーカー, Bākā, Gekiranger vs. Boukenger): A Rinjū Hippopotamus-Ken (臨獣ヒポポタマス拳, Rinjū Hipopotamasuken) user armed with a mallet who appears in Juken Sentai Gekiranger vs. Boukenger. Though an idiot (i.e. he says when attack "Rin Jū something-Ken"), Bākā is powerful in his own right. Though empowered by Pachacamac, Bākā retained his freewill during the fight with Geki Chopper, BoukenSilver, and BoukenBlue. In the end, he is destroyed by the two teams' Rumble-Rumble Geki-Geki Shoot. Voiced by Yūji Kishi (岸 祐二, Kishi Yūji).
  • Meka (メカ, Meka, Go-onger vs. Gekiranger): A Rinjū Tortoise-Ken (臨獣トータス拳, Rinjū Tōtasuken) user who is the surviving member of the Rinjūken Akugata by the events of Engine Sentai Go-onger vs. Gekiranger. He uses the KameKame Hammer as his weapon and is labeled the Mad Engineer for his prowess at engineering. After joining forces with the Gaiark, he steals the Long's sealed form from Jyan in order to make the world in his image. However, he decides to ally with Long when he is revive before being destroyed by the Sentai groups. Voiced by Hidenari Ugaki (宇垣 秀成, Ugaki Hidenari).

Rin Beasts[edit]

Similar to the Geki Beasts, the Rin Beasts (リンビースト, Rin Bīsuto) are created from the Rinki of Rio and Mere was they execute the Ringi Bringing Beast (招来獣, Shōrai Jū). First appearing in the Gekiranger movie, and later appearing in the series, the two can combine with Geki Tohja to form Geki-Rin Tohja (ゲキリントージャ, Geki Rin Tōja), a rare formation that occurs when the core Gekirangers, Rio, and Mere join forces and use the United Foes Jūken Gattai (呉越同舟獣拳合体, Goetsu Dōshū Jūken Gattai). Powered by both Geki and Rinki, Geki Rin Tohja uses the Fierce-Confrontation Fist (激臨拳, Geki Rin Ken) fighting style that combines both Jūken styles using the Geki-Rin Sword (激臨剣, Geki Rin Ken) in Ougi attacks.[7] A final combination of Geki Beasts and Rin Beasts is SaiDaiGeki-Rin Tohja (サイダイゲキリントージャ, SaiDaiGeki Rin Tōja). During both of the Gekiranger teamup specials with the Boukenger and Go-Onger, another formation is introduced, Geki-Rin Tohja Wolf (ゲキリントージャウルフ, Geki Rin Tōja Urufu).

  • Rin Lion (リンライオン, Rin Raion) is Rio's Rin Beast that forms armor for the upper body as well as the Geki-Rin Sword for Geki-Rin Tohja. Rin Lion's huge body is used to rush at an enemy hitting it with heavy attacks, along with use of its fangs and Blade Tail. It can also fire Rinki from its mouth in Ringi called the "Lion's Roar" (獅子吼, Shishikō).
  • Rin Chameleon (リンカメレオン, Rin Kamereon) is Mere's Rin Beast that forms a rope-gun that attaches to Geki-Rin Tohja's left arm. Rin Chameleon can cloak itself and Ringi called the "Bind Firmly" (玩茨固め, Ganji Gatame) which extends the tongue and constricts opponent movement, Ringi called the "Hang Up Bind" (吊姿固め, Tsurushi Gatame) which hangs up an opponent, and Ringi called the "Spear-Tongue Thrust-Sting" (槍舌突針, Sōzetsu Tosshin) which stabs with the tongue are used.


Ringi (リンギ(臨技), Ringi, Confrontation Techniques) are the Rin Jūken Akugata's counterpart to Geki Waza, the techniques of Geki Jūken Beast Arts, with various fighting styles to match. There are two Ringi that every Rinrinsi and Beast-Man has at their disposal.

Common Ringi[edit]

  • Beast-Man Wicked Body Change (獣人邪身変, Jūjin Jashin Hen): Transforms a user of the Rin Jūken into his/her Beast-Man (獣人, Jūjin) form. This Ringi is temporary power-up in the case of the Rinrinsi.
  • Wicked Body Overpowering Heavenly Change (邪身豪天変, Jashin Gōten Hen): Makes Beast-Man grow to great size.
  • Rinki Torrent Overpowering Heavenly Change (臨気奔流豪天変, Rinki Honryū Gōten Hen): The Kenma can use this Ringi to recreate the Rinki Soldiers and turn them into giant warriors.
  • Dōkokugan (慟哭丸, Wailing Ball): The Three Kenmas' Secret Ringi, sealing the target into a ball of rock and lasting only as long as the users live. The Kenma use the Ringi to seal away the Kensei. The Gekirangers, infused with the Kenmas' Rinki, perform the Ringi for its original purpose: to seal Long away.
  • Confrontation Release (臨開放, Rinkaihō): Exposes user's Rinki in its entirety.

