Randaberg Stadion

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Randaberg Stadion
Location Randaberg, Norway
Coordinates 59°00′24″N 5°37′10″E / 59.0068°N 5.619538°E / 59.0068; 5.619538Coordinates: 59°00′24″N 5°37′10″E / 59.0068°N 5.619538°E / 59.0068; 5.619538
Capacity 3,000
Record attendance Approx. 3,500
Field size 107 by 68 metres (351 ft × 223 ft)
Randaberg IL (football)

Randaberg Stadion is an association football stadium just outside the village of Randaberg in the municipality of Randaberg in Rogaland county, Norway. It is the home ground of the Randaberg IL football team.[1] The stadium was renovated and expanded in 2005.[2]

The record attendance is about 3,500, from a 2007 cup match where Randaberg played Viking.[3]


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