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Rancho High School
Rancho high.jpg
Rancho High School, Est. 1954
1900 Searles Avenue
North Las Vegas, NV, 89101
Coordinates 36°11′08″N 115°07′21″W / 36.1856°N 115.12243°W / 36.1856; -115.12243Coordinates: 36°11′08″N 115°07′21″W / 36.1856°N 115.12243°W / 36.1856; -115.12243
School type Public high school
Established 1953
School district Clark County School District
Dean Susan Eisen
Principal Dr. James Kuzma
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 3,249
School colour(s) Green and white
Athletics conference Sunrise 4A Region
Team name Rams
Publication Rampage

Rancho High School is a high school located at 1900 Searles Avenue in North Las Vegas, Nevada. It is part of the Clark County School District. Opened in 1953, Rancho High School was the 3rd public high school founded in the Las Vegas Valley, after Las Vegas High School (1905) and Basic High School (1942).

Magnet Programs[edit]

Rancho High School offers two different Clark County School District magnet programs, The Academy of Aviation (Private Pilot Training and Aerospace Engineering), The Academy of Medicine (Pre-Med, Sports Medicine, Emergency Medical Training), and Biomedical Technology (Biotechnology) Academy.

Academy of Aviation[edit]

The Academy of Aviation offers two 4-year programs for students interested in pursuing courses that can lead to college or careers in the aerospace and aviation industry. The Private Pilot Training program offers curriculum in the fundamentals of flight, space travel and rocketry, as well as the opportunity to earn a Private Pilot License. Aerospace Engineering offers students interested in designing and building airplanes the academic foundation necessary to prepare them for successful entry into an engineering program at the university level. Students in the Aviation Academy may earn up to thirteen college credits.

Academy of Medicine[edit]

The Academy of Medicine offers four 4-year college preparatory programs by instructors with extensive professional experience. For students interested in becoming medical doctors or other medical professionals such as veterinarians, nurses, dentists or pharmacists, a Pre-Med program is available. Students in this program will be introduced to anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, laboratory tests and results, and disease diagnosis. The Sports Medicine program offers students interested in athletics a foundation in anatomy, athletic training and injury evaluation. For students interested in learning life-saving techniques that can be used in an emergency situation, the Medical Academy offers an Emergency Medical Technician program where students can become a certified EMT-Basic.

Academy of Biomedical Technology (Academy of Biotechnology)[edit]

Through the Biomedical Technology program, (also referred to as the Biotechnology, "Biotech," Academy,) students are introduced to the unique field of research and the basic skills commonly employed in the biotechnology laboratory. Students participate in DNA extraction, genetic engineering techniques, basic tissue culturing and cloning.


The different classes offered under the Medical and Biomedical Technology Magnet Program are: "Introduction to Health Science", "Physical Examination and Assessment", "Human Diseases, Injuries and Conditions", "Pharmacology", "Sports Medicine 1", "Genetics", "Introduction to Biotechnology, ""Biotechnology 1", "Biotechnology 2", "EMT-Basic Certification", "Medical Internship" and the newly created "Medical Terminology" and "Sports Medicine 2".


Rancho High School offers many different sports, including volleyball, baseball, football, cross-country, swimming, tennis, golf, soccer, wrestling, bowling, cheerleading and dance, and has many traditions that go along with each individual sport.

"The Bone Game"[edit]

The oldest tradition in Nevada High School football is the rivalry between Rancho High School Rams and the Las Vegas High School Wildcats. The annual game is played for “Sir Herkimer's Bone” also known as “Sir Herk” When the Wildcats won the first game of the series in 1957, the Herkimer Bone tradition began. The “Bone” is actually a large cow bone proposed by the Rancho Lettermen’s Club as the annual trophy for the Rancho-Las Vegas football game. The father of a Rancho player owned a butcher shop and several members of the lettermen’s club went to the butcher shop got the bone and boiled it in water for a full day. One end of the bone fell off during boiling so they glued it back on and one of the guys painted it gold to hide the crack. Since then, it has been preserved in bronze. The first “Bone” game ended in a 13-13 tie. Each school agreed to keep “The Bone” for one semester; however, some Rancho students stole “The Bone” from Las Vegas during the semester the Wildcats were supposed to keep it. Since then it has been agreed that the “Bone” trophy is kept by the winning school for one year.


Las Vegas HS victories are shaded in ██ red. Rancho HS victories are shaded ██ green.

Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association State Championships[edit]

  • Baseball – 1959, 1960, 1961, 1965, 1969, 1973, 1974, 1976, 2010, 2011, 2014
  • Football – 1960, 1961, 1962, 1988
  • Volleyball (Girls) – 1985, 1986
  • Basketball (Boys) - 1961, 1973, 1977, 1986,1992
  • Soccer (boys)- 1980,1981,1982,1995, 1998

New facility[edit]

The old campus was torn down in June 2006 after over 50 years of being the main location for the school. In July 2006 construction of a new 75 million dollar (overbudgeted to over 100 million)[citation needed], indoor, mall-style school was completed and the students moved in. It was erected on the site of the old football field. After the campus was completed, construction began on a new artificial turf football field and track. Construction was completed in 2007.

Changes for 2010–2011[edit]

Starting this upcoming school year, Rancho High School will change from A traditional 6 day scheduling to a 7 classes a day.

Notable alumni[edit]


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