Rani, Rajasthan

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Rani is located in Rajasthan
Rani is located in India
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 25°22′N 73°18′E / 25.37°N 73.3°E / 25.37; 73.3Coordinates: 25°22′N 73°18′E / 25.37°N 73.3°E / 25.37; 73.3
Country  India
State Rajasthan
District Pali
 • Body Rani Municipality, Rani Tehsil, Rani Panchayat Bhawan
Elevation 282 m (925 ft)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 13,880
 • Official Hindi, Marwari
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 306115
Telephone code 02934
Vehicle registration RJ-22
Sex ratio 1.06 /
Website www.saidhamrani.com

Rani is a town and municipality and subdistrict of Pali district in the Indian state of Rajasthan.[2] It lies on the banks of Sukri River, a tributary of the Luni River. It is an important railway station on Ahmedabad-Delhi railway line.

Rani-Station is the nearest railhead to famous Shri Parswanath Jain Varkana and Shri Ashapura Mata Nadol. Some Jain temples are thousand year old. The temples are at distance of 7 km from Rani. In Rani itself the Sai Dham Temple, Shri Astapadh Jain Tirth are visitor attraction. Rani-Station has many small scale industries & Late Shri Nathraj Hingarh was pioneer in progress of small scale industries in Rani-Station.

Around 1940 Rani initially was only Railway station on Bombay Baroda Central Indian Railway (BB&CI).


Rani is located at 25°22′N 73°18′E / 25.37°N 73.3°E / 25.37; 73.3.[3] It has an average elevation of 273 metres (895 feet).

Rani is divided into two parts- Rani station and Rani village. Rani village is about 3 km. from Rani station. It is a small village having beautiful fort.

Rani station is also divided into two parts by railway line- eastern area is called "main market or mahaveer bazaar" is famous for shopping- like saris & dress materials, jewellery shop, kirana shop etc. and western area is called "pratap bazaar" is always busy for busses, taxi, transport, trade and industrial work etc. Rani station has a large industrial area. It is famous for its marbles-stones and agriculture industry in pali district. The iron industry is widespread in this area, and is involved in making construction steel and agricultural implements like powrahs/spades. Rani-stations Sweets, Kachoris, Stones, Sarees are, Rani Station is a Tehsil in Pali District of Rajasthan State, India. Rani Station Tehsil Headquarters is Rani Station town. It belongs to Jodhpur Division. It is located 55 km to the south of District headquarters Pali. 356 km from State capital Jaipur to the east.

Rani Station Tehsil is bounded by Bali Tehsil to the south, Desuri Tehsil to the east, Sumerpur Tehsil to the west, Sheoganj Tehsil to the west. Falna City, Bali City, Sadri City, Sumerpur City are the nearby cities to Rani Station.

It is in the 280 m elevation(altitude) .

Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh (Kumbhalmer), Sirohi, Nathdwara, Jalore (Jalore) are the nearby important tourist destinations to see.

Villages in Rani Station:

  • bordi
  • Balrai
  • Bhadarlau
  • Bijowa
  • Boosi
  • Chanchori
  • Deoli Pabuji
  • Dhariya
  • Gajnipura
  • Ghenari
  • Inderwara
  • Itendra Charanan
  • Itendra Mertiyan
  • Jawali
  • Jeewand Kallan
  • Kerli
  • Khinwara
  • Khod
  • Kirwa
  • Kishanpura
  • Mandal
  • Nadan Bhatan
  • Nimbara
  • Nipple
  • Ranigaon
  • Salariya
  • Sanwalta
  • Siwas
  • Varkana
  • Wander

Sub-villages in Rani Station:

  • Ajaneshwar
  • Akrawas
  • Barari
  • Bhagwan Pura
  • Bhagwanpura Station
  • Bigarla
  • Bola Kura
  • Boradi
  • Changwa
  • Deoli
  • Dudwar
  • Duthriya
  • Elani
  • Gawara
  • Gura Daulji
  • Gura Durgadas
  • Gura Khuni
  • Gura Mataji
  • Gura Meghsingh
  • Gura Ramaji
  • Gurha Bheemsingh
  • Gurha Ganga
  • Gurha Jaitsingh
  • Gurha Keshar Singh
  • Gurha Mehram
  • Gurha Roopsingh
  • Gurha Thakurji
  • Hirankhuri
  • Jeewand Khurd
  • Kalyan Pura
  • Kesargarh
  • Kharada
  • Khutukra
  • Nadana Jodhan
  • Nawagura
  • Odwadiya
  • Padarli Singhlan
  • Padarli Turkan
  • Peelowani
  • Pratap Garh
  • Punariya
  • Rabriya
  • Raipuriya
  • Rani Kalan
  • Roongri
  • Sedariya
  • Septawa
  • Somesar
  • Tokarla
  • Varkana

