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Randy Spears
Randy Spears 2010.jpg
Spears in September 2010
Born Gregory Allan Deuschle[1][2]
(1961-06-18) June 18, 1961 (age 55)
Kankakee, Illinois, USA
Other names Greg Ory, Nick Russell, Randy Sprars, Gregory Patrick, Greg Patrick, Wayne Green
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight 184 lb (83 kg)
Spouse(s) Danielle Rogers (2 children) (Divorced)[3]

Randy Spears (born June 18, 1961), sometimes credited as Greg Ory, is a former American pornographic actor and director[4] who has appeared in numerous adult feature films.


Adult films[edit]

Spears was introduced to the industry in 1987 by Ona Zee.[5] Spears has in 2016 interview claimed that he was an aspiring actor that, after a few years in show business, fell on hard times due to the 1980s writers strike. Spears then turned to some modeling jobs upon which a make-up artist handed him her card and told him to dial the number if he ever felt like doing nude work. He was at first hesitant to enter the adult film industry, fearing it would hurt his professional career at a later stage, but about a month later he changed his mind when he lacked money for food, possessing no more than one can of beans and one can of potatoes in his cupboard. For his first shoot, he received $400. Spears stated that he felt conflicted afterwards. He claims he received more offers once the producers noticed he had some acting experience. His mother was initially kept unaware of her son's newfound profession.[6][7] Spears' first billing was as detective Hank Smith in The Case of the Sensuous Sinners, released in 1988. He later appeared in at least two gay-targeted videos including a masturbation scene in "Straight to Bed," and a male-on-male spanking scene in "Biker Boys Out of Control."[8] Aside from the occasional inclusion of photospreads in a few gay magazines,[9] the remainder of Spears' career has been in heterosexual porn. In 1990, Spears won the Adult Video News Best Actor Award for his performance in The Masseuse with Hyapatia Lee. Spears also played Captain Jim Quirk in the "Sex Trek" series, which was a sex-parody of Star Trek. He has since been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

In 2011, he shot his last film in the pornography film industry, having broken down in tears as he left the set. He publicly announced in 2015 that he had left the industry, turning to Christianity.[10][11]

Mainstream career[edit]

Spears left for California during the early 1980s to pursue acting. Spears acquired a manager and an agent and got cast in a motion picture the first week he arrived.[7] Spears was seen in three mainstream films under the name Gregory Patrick. In the 1988 comedy Sexpot he plays the role of Damon; the same year he appears in the horror comedy Critters 2: The Main Course. A year later, Spears starred next to Georgina Spelvin (the famous porn actress, known for films such as The Devil in Miss Jones) and Linda Blair in the non-pornographic Bad Blood. This 1989 gothic thriller, also known as A Woman Obsessed, is a bizarre mix of Fatal Attraction and Misery, and raised a cult following.[citation needed] He also acted in commercials and soap operas such as a year's tenure in Ryan's Hope, where he played a bartender. Spears recalls this time as being "fun".[6] In later years, he provided the voice of a character called John Q. Mind in the episode "In Country...Club", the fifth season premiere of American Dad! that aired on September 27, 2009.

Personal life[edit]

He was best friends with the late Jon Dough, with whom he entered the business at around the same time. Spears expressed that Dough was "like a brother" to him. Following Dough's suicide in 2006, Spears and his wife set up a memorial fund on MySpace to help pay for the funeral costs.[12][13][14][15]

In a 2015 interview, Spears said that he had severe drug problems during his time in the adult business and that a vicious circle kept him in the business all those years: "I had to go to work, to do the porn, so that I could buy the drugs, to bury the pain of doing the porn. So I’d go to work, and do the porn, so I could buy the drugs, to bury the pain. And around and around it went." Spears also claimed that the business changed his view of women, perceiving them as sexual objects, adding " I lost the ability to have a loving and caring relationship. I thought I was still able. I was fooled."[11]

Spears was previously in a relationship with fellow actress Samantha Strong, a period he recalled as "painful".[6][16]

Spears was once married to fellow actress Danielle Rogers and the couple had two children. The marriage was acrimonious according to Spears, who attributes this to the two of them having had drug problems. The couple finally divorced because of money disputes.[3] Spears has expressed regrets over having married Rogers and on a 2016 appearance of KSEX, he stated it was a "displeasure" to have known her.[3][17]


AVN Awards:

  • 1991 Best Actor - Film - The Masseuse[18]
  • 1994 Best Supporting Actor - Video - Haunted Nights[19]
  • 2000 Best Actor - Video - Double Feature![20]
  • 2002 Hall of Fame inductee[21]
  • 2003 Best Supporting Actor - Video - Hercules[22]
  • 2004 Best Actor - Film - Heart of Darkness[23]
  • 2004 Best Supporting Actor - Video - Space Nuts[23]
  • 2004 Best Oral Sex Scene - Film - Heart of Darkness (shared with Sunrise Adams)[23]
  • 2006 Best Supporting Actor (Film) - Eternity[24]
  • 2006 Best Group Sex Scene (Film) - Dark Side[24]
  • 2007 Best Group Sex Scene (Film) - Fuck[24]
  • 2007 Best Actor (Film) - Manhunters[24]
  • 2008 Best Supporting Actor (Film) - Flasher[25]
  • 2010 Best Group Sex Scene – With Special Guest Jamie Wright & Jessica Stone 2040[26]

XRCO Awards:

  • 1991 Best Actor (Single Performance) All That Sex[27]
  • 1999 Best Actor (Single Performance) Double Feature[28]
  • 2002 Hall of Fame inductee[29]
  • 2003 Best Actor (Single Performance) Space Nuts[30]
  • 2004 Best Actor (Single Performance) Misty Beethoven - The Musical[31]
  • 2005 Best Actor (Single Performance) Eternity[32]
  • 2006 Best Actor (Single Performance) Curse Eternal[33]
  • 2007 Best Actor (Single Performance) Black Widow[34]

Other Awards:

  • 1993 F.O.X.E Male Fan Favorite[35]
  • 1999 Nightmoves Award for Best Actor/Male Performer (Editors Choice)[36]
  • 2001 F.O.X.E Male Fan Favorite[37]
  • 2002 Nightmoves Award for Best Actor/Male Performer (Editors Choice)[36]
  • 2005 Nightmoves Award for Best Actor/Male Performer (Fans Choice)[36]
  • 2006 F.O.X.E Male Fan Favorite[37]
  • 2006 Ninfa Award - Best Supporting Actor (La mansión del placer)[38]
  • 2007 F.A.M.E. Award – Favorite Male Star[39]
  • 2008 Eroticline Award - Best International Actor[4]

Selected videography[edit]

  • Heat (2013)
  • Batman XXX: A Porn Parody (2010)
  • The Alibi (2010)
  • Naughty Bookworms (2009)
  • Two (2008)
  • Babes Behind Bars (2005)
  • Ethnic City (2005)
  • Full Exposure (2005)
  • Pandora's Box (2005)
  • Prisoner (2005)
  • XXX Training (2001)
  • Jane Millionaire(2002)
  • Snatch Adams (2002)
  • What about Boob? (1994)
  • Sex Trek: The Next Penetration (1995)
  • The Plumber's Revenge 2 (1996)


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