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Randall P. Dark is a Canadian writer, director, and producer[1] recognized as an early proponent of HDTV.[2][3]


In 1995, Dark and his company, HD Vision, were involved with the United Nations 50th Anniversary where they shot, in HDTV, President Bill Clinton's speech in San Francisco.[4] In 1999, Dark and HD Vision produced a documentary for PBS about the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. This program aired in HDTV in June 1999.[5]

Much of Dark's work involves sweeping nature cinematography including Trinity River Raft Ride featuring Eddie Bracken. One of the 3D projects Dark directed in 2010 was 3 Cities in 3D, which was shot with the Panasonic 3D camera. The cities featured were Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.[6] Randall also worked on HD projects with Julie Andrews, Willie Nelson, Harry Connick Jr., Lyle Lovett, Sting, Bill Clinton, Leonard Nimoy and Stephen Hawking [7]

Dark was listed in the Studio Daily Top 50 Independent Category as a creative and technologist.[8] He is also on the adivisory board for the Caucus Foundation.[9]


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