Rangeela Raja

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Rangeela Raja
Rangeela Raja Official Poster.jpg
Directed bySikander Bharti
Produced byPahlaj Nihalani
Written byRaj Verma And khalid azmi
Screenplay byPahlaj Nihalani
Mishika Chourasia
Anupama Agnihotri
Digangana Suryavanshi
Music bySongs:
Ishwar Kumar[1]
Amar Mohile
CinematographySiba Mishra
Chiragdeep International
Distributed byChiragdeep International
Release date
  • 18 January 2019 (2019-01-18)
Running time
162 minutes
Box office0.15 crore [2]

Rangeela Raja is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed by Sikander Bharti and written and produced by Pahlaj Nihalani.[1] Starring Govinda, Mishika chourasia and Anupama Agnihotri, the film was released on January 18, 2019.


Rangeela Raja stars the legendary, Oscar winning, Filmfare Award winning, IIFA Award winning actor, writer, director, producer Govinda in a double role, with newcomers (who will definitely go unnoticed behind a smashing and over powering performance by Govinda) Mishika Chourasia and Anupama Agnihotri in additional lead roles.

Set in a fictional village in Rajasthan called Ghachiboli Nagar, it is the coming of age story of twin Maharana brothers, Vijay and Ajay. Their childhood passes in extra ordinary circumstances, when their father, the Maharana of his kingdom, Maharana Patvardhan, called Phattu Ranveer Singh with love by his family members, dies in battle with Manikarnika Kangana Ranaut or the Queen of Jhansi. Manikarnika gets angry after Maharana Patvardhan eats all her food, and in anger she slaps him and asks him to return her food. When he starts crying because his kingdom hasn't had enough food for many years due to lack of rain, she tell him to fight her in a battle otherwise she will invade all his villagers' farms to pay for all the food he ate. For the sake of the villagers, Phattu gives up his life fighting for every last grain of food. As he breathes his last, his twin sons, Ajay and Vijay Govinda, come into the world. Manikarnika also leaves the kingdom scared because she has previously seen Karan Arjun and does not want to have the same fate as Durjan Singh. Also, she gets news that Maharaja Akbar Hrithik Roshan is in the neighboring kingdom, and since she hates him because he betrayed her love in the past, she takes off to battle him and eat his food instead.

Meanwhile, in Ghachiboli Nagar, both the twins Ajay and Vijay, grow up really fast in one week and become 4 years old, because of a Tantrik Baba, Baba Bishambar Nath Baba Sehgal, who wants to save the kingdom from outside parties, so he does magic and make the kids older and stronger immediately. He does this by sacrificing his own life, and dies once the kids turn 4 years old. Both the kids have to work really hard in order to maintain their kingdom under the guidance of their caretaker assigned by their father, the evil Mahamanga Ila Arun. On the day after the twins turn 4 years old, they go to a Mela (Fair) where both suddenly scream and cry for a toy sword. Mahamanga buys it for them and declares them warriors. They immediately take the power of their kingdom (Village in real) in their own hands and start ruling with great sympathy and care for the poor and common man. Mahamanga helps them because she thinks she can benefit through the naive and innocent kids not understanding the workings of a kingdom, and make them do whatever she wants. She wants to take revenge from a neighboring King Maharaja Ratan Singh Shahid Kapoor who refused to marry her and called her a 'Talera' (squirrel face) even though she was completely and utterly in love with him. So this comes as a perfect opportunity.

As is shown in the film, for many years, their village does not get any rain, and all the farmers are desperate in order to earn an honest living. After the British Empire's East India Company ruler Captain Russell Russell Peters asks them to pay double tax (dugna lagaan), both the twins who love to play a game called Dhappa, challenge the captain that if he wins in the game they will pay him triple tax. But if he loses, they will tease him by saying 'Captain Piddi' all his life. Petrified of such an insult, the Captain agrees. A month long preparation later, when the match is played, the capital wins the first round by hitting Vijay on the head and cheating. This causes Vijay to have a concussion and be declared unfit to play further. Left alone, Ajay finds it very hard to face the Captain's might, and ultimately loses the game. The entire village has to pay triple tax and they all shout at Ajay (Vijay is still unconscious) and tell him he cannot watch TV for a month as punishment. This breaks the little kid's heart, who vows to travel to the Himalayas and become a Yogi. Even though later the villagers realize their mistake and go to stop their beloved Prince, he does not listen and leaves everything behind.

Here starts the story of the twins, who lead completely different yet absolutely interesting lifestyles. 55 years later, Vijay is now the King (Maharana) of his village and Ajay is a renowned Yogi. Vijay lives lavishly and become a playboy and enjoy his life to the fullest, because now he has joined hands with the British and earns a good commission whenever he purposely loses in the traditional game of Dhappa and makes his villagers pay triple tax over and over again every year. While, on the other hand, Ajay, a Yogi helps many people to find the path of enlightenment and Moksh.