Lion-Ken Ringi[edit]

These Ringi are performed by Rio:

  • Rinki Triumphant Armor (臨気凱装, Rinki Gaisō): Rio's transformation Ringi that allows him to assume Black Lion form.
  • Brave-Roar Wave (剛勇吼波, Gōyū Kōha): Rio generates his Rinki in the form of RinLion that runs at the opponent, mauling them.
  • Brave Strike (剛勇衝打, Gōyū Shōda): Similar to the Brave Roaring Waves, Rio charges at a person with an aura of Rinki around him as he slugs his fist though the opponent's body.
  • Violent Kick Fist (烈蹴拳, Resshūken): A Physical attack that does not require much Rinki, but is deadly.
  • Thunder Hard Bullet (雷剛弾, Raigō Dan): Rio produces an explosive orb of Rinki to fling at his opponent.
  • Lion's Roar Wave (獅子咆哮波, Shishi Hōkōha): A stronger version of the Brave-Roar Wave.
  • Brave-Roar Bullet (剛勇吼弾, Gōyū Kōdan): Similar to the Thunder Hard Bullet, but with enough power to rival the Super Geki Bazooka.
  • Full-Confront Initiation (全臨伝授, Zenrin Denju): A transference of Rinki. Rio uses this to infuse Jyan, Ran, and Retu with the remaining Rinki from Kata, Rageku, and Maku.
  • Great Charge Roar (大魁咆, Daikaihō): Rio's strongest attack, a last resort move where he expels all his Rinki at once, destroying his enemy while killing himself in the process.

Chameleon-Ken Ringi[edit]

These Ringi are performed by Mere:

  • Infinite Violent Waves (無限烈波, Mugen Reppa): A rarely used move that uses acupuncture with the tongue to allows one, another or the user him/herself, to enhance one's fighting power at the cost of burning up one's own cells. Because of this, use of this Ringi is a rarely performed as it drastically shortens the target's lifespan, with death assured should the target overexert him or herself.
    • Super Infinite Violent Waves (超無限烈破, Chōmugen Reppa): A stronger version Rio used to increase his power with Mere's remaining Rinki, augmenting it.
  • Snaring Strike Fist (絡撃拳, Rakugekiken): Counterattack Ringi that fires a mass of energy from the fist. Mere is wielding her sai when she performed this on Braco.
  • Tongue-Slip Profusion (舌禍繚乱, Zekka Ryōran): Offensive Ringi that launches the tongue in a rapid-fast movement to impale an enemy.
  • Null-Extinguish Wave (無効消波, Mukō Shōha): Secret Ringi. Similar to the Tongue-Slip Profusion, but disrupts Ki-flow, rendering the opponent powerless.
  • Lovely Penetration (可憐突破, Karen Toppa): Secret Ringi. Once at the peak of her jump, Mere charges forward, spinning her body right through her opponent. Mere executed this Ringi with her sais in hand.

Hawk-Ken Ringi[edit]

These Ringi are performed by Kata:

  • Darkness Cannon (暗黒砲, Ankokuhō): A special Ringi allows the user to place the opponent inside his or her mind to the most horrific moment of that person's life, taking in the despair of it to overpower the person.
  • Hawk-Nail Total Change (鷹爪一変, Yōsō Ippen): A similar move to the Darkness Cannon that uses the person's own hatred against him, sometimes driving that person insane.
  • Black Cannon (漆黒砲, Shikkokuhō): A Ringi that allows the user to probe the target's mind for knowledge.
  • Hatred Bullet (憎悪弾, Zōo Dan): Fires beam from his Gale Sword.
  • Illusionary Death Prison (幻死牢, Genshirō): Genjutsu Secret Ringi that allows Kata to send his opponents to an illusionary dimension, using his image to force them to fight each other and hide himself.

Jelly-Ken Ringi[edit]

These Ringi are performed by Rageku:

  • Net Seal Seizing (羅封掌握, Rabū Shōaku): A Rinki-sealing poison that works by forcibly drawing Rinki from the user's body, transforming the Rinki into a reactive poison. Tends to be fatal if the victim has large amounts of Rinki.
  • Time-Split Slash (時裂斬, Jiretsuzan): This Ringi allows the user to show other persons events in the past.
  • Time-Split Wave (時裂波, Jireppa): Secret Ringi that sends the opponent back in past times.

Bear-Ken Ringi[edit]

These Ringi are performed by Maku:

  • Dorinki Supreme-Peak Thrust (怒臨気雄峰突, Dorinki Ohōtsuku): A claw attack with a shockwave after effect.
  • God Igniting (神着火, Kamuchakka): The Dorinki is shot out from the bear-face breast armor.
  • Confrontation Fury Cloud (臨怒雲, Rindoun): Secret Ringi that allows him to create a cloud of Dorinki to ride on.

Rinki Soldiers' Ringi[edit]

Though not referred by name, they are used by the Butoka and Wagataku pairs. They combine their signature attacks to perform the Rinki Joint Soldier Wave (臨気合兵波, Rinki Gōheiha) and Dorinki Joint Soldier Wave (怒臨気合兵波, Dorinki Gōheiha).