Nearby cities:

Nearby taluks:

Nearby airports:

First Royal Oswal Jain Family of Rani Station[edit]

Hingarh's were first Oswals to migrate to Rani station for selling their goods in Rani mandi. They were originally from Nadol Village & had its presence felt in Nadol too & said to be originally descendants of Chauhan Dynasty and they migrated to Rani Station almost 150 years ago. Royal Hingarh family in Rani-station were more famous in Gorwar region (area comprising 102 villages, from southwest to northeast Rajasthan) and were close to Jodhpur Naresh, Udaipur Naresh, Ghanerao Thacker and other thackers. Today products sold in Rani-station are from Jodhpur & other cities but in those days Hingarhs had monopoly and sold to Jodhpur, Sirohi, Bhinmal and other districts. They used to export in those days to Japan and other countries, and were the only civilians to supply parachute ribs to the Navy. Today the majority of the land called Hingarh Mohalla at Rani-Station proves history of Hingarh Royal Family which is spread across nearly 8 lakh square feet. Hingarh's HUF firm M/s Rikhabdas Sardarmal was top most firm in Godwad. And their Firm M/s Kesrimal Kundanmal was first to establish Umbrella industry in India. Today all descendants of Hingarh's in Rani-Station and Nadol are descendants of Nagar Sheth Shri Chandanbhanji Hingarh.

Sarkar : Sarkar word used for King. Jodhpur Dynasty's kingdom was Vast & area being so big it used to be not possible for king to control full area & collect Taxes. So in turn King of Jodhpur used to screen charismatic personalities from his kingdom, who also should possess money power, muscle power & that areas basic lay man should treat that personality like King / God & then used to declare them as Thackers or Sarkar & allot them villages from 23 villages to 150, & powers equivalent to king. These Thackers or Sarkar used to solve Basic Laymans problem, contribute in developments in their area, Levy & collect taxes and partly pass some % from same to Jodhpur Naresh. As today a basic layman has to pay Income Tax & sales Tax to Government, similar those days a basic lay man had to pay taxes to King or alike.

Sarkar Laxmichandji had magnetic personality, worshipped as god by people in Gorwar region & was wealthiest in Gorwar region. All 8 Hingarh HUF firms flourished because of Sarkar Laxmichandji & as Bhamashah used to be ever ready for Maharana Pratap, Sarkar Laxmichandji used to be ever ready for Jodhpur Naresh. Sarkar Laxmichandji was bestowed few villages kingdom and had special place in darbar of Jodhpur Naresh and Udaipur Naresh. Sarkar Laxmichandji was close friend of Ghanerao Thacker and most often Ganerao Thacker and other thackers of godwad used to come to Haveli of Sarkar Laxmichandji Hingarh for Shahi lunch and Shahi Dinner in nadol, near Talao.

Today, Hingarhs have migrated to Calcutta, Mumbai, Vijaywada, Pune, Hubli, USA and Japan in search of business prospects. Kuldevi of Hingarhs is Shri Jogmaya Chaumundaji Mata is at Nadol and this beautiful temple was built 150 years back by Hingarhs on Mountain and its Hingarh's private temple, though a basic layman of any caste is allowed to visit and do.


Hingarhs built Hingarh Hospital to provide for the health needs of the ordinary people of Rani-station and donated same to Government and currently also hospital is famous by Hingarh Rajkiya Hospital. Land where Hingarh Hospital is built was also donated solely by Hingarh's to government i.e. approx. 25,000 sq ft (2,300 m2). This hospital was by Hingarhs and later as years passed local Jains contributed in expanding and renovating hospital by increasing facilities. The first and only shop opened in west market of Rani by shree kaluramji sen in 1943.whose name given "Janta hotel" by shree kaluraamji and the West market given a name "partab bazar" by kaluraamji. That's because the market property is of shree falna thakar pratap singhji. And that's why the market name given pratap bazar by shree kaluraamji sen. The name is first written on janta hotel board it self .This way the name of pratap bazar is given by shree kaluramji and first ever shop is opened in pratap bazar by him.


