Ranchería River

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The Ranchería River is a river located in northern La Guajira Department, Colombia. Born in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta southern steps flows south, abruptly turns northeast and then north towards the Caribbean sea where it finally flows into.[1]

2007 floods[edit]

On April 22, 2007, the Rancheria river flooded the municipality of Manaure in La Guajira after three or four days of continuous precipitation. The town of Manaure suffered floods in 24 neighborhoods and some 30 communities in the rural area of the municipality and also affected sections of the municipality of Riohacha. Flood victims (some 1,250 families, mostly pertaining to the Wayuu ethnic group) had to be evacuated on boats and jetskis by the Colombian Red Cross and the Colombian Civil Defense due to the difficult conditions in the area. They also delivered medical and food supplies. The Governor of La Guajira José González, was also present in the area and asked the national government for assistance and aid.[2]