  • Butokas' Beetle-Ken Style: Rinki Horn Wave (臨気角波, Rinki Tsunoha) and a stronger version: Dorinki Horn Wave (怒臨気角波, Dorinki Tsunoha)
  • Wagatakus' Stag-Ken Style: Rinki Hoe Wave (臨気鍬波, Rinki Kuwaha) and a stronger version: Dorinki Hoe Wave (怒臨気鍬波, Dorinki Kuwaha)

Other Styles' Ringi[edit]

  • Makirika's Mantis-Ken Style: Hill Splitting Fist (丘断拳, Gakudanken) and Mantis Flashing Cut (マンティス閃光斬, Mantisu Senkōzan).
  • Gyūya's Buffalo-Ken Style: Buffalo Colliding Horns Tackle (バッファロー衝角打, Baffarō Shōkakuda) and Buffalo Wild Bovine Kick (バッファロー猛牛脚, Baffarō Mōgyū Kyaku).
  • Kademu's Centipede-Ken Style: Hundred Chops (百斬手, Hyakuzanshu), Thousand Billion Palms (億万掌, Okumanshō), and Harmful Toxin Fist (害毒拳, Gaidokuken).
    • Great Castle Whip (長城鞭, Chōjōben): Kademu's secret Ringi. It allows him to attack his opponent using his centipede-shaped head as a whip.
  • Moriya's Gecko-Ken Style: Delicate-Hair Legs (微毛脚, Bimō Kyaku) and Erratic Shuriken (乱れ手裏剣, Midare Shuriken).
    • Rapid-Growth Arm (速生腕, Sokuseiwan): Moriya's secret Ringi mimics the gecko's automic talent by shedding off his own arm to escape a hold and growing a new one while the discarded arm's surprise attack serves as a distraction.
  • Sorisa's Scorpion-Ken Style: Scorpion Dance (蠍舞踏, Sasori Butō), Vermilion Whip Kick (朱鞭脚, Shuben Kyaku), and its variations: Flying Vermilion Whip Kick (飛翔朱鞭脚, Hishō Shuben Kyaku), Crimson Lotus Vermilion Whip Kick (紅蓮朱鞭脚, Guren Shuben Kyaku), and Open Vermillion Whip Kick (朱鞭開脚, Shuben Kaikyaku).
    • Pile-up Prison Transformation (重獄変, Jūgoku Hen): Sorisa's secret Ringi covers her opponent with great numbers of scorpions that also sting simultaneously to poison and kill the enemy.
  • Maga's Toad-Ken Style: Mudball Bombs (泥玉弾, Deigyokudan) which allows the user to throw his warts as though they were grenades.
    • Oily Body-Armor (体油包, Taiyūpao): Maga's secret Ringi that allows him to produce a gelatinous liquid from his body that congeals into a powerful shield that is impervious to almost all attacks. It is eventually penetrated by the Geki Bazooka, resulting in Maga's demise.
  • Braco's Snake-Ken Style: Mysterious Snake Cut (妖蛇斬, Yōjazan) and Serpent Cannon (大蛇砲, Daijahō).
    • True Poison (真毒, Madoku): Braco is the Venom-Ken user that possessed the True Poison, the most powerful secret Ringi. It is referred to as the "Ultimate Poison" or the "Poison of the Dead." The True Poison allows its user to change his/her fingernails into serpent fangs that possess a venom so powerful and pure that as it can take the life of a living being, it can give life to those who are long dead, even Rinrinsis. Rio sought the Ringi because of its power to give actual life. Braco possessed 6 fangs and he used the first on himself after being killed by Mere, then two on Kademu and Moriya. Mere managed to obtain the last three before killing Braco in order for Rio to revive the Three Kenma once he found the location of their bodies.
  • Muzankose's Pangolin-Ken Style: The Pangolin-Ken style involves curling up into a ball and trampling the enemy, as well as relying on his natural armor to resist attacks. The main Ringi is Attacking Steel Ball (征鋼丸, Seikōgan), and its variations: Attacking Steel Ball, Erratic Violence Technique (征鋼丸暴乱技, Seikōgan Bōrangi) and Ultimate Attacking Steel Ball (超絶征鋼丸, Chōzetsu Seikōgan).
  • Nagiu's Eel-Ken Style: Greasy-Stream Wave (粘流波, Nenryūha), and Greasy-Stream Bullet (粘流弾, Nenryūdan) allow Nagiu to secrete huge volumes of Rinki-charged slime, thus causing attacks to slide harmlessly off him, or even send his foes slipping away. Eel Climbing (鰻昇り, Unagi Nobori) and Eel Strangulation (鰻締め, Unagi Jime) allow Nagiu to strangle and constrict his opponent.
  • Flying-Ken (飛翔拳, Hishōken): Wicked Spinning Encounter (邪悪輪遇, Jaakuringū) and Destroying Red-Top Kick (破死兜丹頂脚, Hashibuto Tanchō Kyaku) were team attacks used by the Flying-Ken. In Wicked Spinning Encounter, Rasuka and Rūtsu hurl their dart-like feathers at the victims, while in Destroying Red-Top Kick, they perform a simultaneous high-flying kick at the victim, in the same spot.
