Ranjit Gazmer

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Ranjit Gazmer
Born 1941
Darjeeling, India
Occupation(s) Music director

Ranjit Gazmer (Nepali: रन्जित गजमेर) is an Indian Gorkha musician of Kaliwood and Bollywood films.

Early life[edit]

Ranjit Gazmer was a student of Amber Gurung at his Art Academy of Music in Darjeeling, India.[1] His contemporaries were Gopal Yonzon, Karma Yonzon, Sharan Pradhan, Aruna Lama and Jitendra Bardewa, all of whom went on to be musicians. He was a part of a musical group called Sangam Club and was also a drummer for The Hillians, the first-ever Western band formed in Darjeeling. In 1966, he moved to Birgunj, Nepal with his friends, which included Anuradha Koirala (then Anuradha Gurung), managing an English-medium private school. In 1967, Ranjit had moved to Kathmandu with his friends and became a studio musician at Radio Nepal. Later, Ranjit moved to Malad in Mumbai (Bombay then) to pursue his music career there with RD Burman.[2]


Ranjit Gazmer worked under RD Burman in Mumbai, playing madal in several Hindi film songs. In 1982, Ranjit arranged for Asha Bhosle to sing her first Nepali film song. Since then he has composed music for several Nepali films such as Samjhana, Kusume Rumal, Lahure, Saino, and Darpan Chaya. He is based in Mumbai and records songs in the studios there.


Year Film Notes
1981 Bansuri
1983 Samjhana
1985 Kusume Rumal
1985 Basudev
1987 Saino
1989 Lahure
1991 Chino
1991 Trishna
1992 Dui Thopa Aanshu
1993 Koseli
1994 Dakshina
1996 Deuta
2001 Darpan Chaya
2002 Lahana
2007 Dui Kinara


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