Rangitaiki River

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Not to be confused with the Rangitikei River in the southwestern North Island.
The Rangitaiki River system

The Rangitaiki River is the longest river in the Bay of Plenty region in New Zealand's North Island. It is 155 kilometres (96 mi) long, and rises inland from northern Hawkes Bay to the east of the Kaingaroa Forest.

It flows in a generally northeastward direction, passing through the town of Murupara and skirting close to the western edge of Te Urewera National Park before turning northwards, flowing past Edgecumbe and into the Bay of Plenty close to Thornton.

There are two man-made lakes on the Rangitaiki formed by hydro-electric dams, Lake Aniwhenua and Lake Matahina.


Coordinates: 37°55′S 176°52′E / 37.917°S 176.867°E / -37.917; 176.867