Rangi's Catch

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Rangi's Catch
Directed by Michael Forlong
Produced by Michael Forlong
Written by Michael Forlong
Starring Temuera Morrison
Ian Mune
Release date
  • 1986 (1986)
Running time
72 minutes (theatre)
128 minutes (TV series)
Language English

Rangi's Catch is a 1973 British film for children set and shot in New Zealand, with one (Rangi) played by a young Temuera Morrison in his first role. Originally made with eight episodes for television; edited and cut for theatical release.


Four children on a remote sheep station in the South Island of New Zealand hear of the escape of two convicts, and realise that the crooks are responsible for burgling their house while they were swimming. They pursue the crooks, and despite being detained by the police help catch the crooks and their stolen money hidden in a cave, so are rewarded. They return to their idyllic rural existence.



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