There are many temples around Rani and these are : Magnificent Shri Shantinath Jain temple, Astapadh Tirth Replica which was originally at Kailash Mountain, Shantinath Tirth, Simandharswami Tirth, Suparshwanath Tirth, Ganpati Aurvedic Ashram, Radhe-krishan Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Sanwariya Temple, Sai baba, Ambaji Mandir, Shitla Mata Mandir, Mahadev Mandir, Shani Maharaj Mandir, Siya-ram Temple, Baba Ramdev Mandir, Bhairav ji Mandir etc.

  • Chamunda mata mandir ranigaon (ranigaon fort)
  • Shri Ganpati Ashram - Holy pilgrimage for Hindu
  • Shri Hanuman Temple
  • Shri Sheetla Mata Temple (Pratap Bazar & Main Bazar)
  • Shanishwar Temple Main Bazar
  • Shri Charbhuja Temple
  • Shri Ramdeo Temple
  • Shri Gauri-Shankar Temple - Railway Colony
  • Sai Dham Temple - Rani Station
  • Shri Ashtapad Jain Third, Desuri Road
  • Shri Kunthunath Jain Temple
  • Shri Parshwa Nath Jain Temple
  • Shri Jain Dadawadi Temple, Falna Road
  • Mosque, Near Police Station
  • Guru Dwara, Desuri Road
  • Radhe-Krishna Temple(Pratap Bazar)

Besides these there are many Jain Temples and Hindu Temples. The names of the Jain Temples in Rani is given below in "Jainism" sub-section. There is one mosque also near the police station.


There are also a few picnic points, such as Sai Dham and Gori-shankar, around Rani. There is a mosque also situated there. There are large green grounds and high mountains like Rani village, Khimel, Dadai, Ghuralas etc. Basa Naiti Nora, for marriage functions with latest amenities is good stay.Joker Ashapura mataji Temple Situated at Dadai Village on Hill nr about 12 km from Rani.


As of 2011 India census, the urban agglomeration of Rani had a population of 13880 in 2,292 households. The municipality had a sex ratio of 941 females per 1,000 males. Rani has an average literacy rate of 71.13%. Male literacy is 80.6%, and female literacy is 61.19%. In Rani, 12.35% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Migration of Hingarhs was followed, in descending order, by the following families Dhokas, Rathores, Punmiyas, Semlanis, Parmaars, the Rankas from Sadri, Palrechas, and Baldotas. Of late, Chunnilalji Mehta migrated from Khimel and other recent migrants are not more than 40 years old. After Hingarh's giant presence, Dhoka's own good property in Rani-Station at Dhoka Gali & majority of dhokas are today in south India.

Currently many families stay here e.g. - Jain, Suthar, Malviya, Mali, Ganchi, Choudhary, Vaishnav, Brahmins,sewag, Kchatriya etc. and doing business over all the India and abroad.


Rani is an education centre of surrounding area. Rani has about many primary schools, 4 higher secondary schools and a college. Rani college (named L.P.S. girls college, Vidhyawadi) is one of the well known girls colleges in Gorwar. There is a most popular education centre of Gorwar circuit is "Marudhar Shishan Sanshthan, Vidhyawadi" at Rani. Vidhyawari is situated on Khimawat road and about 3 km. far from Rani station. It is a girls education centre having school, college, labs, library, hostels and school bus facilities. This centre has produced excellent results. Every year, the students from this school & college top in the District. It has separate departments for girls under graduate and post graduate students. These include Arts, Commerce, Home science and Computer science. Admission to Home Science is most sought after as this is the only college for girls in gorwar that offer studies in Home Science subjects. The Centre is well known for high results, healthy traditions, good discipline, experiments and projects. It enjoys very high reputation in the state and is a distinguished institution. Hingarh's played pioneer role at Shri Parswanath Jain Vidyalay, Varkana (Education Organisation) with other Royal Personalities & they had jajam in Varkana. The popular private schools of the city are :Mahaveer Sr. Sec School (Science Faculty), Sanatan Dharma sec. school, Ox-ford, Adarsh vidhya mandir, Deo pablic school, Emmanual schools etc.


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