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Ranetki Girls
Origin Moscow, Russia
Genres Pop rock, pop
Years active 2005–2013
Labels Megaliner Records, Russia (2005–2011)
Members Zhenya Ogurtsova
Natasha Milnichenko
Lena Tretyakova
Nyuta Baydavletova
Past members Lera Kozlova
Anya Rudneva
Alina Petrova
Lena Galperina

Ranetki Girls (Ранетки in Russian) is an all-girl Russian pop rock group. Winners of the contest Five Star and EuroSonic 2008, winner of two Muz-TV 2009 Awards for Best Album and Best Soundtrack. The band also is known for its soundtrack to the series Kadetstvo. From March 2008 to 2010 members of the group Ranetki were the heroines of the eponymous show on TV STS. The group is actively recording its new fifth album. They achieved widespread recognition after their single "O Tebe" was featured in the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Group Members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Anna Baydavletova' – drums, lead vocals
  • Zhenya Ogurtsova – keyboards, vocals
    • Born March 29, 1990 in Moscow.
  • Natasha Milnichenko (born Shchelkova) – lead guitar, back vocals
    • Born April 6, 1990 in Moscow.
  • Lena Tretyakova – bass guitar, vocals

Former members[edit]

  • Lera Kozlova (2005–2008) – drums, vocals
  • Anya Rudneva (2005–2011) – rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Alina Petrova (2005) – bass guitar
  • Lena Galperina (2005) – vocals


On 13 November 2009 the finale of Ranetki Season 4 (episode 55) aired on STS Russia. The episode ended with Lena kissing her ex-boyfriend Stepnof and the four other girls cheered.

The first season consisted of 20 episodes and premiered on 17 March 2008 and the finale aired on 11 April 2008.The 2nd season premiered on 1 September 2008 with the finale airing on 19 December 2008.The second season consisted of 80 episodes. The 3rd season premiered on 2 March 2009 with the finale airing on 5 June 2009. The third season consisted of 65 episodes. The 4th season premiered on 31 August 2009 with the finale on 13 November 2009. It is not known if a 5th season is being made.

episode count for season# Season number Premiere date (Russia) Finale date (Russia) Channel (Russia) Premiere date (Ukraine) Finale date (Ukraine) Channel (Ukraine)
20 Season one 17 March 2008 11 April 2008 STS 25 August 2008 19 September 2008 Novyi
80 Season two 1 September 2008 19 December 2008 STS n/a Novyi
65 Season three 2 March 2009 5 June 2009 STS Novyi
55 Season four 31 August 2009 13 November 2009 STS TBA



  • Ranetki (Ранетки) 2006
  1. "My Ranetki" (Мы Ранетки) – We are Ranetki
  2. "Serdtse ne spit" (Сердце не спит) – The Heart isn't sleeping
  3. "Ona odna" (Она одна) – She's alone
  4. "Mal'chishki-kadety" (Мальчишки-кадеты) – The Boy Scouts
  5. "Angely" (Ангелы) – Angels
  6. "Eto vse o ney" (Это все о ней) – "Its all about her"
  7. "O tebe" (О тебе) – About you
  8. "V Moskve vesna" (В Москве весна) – There's Spring in Moscow
  9. "Naslazhdaysya" (Наслаждайся) – Enjoy
  10. "Zima" (Зима) – Winter
  11. "On vernetsya" (Он вернется) – He will return
  12. "Tebya lyubila ya" (Тебя любила я) – I loved you
  13. "Yey ne do sna" (Ей не до сна) – She can't get a sleep
  14. "Alisa" (Алиса) – Alice
  15. "Ona odna" (Она одна)(Glam Radio Edit) – She's alone
  • It's our time now (Пришло наше время) 2009
  1. "Leti-Leti" (Лети-лети) – Fly, Fly
  2. "Obeshay" (Обещай) – [Please,] Promise
  3. "Malchik Moy" (Мальчик мой) – My Boy
  4. "Chto-to Tipa togo" (Что-то типа того) – Something like that
  5. "Posledniy Shans" (Последний шанс) – Last Chance
  6. "Net Mira Bez tebya" (Нет мира без тебя) – No peace without you
  7. "Lyubov'-Nadezhda" (Любовь-надежда) – Love & Hope
  8. "Chempiony Lyubvi" (Чемпионы любви) – Champions of Love
  9. "Esli ti Vsegda Budesh' Ryadom" (Если ты всегда будешь рядом) – If you will always be near
  10. "Na Moey Lune" (На моей луне) – On my Moon
  11. "Nas ne Izmenyat" (Нас не изменят) – They won't change us
  12. "Ya v Shoke" (Я в шоке) – I'm shocked
  13. "Ya Uidu" (Я уйду) – I'll go
  • I will not forget ever 2010
  • Bring back rock 'n' Roll 2011


In 2009 'Ranetki "won two awards at the Muz-TV in the category" Best Album "and" Best Soundtrack ".

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