    • Rasuka's Crow-Ken Style: Filth Storm (塵嵐, Gomi Arashi) where Rasuka grabs his victim, then flies high up before hurling the victim down to the ground (often into a pile of garbage).
    • Rūtsu's Crane-Ken style: Crest Kick (丹頂脚, Tanchō Kyaku) and Pulse Reversal (鼓動戻し, Kodō Modoshi) which is a special Ringi that allows Rūtsu to extract the "Pulse" (鼓動, Kodō, effectively age and experience) from his victims, making them younger with no memories of their older experience and less capable of fighting back.
  • Dokariya's Hermit Crab-Ken Style: Spiral Shell Spin (巻貝転, Makigaiten) and its variation Spiraling Great Shell Spin (巻巻大貝転, Maki Maki Dai Kaiten), Rinki Bullet (臨気弾, Rinki Dan) and Base-Form Robbing Strike (本体取奪打ち, Hontai Shudatsu Uchi), the latter of which allows Dokariya to possess another person with just a single kiss, entering the victim's body though the mouth and controlling his/her actions from within. Jyan, however, is able to force him out.
  • Eruka's Toad-Ken Style: Mudball Bombs (泥玉弾, Deigyokudan) and Super Oily Body-Armor (超体油包, Chō Taiyūpao), both of which are identical to Maga's Ringi. Eruka's Super Oily Body-Armor is defeated by Geki ElephanTohja's Great Firm Ball.
    • Super Jump (超跳躍, Chō Chōyaku): Eruka's secret Ringi which allows him to leap several hundreds of meters into the air.
  • Tabū's Pig-Ken Style: Flame Breeze (火炎風, Kaenbū)(Fire breath), Darkness Scent Smell (暗黒香嗅, Ankoku Kakagu)(Allows him to track down anything with his chest/nose), and Sausage Stuffing Bomb (腸詰爆弾, Chōzume Bakudan).
  • Mārashiya's Porcupine-Ken Style: Whirlwind Needles (旋風針, Senpū Shin)(Quills Fire from forehead), Gorgeous-Sword Storm (豪華剣嵐, Gōkaken Ran), and Needle-Sword Mountain (針剣山, Hariken Zan), a form of acupuncture that can change a person's personality with normally no cure in sight.
  • Hihi's Baboon-Ken Style: Repeating Super-Bite (再咬超, Sai Kō Chō)
  • Pouōte's Archerfish-Ken Style: Water Stream Supremacy (水流覇, Suiryū Ha) and the stronger Dorinki Water Stream Supremacy (怒臨気水流覇, Dorinki Suiryū Ha) which fires a blast of Rinki-charged water from the nozzle gauntlets, much like the archerfish does to catch its prey.
  • Niwa's Crocodile-Ken Style: Ten Thousand Stones Descend (万降石, Bankōseki), Mudbank Torso Snapping (泥州胴折り, Desudō Ori), and Mudbank Torso Snapping: Authority (泥州胴折り・通, Desudō Ori Tsū).
  • Chouda's Ostrich-Ken Style: Brain Heaven Running (脳天駆, Nōtenku), Dark Dragon Wave: Heavenly Overflow (黒竜波・天空溢, Kokuryūha Tenkūitsu), and Reckless Driving Foot (暴走足, Bōsōsoku)
    • Absorbing Reception Force (受吸力, Jukyūryoku): A special Ringi that allows Chouda to have himself attacked on purpose and build a defense for it, making him stronger. The Ringi's effects can be passed on to future incarnations.
    • Shift Rinki (転臨気, Ten Rinki): A resurrection Ringi that allows Chouda to place all of his Rinki into an egg before he is destroyed. The egg later hatches into a new stronger version of Chouda.
  • Tsuneki's Fox-Ken Style: Advent Arrow-like Death (光臨矢乃如死, Kōrin Yano Gotoshi) and Nine-Tailed Clone Change (九尾分身変, Kyūbi Bunshin Hen)
    • Fox Dimension Big Bomb (狐空大爆弾, Kokū Dai Bakudan): A barrier that would explode and destroy the city once enough Rinki is gathered from within it. Furthermore, the being in barrier increases the user's power ninefold and only defeat of the user can negate the Ringi.
  • Mukoua's Anglerfish-Ken Style: Thousand Dangerous Lanterns (万禍灯, Hikuman Wattō) and Sudden Long Leap (突長跳, Totchō Chō)
  • Bākā's Hippopotamus-Ken Style: Crotch Location Reeling (股所繰, Koshoguri), Half-Bākā (半夏迦, Hanbākā), Dumb-Pound Penalty (鈍打刑, Dondake), and Head Nausal-Tart-Wave (頭鼻酢波, Zubizuba)
  • Meka's Tortoise-Ken Style: Turtle-Bite Fire (亀噛火, Kamekameka) and Shell Suffering Circle (甲羅苦円, Kōrakuen)

