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Ranchi About this sound pronunciation  (Hindi: राँची) is the capital city of Jharkhand state, India. Ranchi was the centre of the Jharkhand movement for a separate state for the tribal regions of South Bihar. Jharkhand was formed on 15 November 2000 by carving out the districts of Chota Nagpur and Santhal Parganas divisions of Bihar. As a part of Bihar, it used to be the summer capital from the time of the British Raj because of its cool climate. It is not very far from Rajrappa, another seminal place in the state of Jharkhand.

City Plan and Famous Localities of Ranchi are:

Ranchi saw a dramatic development boom since 2000, after it became the capital city of Jharkhand, resulting in skyrocketing real estate prices, influx of people and development activities. A number of parks and picnic spots like Siddu Kanhu Park, Rock Gardens etc. were developed after it. ranchi airport is international airport. present Indian captain MS Dhoni's hometown.. ,

Major Residential Areas[edit]


Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited (CMPDIL) is one of the eight subsidiary of Coal India Limited (CIL) with its headquarters at Ranchi. CMPDIL came into existence in 1975 after nationalization of coal mines and as the name suggests became planning and design subsidiary of CIL. CMPDIL now gives services in exploration, planning & design, coal preparation, Coal Bed Methane (CBM)′[1] and research & development in coal sector and has clients spread across India and globe. The colony is based in the Kanke road. The colony has a State Bank of India inside the campus. Gondwana School inside the campus has been run by CMPDI for the last 25 years. The Colony also has a tennis court, play ground, Community hall and Mayuri hall. It has a Ladies club (Mahila Sabha) which donates towards blind students at Birsa Blind school. The colony is 8.7 km from Ranchi Railway Station and 12.3 km from Airport. Overall, it is a marvellous location in Ranchi.

Ashok Nagar[edit]

This cooperative society colony was established in 1975. This posh colony was formed by Senior Bihar Govt employees. The colony has 500 plots. The size of the plot varies from 5,000 sq ft (460 m2) to 12000 sq ft (type d to type a). The colony has 4 cricket ground size parks and one temple. Some founder members are Late Someshwar Sahay (Registrar, Bihar Govt), Late Mr. Parmeshwari Prasad Sinha (PWD, Bihar Govt), Late Mr. K. B Narayan(PWD, Bihar Govt), Late Mr.Ram Briksha Pd. Sinha (Coop. Societies, Bihar Govt), Mr. Sarju Sharan, Dr. J Sharan, Late Dr. K. C. Prasad and many more. The colony is based in the heart of the city. The colony is 3 km from Railway Station and 4 km from Airport.

SAIL Satellite colony[edit]

Established in 1990, the colony was created exclusively for employees of the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) posted in Ranchi. Besides the residential units, the colony features Children's Park, Play Grounds, BasketBall & Tennis Courts, Recreation Centre and much more."Morning Stars Football Club" is also situated in this colony.This Club was established in 2000 by a group of Sail Employees. Delhi Public School, a major school of Ranchi is located inside this colony. It is also a very peaceful and quiet colony. It has houses of 400 square feet (37 m2) to 1500 sq.feet. Overall, it is a marvellous location in Ranchi.

Resaldar Nagar[edit]

Resaldar Nagar was established in 1975, major residents are Muslims. The speciality of this area is that the whole area was occupied within three years - now there are no more vacant plots. It is situated in the very heart of city near Rajendra chowk and Over Bridge.this is the most reputed area for Muslim and the best colony for Muslims. Most of the people are highly literate. It is named after a BABA named Resaldar. A huge fair is organized every year in the remembrance of RESALDAR BABA who also have a huge Mazaar (shrine) over there along with a beautiful mosque. You can pass your time in the evening by walking over a large lawn besides the lake. Beside Resaldar Nagar, there are lot of quarters of Jharkhand Armed Police [J.A.P.] and the Secretariat of Jharkhand..


