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Dinan port.jpg
The Rance in Dinan.
Origin Brittany
Mouth English Channel
48°38′28″N 2°2′26″W / 48.64111°N 2.04056°W / 48.64111; -2.04056 (English Channel-Rance)Coordinates: 48°38′28″N 2°2′26″W / 48.64111°N 2.04056°W / 48.64111; -2.04056 (English Channel-Rance)
Basin countries France
Length 102 km
Avg. discharge 12 m³/s
Basin area 1,195 km²

The Rance is a river of northwestern France.[1] It flows into the English Channel between Dinard and Saint-Malo.

Before reaching the Channel, its waters are barred by a 750 metre long dam forming the Rance tidal power plant.

The river is linked to the Vilaine by means of the Canal d'Ille-et-Rance.

Départements and towns along the river:

Hydrology and water quality[edit]

Tributaries of the Rance include:

This river has moderate turbidity and its brownish water is somewhat low in velocity due to the slight gradient of the watercourse; pH levels have been measured at 8.13[2] within the city of Dinan and electrical conductivity of the waters have tested at 33 micro-siemens per centimetre. At this reference location, summer flows are typically in the range of 500 cubic feet per second (14 m3/s).


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