Gen Jūken[edit]

Gen Jūken (幻獣拳, "Mythical Beast Fist") is a fictional group of martial artists who appears as antagonists during the last quarter of the Japanese Super Sentai show Juken Sentai Gekiranger. Utilizing a golden Qi known as the Genki (幻気(げんき), "Mythical Qi"), recruiting Mere to their ranks while establishing Rio as their leader, the Gen Jūken seek to exceed the power of natural beasts by mastering the power of mythical beasts with 13 fighting styles (based on the Five Sacred Beasts and the Chinese zodiac). The Gen Jūken style is gradually revealed as a front for Long to raise Rio though the Infinite Path (無限道, Mugendō), turning him into a mindless monster who would destroy the world. All Gen Jūken users have a gold-colored fighting form. With Long posing as a member, the Four Genshou (四幻将, Shi Genshō) represent the Four Sacred Beasts of Chinese myth.


The Infinite Dragon Long (無間龍ロン, Mugen Ryū Ron, 23-49) is the coordinator of Genjūken, its leader and the series antagonist. Although he calls himself a master of the Gen Jū Dragon-Ken (幻獣ドラゴン拳, Gen Jū Doragonken), Long is not a human but an immortal known as the "Infinite Dragon", a many-headed golden dragon with terrible power who manipulated humanity on a whim. Because of his immortality and evil nature, Long found the world dull and decided to make it interesting by creating a Destroyer. This led to Long winning over Maku, whom he trained to be the Destroyer while secretly aiding in the foundation of the Rinjūken Akugata. But after the Kensei sealed Maku and the Kenma, Long was forced to wait until another pawn surfaced to replace Maku. Years later, Long found an ideal pawn in Rio, murdering the youth boy's family and leaving him with a need to become strong to escape the memory of that moment. Long mortally wounded Dan years later before decimating the village where Jyan was born to insure no interference from Dan's family. Long then sets up the Genjūken school, using the Blood-Oath Ceremony (血盟の儀式, Ketsumei no Gishiki) to convert some into his servants.

For most of the series, Long hid behind the scenes while overseeing Rio's training. At first only Mere knew about Long's presence in Rinjū Hall, appearing before her at moments like revealing that Rio would obtain Dorinki and defeat Maku or causing trouble for Gekirangers from afar like triggering Gou's transformation into a werewolf. But Long eventually becomes more involved in Rio's process, first assuming the guises of Jyan, Gou, and Xia Fu to hinder Rio from entering Jūgenkyō until he obtained the SoZyuTo and then forcing Mere to discard her honor to take the item from Ken while he is defenseless. After Rio and Mere run to Jūgenkyō, Long reveals himself to Maku to hold off his former pawn as part of a distraction to allow Rio safe passage to the village. It was only after then Kenma served their purpose that Long kills Rageku as she finally recognizes him.

From there, Long reveals himself to Rio while offering the youth the chance to master Gen Jūken and become stronger. Long manages to convert Rio and Mere in the Blood-Oath Ceremony, the latter as one of the Four Genshou. Seeing Jyan as a hindrance, Long tried to kill him behind Rio's back but becomes excited when Jyan unknowingly awakened Rio as the Genjū King. But Mere's interference revealed Long's treachery and true identity as he attempts to beat Rio to find out why he did not become the Destroyer as he intended. But Mere's interference convinces Long that Rio's feelings for her are the cause as he takes her hostage to force Rio in resuming his role in the master plan. However, when his plan shattered by Rio and Mere discarding their Genki, Long decides to kill them all and look for a new Destroyer to replace Rio.

Though Long was apparently killed by SaiDai GekiRinTohja, he reconstituted himself within Sanyo's body. With a new interest in the Jūken power rivaling his own, Long assumes his true form to take his frustrations on Jyan before killing Mere and then overpowering GekiTohja Wolf and SaiDaiOh. Rio unsuccessfully attempted to kill Long, who assumed his fighting form to overwhelms the Gekirangers before rampaging through the city. Though outmatched, Gou, Ken and the Kensei hold Long as bay before the primary Gekirangers return from mastering Rinjūken. Despite having met his match, Long is confident that Jyan, Retu and Ran cannot kill him before they use the Dōkokugan Ringi to seal him into a small golden orb. The Dōkokugan sphere is later guarded by Jyan, who believes that blessing the Ringi on to former Jūken users will insure the seal remains intact for generations to come.

In Engine Sentai Go-onger vs. Gekiranger Meka uses the Engine Souls as hostages to force Jyan in giving him the sealed Long, converting him to the Dōkokugan Soul (慟哭丸ソウル, Dōkokugan Sōru) before installing it in Nunchaku Banki to empower him as part of his plan to use the dragon's power to rule the world. But when Nunchaku Banki shut down, it is revealed the Dōkokugan's seal has been breached as Long partially emerged to enact his revenge on Gekirangers to complete his freedom. When revived Rio and Mere arrive, Long converting Nunchuck Banki into his vessel Long Banki (ロンバンキ, Ron Banki) to battle the two Sentai groups before his host was destroyed by the Engine Beast Grand Prix while the Dōkokugan is restored to normal. He returned in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen, where he became a member of DaiZangyack. Long's name is based on lóng (), Mandarin for "dragon". His motifs are the Azure Dragon and the Dragon of the Earthly Branches, although his fighting form is gold-colored. Long is played by Naoki Kawano (川野 直輝, Kawano Naoki).


