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Randa Mai or Mai Randa (乱田舞 Randa Mai?) is a Japanese nawashi and adult video (AV) director.

Life and career[edit]

Randa Mai was born on 25 March 1959 and has been working as a professional nawashi for many years.[1] With his alias translated roughly as "wild dancer", he is known for AVs with bondage themes, such as the Snake Bondage (蛇縛 Jabaku?) series for Attackers,[2] as well as instructional videos on Japanese bondage.[3]

Randa Mai describes himself as an "S&M entertainer" rather than a nawashi.[1] He has also performed outside Japan, including Europe and United States, and runs Bar Randa Mai (Bar乱田舞?) in Roppongi.[4] As a martial artist he is versed in Shorinji Kempo.[1]

Selected filmography[edit]

Adult Videos (AV)[edit]

Video title[5] Release date Studio Cast Notes
A Project Of Sexual Reconstruction
2003-06-01 Moodyz Killer
An Nanba
Ryubaku Confinement Rape 10
2004-12-08 Attackers Ryubaku
Yumi Kazama
Schoolgirls Snake Bondage Gang Rape 10
女子校生 蛇縛輪姦十
2005-02-02 Attackers Jabaku
Ruka Uehara
Schoolgirls Snake Bondage 12
女子校生 蛇縛輪姦12
2006-06-07 Attackers Jabaku
Sara Tsukigami
Snake Bondage Torture 8
蛇縛の拷問折檻8 ―藍き終焉―
2007-06-07 Attackers Super Special
Minami Aoyama, Riko Sakura & Megu Hoshino
Hips Fetizm
2008-11-07 Attackers Inmad
Asuka Suzuki
Saori Konno Bondage & Scat
紺野沙織 緊縛・脱糞
2009-11-07 Attackers Jabaku
Saori Konno

Instructional videos[edit]

Video title [6] Release date Studio Notes
The Complete Kinbaku Manual - Beginners
完全緊縛マニュアル 初級編
2002 Bucky Visual Planning
The Complete Kinbaku Manual - Intermediate
完全緊縛マニュアル 中級編
2002 Bucky Visual Planning
The Complete Kinbaku Manual - Advanced
完全緊縛マニュアル 初上級編
2002 Bucky Visual Planning
Randa Mai's Kinbaku Manual - Beginners
乱田舞の緊縛マニュアル 初級
2004 Bakki-ryū 2 DVDs
Randa Mai's Kinbaku Manual - Intermediate
乱田舞の緊縛マニュアル 中級
2004 Bakki-ryū 3 DVDs
Randa Mai's Kinbaku Manual - Advanced
乱田舞の緊縛マニュアル 上級
2004 Bakki-ryū 2 DVDs


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