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Coordinates: 32°59′43.10″N 117°03′57.91″W / 32.9953056°N 117.0660861°W / 32.9953056; -117.0660861

Rancho Bernardo High School
13010 Paseo Lucido
San Diego, California

United States
Type Public high school
Established September 1990
School district Poway Unified School District
Principal David LeMaster[1]
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 2252[2] (2013)
Color(s) Blue, White, and Silver             
Team name Broncos
Yearbook Legends
Newspaper The Silver Spur

Rancho Bernardo High School, or RBHS, is a public high school in the Poway Unified School District of San Diego County, California, United States. Rancho Bernardo High School opened in September 1990 as the district's third high school. There are approximately 2,300 students in grades 9 through 12, and approximately 101 faculty members.[3]


The school computes grades on an A-F system. Starting with the 2007–2008 school year, the high school stopped providing rankings on school transcripts.[citation needed]

Science Olympiad[edit]

Led by physics/chemistry teacher Yvonne Eibeck, RBHS Science Olympiad consists of about 90 students broken into 6 teams. In February, they host a middle school Science Olympiad competition on the RBHS campus. Following the middle school competition, they attend the Division C San Diego Regional SO competition where the team has historically placed high. Due to their consistent success in the regional competition, the RBHS Science Olympiad team has been invited to compete in the SoCal State Science Olympiad Competition every year (except 2010) since 2008. The Science Olympiad team has existed since at least 1997.

School Safety[edit]

According to the California Department of Education and a Channel 8 news report (October 2012) Rancho Bernardo High School is considered the third-safest high school in San Diego county. The report based the rankings on the schools with the lowest violence and drug rates based on suspension statistics.[4]


Rancho Bernardo is a Division I school competing in the Palomar League against Poway High School, Mount Carmel High School, Westview High School, Torrey Pines High School, and Canyon Crest Academy. The school's sports teams go by the name "The Broncos". Their school colors are blue, silver, and white.

Some famous athletes to come from Rancho Bernardo are MLB baseball players Cole Hamels, Alex Jackson, and Hank Blalock. Rancho Bernardo High School has a reputation for being heavily focused on baseball. According to the book Moneyball, Rancho Bernardo is known in baseball circles as "The Factory" due to the consistent quality of players being produced from its program and later going on to either college, minor, or major leagues. MLB first-round draft picks include Cole Hamels (2002), Danny Putnam (2001 graduate; 2004 out of Stanford University), Allan Dykstra (2008), and Gosuke Katoh 2013 graduate (drafted 66th overall by the New York Yankees).

In 2015, the high school's football team followed their mantra "Finish The Mission", based on master chief fight to take back earth from the covenant, with this statement and this alone they prevailed in their division and won a state title.

Music Program[edit]

Rancho Bernardo Royal Regiment[edit]

Their marching band, the Royal Regiment, is under the direction of Duane Otani. The Royal Regiment has nearly 200 students participating, which consists of the band, the percussion, and the color guard. During the fall, they compete in several tournaments in San Diego County and one in Los Angeles County, the Arcadia tournament. Each time that the Mount Carmel tournament has taken place in the last fourteen years (it did not take place in 2007 due to the Witch Creek fire and the other fires that were devastating San Diego county), they have won the top award in every category of judgment, and earned numerous sweepstakes.[citation needed] At the Arcadia tournament, one of the largest in Southern California, they have won the Grand Sweepstakes: Championship award (the tournament's highest honor) as well as "The Mace," the top honor for the marching segment of the competition, without an upset from 2001 to 2014. In 2013, the Royal Regiment won 1st place (gold) at the SCSBOA 6A Championships. They have also been hosting the Rancho Bernardo High School Field Tournament since 2008[citation needed].

Concert Band[edit]

During the spring season, the students get separated into 3 bands; Concert Band II, Concert Band I, and Wind Ensemble, based on audition.

Rancho Bernardo High School Madrigals and Vocal Music Program[edit]

The school's vocal music program has been led by award-winning director, Lisa Friedrichs, since 1996.[5] The program consists of four separate choirs: Beginning Choir, Concert Choir, Advanced Women's Ensemble, and the school's premier chamber choir, the Madrigals.[6] Both the Advanced Women's Ensemble and the Madrigals have won numerous national, regional, and statewide awards.[7]

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