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Ranau Town

Pekan Ranau
District Capital
Ranau town centre
Ranau town centre.
Location of Ranau Town
Coordinates: 5°58′00″N 116°41′00″E / 5.96667°N 116.68333°E / 5.96667; 116.68333Coordinates: 5°58′00″N 116°41′00″E / 5.96667°N 116.68333°E / 5.96667; 116.68333
Country Malaysia
State Sabah
DivisionWest Coast
 • Total8,970

Ranau (Malay: Pekan Ranau) is the capital of the Ranau District in the West Coast Division of Sabah, Malaysia. Its population was estimated to be around 8,970 in 2010.[1]


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