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Paduka Sri Rana Wikrama ('Ranavikrama') was the eldest son of Sri Wikrama Wira with his wife Nila Panjadi, and the third Raja of Singapura. He was known as Raja Muda his accession and married to a daughter of Bendahara Tun Perpatih Muka Berjajar. His reign was from 1362 to 1375.[1][2]

Despite the failure in the previous campaign against Singapura under the rule of his father, the Javanese chronicle Nagarakretagama list Singapura as a subject of Majapahit in 1365. During his reign, Rana Wira Kerma established a diplomatic ties with a Sumatran Muslim kingdom, Peureulak.[3] It was during this time also, a legendary man with an unusual strength, Badang, was said to have demonstrated his feat of strength in Rana Wikrama's court.

Sri Rana Wikrama
House of Sang Sapurba
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sri Wikrama Wira
Raja of Singapura
Succeeded by
Sri Maharaja


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