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For other uses, see Rani (disambiguation).
Gender India Female, Israel Unisex
Language(s) Hindi
Meaning "duchess"
Region of origin India

Rani (Hindi: रानी), sometimes spelled Ranee, is a Hindu/Sanskrit Indian feminine given name, which means "duchess," "queen", or "sovereign". The term is the female form of the term for princely rulers in Southeast Asia and applies equally to the wife of a Raja or Rana.

Rani (Hebrew: רני‎‎) is also a nickname of the Israeli masculine name Ran, which means "[He] sings."

Notable people named Rani[edit]

  • Rani (actress) (born December 8, 1946 – died May 27, 1993), Pakistani actress and model.
  • Rani Agrawal (born June 14, 1991), Indian actress.
  • Rani Bhabani (born 1716 – died 1795), Indian philanthropist and zamindar.
  • Rani Chandra (born October 12, 1976), Indian actress and winner of the Miss Kerala pageant.
  • Rani Chatterjee (born November 3, 1984), Indian actress, dancer and presenter.
  • Rani Chitralekha Bhonsle (born February 26, 1941), Indian political and social worker.
  • Rani Gaidinliu (born January 26, 1915 – died February 17, 1993), Indian activist, spiritual and political leader.
  • Rani Hamid (born 1944), Bangladeshi chess player.
  • Rani Karnaa (born 1939), Indian dancer.
  • Rani Khedira (born January 27, 1994), German footballer.
  • Rani Maria Vattalil (born January 29, 1954 – died February 25, 1995), Indian catholic religious, activist and missionary social worker.
  • Rani Mukerji (born March 21, 1978), Indian actress.
  • Rani Mundiasti (born October 4, 1984), Indonesian badminton player.
  • Rani Price (born January 29, 1974), English television presenter.
  • Rani Rampal (born December 4, 1994), Indian field hockey player.
  • Rani Rashmoni (born 1793 – died 1861), Indian activist, businesswoman, philanthropist, zamindars and founder of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple.
  • Rani Sharone (born 1978), American bassist and guitarist.
  • Rani Taj (born October 3, 1993), British-Pakistani dhol player.
  • Rani Vijaya Devi (born August 28, 1922 – died December 8, 2005), Indian princess and musician.
  • Rani Yahya (born September 12, 1984), Brazilian mixed martial artist and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner.

Notable people surnamed Rani[edit]

  • Devika Rani (born March 30, 1908 – died March 9, 1994), Indian actress, singer and textile designer.
  • Pooja Rani (born February 17, 1991), Indian boxer.

Fictional characters[edit]

  • The Rani, from the British science-fiction television series Doctor Who.
  • Rani Chandra, from 2007's British science fiction television The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  • Rani, from the Disney franchise Disney Fairies.
  • Rani Kapoor, from the Australian soap opera Neighbours.

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