Lalpur Chowk, an important locality of Ranchi, Jharkhand state, is an intersection (chowk meaning "intersection") is at the intersection of Circular and Old Hazaribagh Road (old HB Road in short). The word chowk is a Hindi word meaning intersection. The area has several shops and important commercial establishments. Circular Road ends at the subsequent chowk, namely, Dangratoli Chowk, where Circular Road meets Purulia Road. In the opposite direction, the Circular Road takes one to Kutchery area of Ranchi. From there, it forks to Ratu Road and Kanke Road. Old HB Road continues until it meets the new Hazaribagh Road. In the opposite direction it leads to Firayalal chowk, which is one of the busiest intersections in Ranchi. Lalpur Chowk also leads to Peace Road.

There are major residential areas around Lalpur chowk. Burdwan Compound, BSNL colony, Lower Burdwan compound etc. Burdwan Compound has a large population of Bengalis. Burdwan Compound is so named because it was the estate of the king of Burdwan, a district in West Bengal.

Harmu Housing Colony[edit]

A view of Harmu Colony

Harmu Housing Colony is one of the largest residential areas of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state, India. The Colony was established during the early 1960s, and has since rapidly expanded. Currently 2016, it has, apart from residential houses and apartments, a number of trading and commercial establishments; government offices; schools and hospitals, and other civic facilities. The neighboring areas of Harmu housing Colony are Argora and Ashok Nagar in South, Kishore Gunj in North and New AG Cooperative colony in East. India cricket captain MS Dhoni's house is located here.. Many high rise apartments are being built in this area and property prices are very high.

Kantatoli Colony[edit]

Kantatoli Colony also known as Netaji Nagar, is one of the popular residential areas of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state, India. Kantatoli Colony/Netaji Nagar is famous for its cultural events and especially for the Durga Puja celebrations. It was set up to rehabilitate the refugees from East Bengal after the partition. The culture of East Bengal still thrives here.

AG Co-Operative Colony[edit]

AG Co-Operative Colony includes A.G.Colony Kadru both are coming under the society of A.G Office Employees Housing Society is becoming very expensive locality in Ranchi. Children Park in new AG cooperative colony is the budding ground for fresh cricketing talent.

Other Localities:

  • Resaldar Nagar
  • MECON Shyamali colony
  • HEC colony
  • NIFFT Colony
  • Hinoo
  • Argora
  • A.G. Colony, Kadru
  • Burdwan Compound
  • Old Commissioner's Compound
  • Jawahar Nagar
  • Gandhi Nagar
  • Tharpakhna
  • Kusai Colony
  • Rahmat Colony
  • Pathalkudwa
  • Purani Ranchi
  • Indrapuri
  • Shivpuri
  • South Office Para
  • North Office Para
  • Bariatu Sarhul nagar
  • Nagra Toli
  • Bhitta
  • Shastri Nagar
  • Morhabadi
  • Shashi Vihar Colony (Cheshire Home Road, Bariatu)
  • Budh Vihar

Major roads[edit]

  • H.B.Road (HazariBag Road)
  • Old H.B.Road
  • Circular Road
  • Mahatma Gandhi/Main Road
  • Purulia Road
  • Kanke Road
  • Ratu Road
  • Indrapuri Road
  • Bariatu Road
  • HEC Ratu Bypass road
  • Club Road
  • Church Road

Major intersections[edit]

  • Kutchery
  • Firayalal (Albert Ekka)
  • Medical(RMCH)
  • Kokar
  • Lalpur
  • Karamtoli
  • Kantatoli
  • Booty More
  • BIT More
  • Birsa Chowk
  • Pandra
  • Piska more
  • Dangratoli Chowk
  • Argora
  • Sahjanand Chowk
  • Harmu bypass
  • Hinoo more
  • Doranda
  • Russian Hostel
  • Dhurwa
  • Chandni Chowk

Bus terminus[edit]

  • Birsa Bus Terminus (Khadgada)
  • Ratu Road Bus Stand
  • State Transport Bus Terminal (Over-Bridge)