One day one of the villagers, Asoka Shahrukh Khan and his buddy Suryavanshi Vikram Singh Salman Khan see Vijay leaving Captain Russell's office, and find out of his betrayal to the entire village. They go and tell Bhuvan Aamir Khan. The three of them decide to go to the himalayas and find Ajay so that he can come and save their kingdom. They travel far and wide singing the song 'Behti hawa sa thaa woh, udti patang sa thaa woh' in the hope that Ajay has seen the movie 3 Idiots and once he hears the song, he will assume that someone has come looking for him. But they fail. Finally, helpless, they want to return but they have also forgotten their way back home. They start singing 'Dard e Disco' because of their pain and hardships. Then Suryavanshi has an idea, and sings 'A Ehh Sultan - khoon mei tere mitti, mitti mei tera khoon' - and as soon as he finishes this song, from the horizon Ajay comes walking. He is moved by the song and leaves his tapasya to help his village.

The four of them return to the village after Wonder Woman Gal Gadot help them with the way. Once they reach their village, Ajay confronts Vijay and tells him to give up all his bad habits. Vijay disrespects Ajay and burps and farts in front of him, making him extremely angry and sad and disappointed in his own blood. Ajay swears to bring his brother back on the right track, and also save his village from the evil hands of Captain Russell. Ajay challenges Captain Russell and his brother Vijay in the test match of Dhappa, which would be played for 12 days, in front of the whole village, and tells them he will finish the task he was not able to complete as a child. Mahamanga is moved and leaves her bad intentions and vows to support Ajay in his pursuit of victory. She also silently forgives Ratan Singh for calling her a Talera or squirrel face.

Ajay recruits brothers David Fernandes Akshay Kumar and Monty Fernandes Siddharth Malhotra to train him this time. They work hard day and night. Once the big match starts, the entire country comes to Ghachiboli Nagar to see the game. Captain Russell does a lot of cheating, and outperforms Ajay on the first 10 days. On the 11th night, Vijay sees the movie Lagaan and after seeing Laakha repent, he also realizes his mistake and becomes a good person and starts supporting his brother. On the 12th and last day of the Dhappa game, both Ajay and Vijay form one team and challenge Captain Russel who cannot stand against the might of Indian Brotherhood. Finally Captain Russell loses. And he is so moved by seeing the bond of love between the brothers that he accepts defeat and along with his entire East India Company, decides to leave India and rest of all the countries in the entire world which the British had captured. Everyone shouts BREXIT Brexit.

Just then it also starts raining, and all the villagers jump with joy.


  • Govinda as Vijendra Pratap Singh, a philandering businessman, and Ajay Pratap Singh, a pious yogi
  • Mishika Chourasia as Natasha, a strong-headed woman working with Vijendra Pratap Singh
  • Shakti Kapoor as Padampat, a driver
  • Prem Chopra as Guruji
  • Anupama Agnihotri as Aalekha, the love interest of Ajay Pratap Singh
  • Digangana Suryavanshi as Shivranjani, the wife of Vijendra Pratap Singh
  • Karishma Kaul as Pallavi
  • Karan Anand as Yuvraj
  • Aarti Gupta as Shikha
  • Govind namdev As Sharma
  • Imran Khan as Special appearance


Producer and screenwriter Pahlaj Nihalani criticized the Centre Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for not reviewing the film within 40 days of submission.[3] The film was screened by the CBFC just two weeks ahead of its release, and the producer was asked to make 20 cuts. Nihalani accused the CBFC chairperson, Prasoon Joshi, of favoritism, saying that preferential treatment was extended to big studios.[4] Nihalani, an ex-chairperson of CBFC, vowed to take the CBFC the Bombay High Court over its decision.[5]


Rangeela Raja
Soundtrack album by
Ishwar Kumar
GenreFeature Film Soundtrack

All the songs of the movie are composed by Ishwar Kumar. There are total 5 tracks in the album. Shreya Ghoshal has rendered her voice to three tracks from the album.

1."Rangeela Raja"MehboobBenny Dayal4:19
2."Jogi Dil"MehboobNakash Aziz, Sarodee Borah3:25
3."Dholi Dol Baja"MehboobUdit Narayan, Shreya Ghoshal, Dev Negi, Ishwar Kumar5:00
4."Jagmag Jagmag"MehboobShreya Ghoshal, Mohammed Irfan5:51
5."Aum Naad"Sikandar BhartiShreya Ghoshal, Ishwar Kumar4:54


The film was initially scheduled for release on November 6, 2018, alongside Thugs Of Hindostan.[6] However, it was announced via the trailer released in October 2018 that the film would be released on January 11, 2019.[7]

On December 2, 2018, the release of the film was indefinitely postponed as the Central Board of Film Certification had not yet issued a certificate for the film, which producer Nihalani appealed to the FCAT (Film Certification Appellate Tribunal). On December 14, 2018, the CBFC finally cleared the film with only three cuts, instead of the original 20, and gave their approval to Nihalani to release the film by its January 11 date.[8]


Critical response[edit]

Raja Sen writing for The Hindustan Times says: "For the love of Govinda, don’t watch this film. Zero star. Even Govinda’s patented pelvic thrusts were harmless. He was never a toxic masculine threat, no vulgarian, merely a graceful clown. Nihalani, I’m sad to report, plumbs the depths to snatch this innocence from the actor. He assaults us with images of a sickening Govinda, a performance-enhancing rapist who laughs in the face of consequences. I emerged from this film traumatised. To paraphrase a Govinda hit: ‘Ankhiyon ko goli mare.’ I want to blow my eyes out."[9]


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