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Ranch One
Founded 1990
Headquarters New York City, New York
Parent Kahala Brands
Website Ranchone.com

Ranch One is a chain of restaurants specializing in grilled, marinated chicken breast sandwiches, which is franchised by Kahala Brands. The chain was founded in New York City, New York in 1990. Through the years, Ranch One has opened a total of over 100 stores, of which over 30 were active in 2009. Most stores are in the United States. In addition there are several locations in Kuwait.[1]

The first Ranch One opened in 1990 in New York City on Broadway adjacent to the Ed Sullivan Theater.[2] The flagship location closed in 2008.

Mafia connections[edit]

In 2001, Ranch One co-owner and vice-chairman James Chickara and Sebastian Rametta, another executive at the company, pleaded guilty to stock fraud in connection with the Colombo mafia crime family. Chickara was reportedly caught on tape by the FBI admitting that he used donations to Abraham Fruchthandler of the Mesivta Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin orthodox Jewish university to launder money used to pay brokers. These brokers allegedly hyped the stock of the New York City-based food retailer Manhattan Soup Man, modeled on "The Soup Nazi" character from the TV sitcom Seinfeld.[3][4]

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