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Cover to Ranger of 26 March 1966

Ranger was a British comic book magazine, with occasional printed stories, published by Fleetway Publications for 40 un-numbered issues between 18 September 1965 and 18 June 1966. The title was then incorporated into Look and Learn from issue 232, dated 25 June 1966.

The title was created by Leonard Matthews but edited by John Sanders, with Ken Roscoe as assistant editor and Colin Parker as art editor.


The content was a mixture of factual articles, photo features and comic strips designed to appeal to boys.

Nowadays it is best remembered as the birthplace of the science fiction strip The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire originally drawn by Don Lawrence which ran continuously from issue 1 of Ranger until the final issue of Look and Learn in 1982.

Other notable comics published in the magazine[edit]

Text serials[edit]

The magazine also published serial stories. Among the most well known titles were Sea Change, reprinting Richard Armstrong's Carnegie Medal-winning novel, and Champion of the Spanish Main, which reprinted a serial by Capt. W. E. Johns from the pages of Modern Boy.

Johns was also represented with a series of articles on pirates reprinted from the book The Biggles Book of Treasure Hunting (1962).


In November 2004, most of the content of Ranger was purchased from IPC Media by Look and Learn Magazines Ltd.

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