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Rana Husseini is an award-winning journalist and human rights activist who, from her home base in Jordan, has been instrumental in bringing the issue of honour crimes against women to public attention and for securing changes to the law in Jordan to bring stronger penalties for crimes of these types.

She has been honoured on the international stage with a number of significant awards including: The 1995 MEDNEWS prize award for best article "Murder in the name of honour," the Reebok Human Rights Award in 1998, the Human Rights Watch Award in 2000 for being part of the National Jordanian Committee to Eliminate Crimes of Honour and the Ida B. Wells award in 2003 for Bravery in Journalism.

She is a senior reporter at The Jordan Times and an advisor to the U.S. government funded human rights organisation Freedom House.

In 2009 a book by her was published (Oneworld Publications) titled "Murder in the Name of Honour", about honor killings.[1]


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