Sanyo (サンヨ, San'yo, 36-48) is a master of the Gen Jū Basilisk-Ken (幻獣バジリスク拳, Gen Jū Bajirisukuken), using gravity-based attacks. He ends all his sentences with "ayo" and is constantly muttering, often giving away hints about Long's true plan. Long's right-hand man, Sanyo was created from Long's body. After Long entered Rio's service Sanyo drags in the large wooden coffin holding Suugu, unsuccessfully sending his apprentices to convince Rio of their power. His habit of blabbering hints of Long's true plans for Rio, with Mere forcing him to reveal what he knows about it. He battles the Gekirangers to keep them from Mere and is defeated by her, Geki Chopper, Geki Violet, Geki Blue and Geki Yellow. Surviving the battle because of his immortality, Sanyo serves his purpose to recreate Long but is devoured by Long when he assumed his true form and full power. His name is based on Suān Yŭ (酸與) of the Shan Hai Jing, and his motifs are the Black Tortoise and the Snake of the Earthly Branches. Sanyo is voiced by Hideyuki Umezu (梅津 秀行, Umezu Hideyuki).


Suugu (スウグ, Sūgu, 38-45) is a master of the Gen Jū Chimera-Ken (幻獣キメラ拳, Gen Jū Kimeraken), a style allowing him to use any Jūken technique from Gekijūken and Rinjūken. Suugu was made by Long from Dan's Geki soul, without his mind. Suugu was resting after the Blood-Oath Ceremony, and was first seen being dragged in his casket by Sanyo. Suugu was later awakened by Long in Rio's presence. Rio recognizes Suugu as Dan; this led to his embracing the Gen Jūken (since only the Gen Jū King can command Suugu). Although he is mindless, part of Dan seems to remain in Suugu; he plays a leaf ocarina. Long tricks Rio into ordering Suugu to kill Jyan. During the battle (after nearly killing his son) Suguu's memories as Dan reawakened, allowing him to overcome the Blood Oath's effect on him and taking the blow Long intended for Jyan. Mortally wounded, Suugu has Jyan deal the deathblow to release Dan's soul from his physical prison. His name is based on Sōu Yú (騶虞) of the Shi Jing, and his motifs are the White Tiger and the Tiger of the Earthly Branches. Suugu is voiced by veteran Tokusatsu actor Kenji Ohba (大葉 健二, Ōba Kenji) who also portrayed Jan's father Dan.

Twin Gensi[edit]

The Twin Gensi (双幻士, Sōgenshi) are apprentices who support the Four Genshou (two per each Genshou).

Sanyo's Gensi[edit]

  • Gouyu (ゴウユ, Gōyu, 37-45): Master of the Gen Jū Cetus-Ken (幻獣ケイトス拳, Gen Jū Keitosuken) which uses sound-based attacks, using small talk while fighting an opponent. He is the Gekirangers' first Genjūken opponent. He nearly defeats SaiDaiOh, GekiTohja Wolf and Geki Fire until GekiElephantFire damages him, although he survives the fight thanks to Sanyo's aid (who defeats all three opponents). He appears again to fight Gou to protect Rio, only to be destroyed in seconds by Gou with the Heaven and Earth Disaster Strike. His name is based on Hé Yŭ (合窳) of the Shan Hai Jing, and his motif is the Pig of the Earthly Branches. Voiced by Shigeo Kiyama (喜山 茂雄, Kiyama Shigeo).
  • Shiyuu (シユウ, Shiyū, 37 & 38): A master of the Gen Jū Minotaur-Ken (幻獣ミノタウロス拳, Gen Jū Minotaurosuken), style, which relies on mirrors. He uses his Mythical Reflection Mirror (幻射鏡, Genshakyō) armor to perform his mirror-Gengi, using it on Retu to infiltrate the Gekirangers. But Gou is not easily fooled, and saves his brother from being trapped in the Mirror World. Shiyuu is wounded by GekiBatTohja Wolf before SaiDaiOh lands the death blow. Shiyuu uses mirrors for his attacks but hates to be imitated, leading him to use strange words so it is harder to emulate him. His name is based on Chī Yóu (蚩尤), and his motif is the Ox of the Earthly Branches. Voiced by Mitsuaki Madono (真殿 光昭, Madono Mitsuaki).

