Ranges of the Canadian Rockies

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Extent of the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are a segment of the North American Rocky Mountains found in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

List of Ranges[edit]

There is no universally accepted hierarchical division of the Canadian Rockies into subranges.[1][2] For ease of navigation only, this article follows[1] and divides the Canadian Rockies into Far Northern Rockies, Northern Continental Ranges, Central Main Ranges, Central Front Ranges and Southern Continental Ranges, each of these subdivided in distinct areas and ranges.

From north to south and west to east, these mountain ranges are:

Far Northern Rockies[edit]

The Far Northern Rockies lie in British Columbia, and run from Prince George almost to the Yukon border.[3]

Northern Continental Ranges[edit]

The Northern Continental Ranges run along the British Columbia-Alberta border north from Jasper to Mount Sir Alexander.[4]

Central Main Ranges[edit]

The Central Main (or Park) Ranges lie northeast of the Rocky Mountain Trench, from Golden to Valemount.[5]

Central Front Ranges[edit]

The Central Front Ranges lie northeast of a line that runs along the Icefields Parkway, from Banff to Jasper.[6]

Southern Continental Ranges[edit]

The Southern Continental Ranges run along the British Columbia-Alberta border from Banff down to Fernie[7]

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