Mere's Gensi[edit]

  • Haku (ハク, Haku, 39): A master of the Gen Jū Unicorn-Ken (幻獣ユニコーン拳, Gen Jū Yunikōnken) style, which controls the mind of its victims. Haku uses two arm blades; before being introduced to Mere, he uses his Gengi to control children. Despite his cowardly techniques, Haku speaks and acts like a medieval knight. His name is based on Bó (駮) of the Shan Hai Jing, and his motif is the Horse of the Earthly Branches. Voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima (古島 清孝, Furushima Kiyotaka).
  • Hiso (ヒソ, Hiso, 39-46): A mistress of the Gen Jū Pixie-Ken (幻獣ピクシー拳, Gen Jū Pikushīken), whose style uses blades. Although she is Mere's apprentice, her loyalty lies with Long as she tries to keep the others away from him and Rio. She is destroyed by the Geki Beast group. Her name is based on Fēi Shŭ (飛鼠) of the Shan Hai Jing, and her motif is the Rabbit of the Earthly Branches. Voiced by Keiko Han (潘 恵子, Han Keiko).

Long's Gensi[edit]

  • Dorou (ドロウ, Dorō, 41 & 42): A master of the Gen Jū Capricorn-Ken (幻獣カプリコーン拳, Gen Jū Kapurikōnken), which involves Chinese alchemy and attacks which alter energy currents. Because of the time he spends in his cave, Dorou is unable to interact with others (with the exception of Sojo); he has an eccentric personality, frequently using 2chan expressions and words. He was killed by the Geki Beasts. His name is based on Tŭ Lóu (土螻) of the Shan Hai Jing, and his motif is the Goat of the Earthly Branches. Voiced by Tetsu Inada (稲田 徹, Inada Tetsu).
  • Sojo (ソジョ, Sojo, 41 & 42): A master of the Gen Jū Afanc-Ken (幻獣アーヴァンク拳, Gen Jū Āvankuken), which uses lightning and spin attacks and has energy-absorbing abilities, Sojo is the hyperactive aide of Dorou. Sojo, like Dorou, is unable to interact with others because of his seclusion and speaks in childish words; however, he can communicate with Dorou. Although he survived the Geki Beasts' attack, Sojo was killed by SaiDaiGeki Tohja. His name is based on Jū Rú (狙如) of the Shan Hai Jing, and his motif is the Rat of the Earthly Branches. Voiced by Kyousei Tsukui (津久井 教生, Tsukui Kyōsei).

Suugu's Gensi[edit]

  • Shuen (シュエン, Shuen, 43): A maniacal prankster who mastered the Gen Jū Hanuman-Ken (幻獣ハヌマーン拳, Gen Jū Hanumānken), which uses a Bōjutsu fighting style. Sometimes, Shuen himself does not distinguish himself from his clones. Shuen was frozen solid by SaiDaiOh before SaiDaiGeki Fire delivered the death blow. His name is based on Zhū Yàn (朱厭) of the Shan Hai Jing, and his motif is the Monkey of the Earthly Branches. Voiced by Hiroyuki Shibamoto (柴本 浩行, Shibamoto Hiroyuki).
  • Kou (コウ, , 43 & 44): A serious, boastful master of the Gen Jū Cerberus-Ken (幻獣ケルベロス拳, Gen Jū Keruberosuken), able to use chakram shock collars in his Gengi. At Mere's suggestion, Kou uses his powers to cause fear among the people. He battles Geki Chopper, Geki Blue, and Geki Yellow, and is defeated and killed by SaiDaiOh. His name is based on Jiǎo () of the Shan Hai Jing, and his motif is the Dog of the Earthly Branches. Voiced by Kunihiko Yasui (安井 邦彦, Yasui Kunihiko).


Gengi (ゲンギ(幻技), Gengi, Mythical Techniques) are the Gen Jūken's counterparts to Ringi.

Common Gengi[edit]

  • Mystic Body Overpowering Heavenly Change (幻身豪天変, Genshin Gōten Hen): Enlargement Gengi.
  • Mystic Release (幻開放, Genkaihō): Exposes master's Genki in its entirety.

Gryphon-Ken Gengi[edit]

These Gengi are performed by Rio:

  • Genki Triumphant Armor (幻気凱装, Genki Gaisō): Rio's transformation Gengi that allows him to assume Gen Jū King form, bypassing his Black Lion form.
  • Divine Smite Assault (破天攻, Hatenkō): A one-hit attack.

Dragon-Ken Gengi[edit]

These Gengi are performed by Long, manifesting his Ki in non-violent ways (outside of his Gengi, Long also manifested his Ki naturally in lightning attacks):

  • Cursed Smoke Emission (呪煙吐, Juendo): Allows Long to create a golden cloud of Genki, using it to subjugate the target to his will. The Gengi was first used on Gou, forcing him to resume his werewolf form.
  • Turn Phantom-Storage (転臨幻納, Tenrin Gennō): A coordinator's move, converting the target's qi into Genki during the Blood-Oath Ceremony.
  • All Soul Concentration (全魂集結, Zenkon Shūketsu): Long used this Gengi to revive Dan's soul and give it form as Suugu.

Phoenix-Ken Gengi[edit]

These Gengi are performed by Mere:

  • Genki Filling (幻気充填, Genki Jūten): Mere's transformation Gengi that allows her to assume Mythical General form, bypassing her Beastman form.
  • Flame General Fearful Desire (火将危願, Hishō Kigan): Mere's Gengi that projects her Genki as a phoenix to consume her opponents in its flames.

Basilisk-Ken Gengi[edit]

These Gengi are performed by Sanyo:

  • Big-Heavy Slowdown (大重鈍化, Daijūdonka): Opponents' gravity is increased to crush them.
  • Small-Light Violent Change (小軽鋭化, Shōkeieika): Opponents' gravity is reduced enough to be blown away.
  • Anti-Gravity Armor (反重力鎧, Han Jūryoku Gai): Uses gravity to deflect Ki-based attacks.
  • Graviton (蔵備頓, Gurabiton): Alters the surrounding gravity of the area to crush his opponents.

Chimera-Ken Gengi[edit]

Suugu's Gengi allows him to use both Geki Waza and Ringi:

  • Geki jū Tiger-Ken Style: Gun-Gun Bullet (砲砲弾, Hō Hō Dan)
  • Rinjū Scorpion-Ken Style: Crimson Lotus Vermilion Whip Kick (紅蓮朱鞭脚, Guren Shuben Kyaku)
  • Rinjū Toad-Ken Style: Oily Body-Armor (体油包, Taiyūpao)
  • Rinjū Crocodile-Ken Style: Mudbank Torso Snapping (泥州胴折り, Desudō Ori)

Other Styles' Gengi[edit]

  • Gouyu's Ceto-Ken Style: Thunder-Boom Wave (拷雷震, Gōraishin)
  • Shiyuu's Minotaur-Ken Style: Turn Reversal (転身反, Tenshinhan) allows Shiyuu to use a person's reflection to create a clone of himself that can assume the form of his target. The reflection-clones' existence depend on the target remaining trapped in the mirror world.
  • Haku's Unicorn-Ken Style: Mythical Invitation-Wave (夢幻招来波, Mugen Shōraiha) allows Haku to take control of children with the horn on his shoulder armor, Great Sharp-Horn Spin (大鋭角断, Dai Eikakudan), and Mystic Force Strong-Excelling Wave (幻力豪豪波, Genriki Gōgōha)
  • Hiso's Pixie-Ken Style: True Sword Soaring Dance (真剣翔舞, Shinken Shōbu) and Thrust Sword Absorb (突剣呑, Tsukken Don)
  • Dorou's Capricorn-Ken Style: Instant Write-Call (即書呼, Sokukakiko, Used to make calculations), Training Horse Spin (練馬繰, Nerimakuri, Disarming attack), Training Horse Spin: Pain (練馬繰・痛, Nerimakuri Tsū), and Full-Body Training Horse Spin (全身練馬繰, Zenshin Nerimakuri, Combo)
  • Sojo's Addanc-Ken Style: Ready Separate Beauty Advantage (備離美利, Biribiri) (lightning attack), Implement Style Risk Halt (具流虞留, Guruguru, spin attack), Strikeless Descend Illusion (打無堕夢, Damudamu, Illision), Full-Body Training Horse Spin (全身練馬繰, Zenshin Nerimakuri, Combo), and Implement Style Risk Halt Ready Separate Beauty Advantage (具流虞留備離美利, Guruguru Biribiri, Lightning/spin attack).
  • Shuen's Hanuman-Ken Style: Wild-Hair Clone Change (毛猛分身変, Mōmō Bunshin Hen) allows the user to use strands of hair to create a limitless number of clones while Great Ape Game (大猿回, Daienkai) gives the user great speed to avoid attacks. By using a staff, Shuen can perform both Indian Spin (天軸転, Tenjikuten) and Explosive Flame Saiyūki (爆炎彩遊鬼, Bakuen Saiyūki).
  • Kou's Cerberus-Ken Style: Rapid Foolish Flow (迅愚流, Jinguru)



  1. ^ "Qi" (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; Korean: ; Japanese: ; Mongolian: хийг; traditional Mongolian:ᠬᠡᠢ ᠶᠢ; Thai: ลมปราณ; Lao: ຊີວິດ; Khmer: ឈី; Burmese: အသက်) is a concept in Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Mongolian, Thai, Lao, Khmer, Burmese, Filipino, Malaysian, Indonesian and Tetum cultures that relates to one's life force. It is pronounced as "ch'i" in Chinese, "khí" in Vietnamese, "gi" in Korean, "ki" in Japanese, "khiig" in Mongolian, "lmprāṇ" in Thai, "sivid" in Lao, "chhi" in Khmer, "aasaat" in Burmese, "qi" in Tagalog, "chi" in Malaysian, "chi" in Indonesian and "qi" in Tetum.
  2. ^ Geki Tohja's name is a portmanteau of the terms "fierce fighting" (激闘, gekitō) and "monarch" (王者, ōja).
  3. ^ SaiDaiOh's name is a portmanteau of the terms "maximum" (最大, sai dai) and "king" (, ō) or the Japanese words for "Rhinoceros" (, sai) or "Break" (, sai), "Great" (, dai), and "King" (, ō).
  4. ^ "Akugata" is made up of the Japanese words meaning "Evil-Style" (悪形, aku-gata).

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